Josh Dun Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Josh Dun Net Worth, Age, Height

Josh Dun

Net Worth: $10 Million
Birthday: Jun 18, 1988
Age: 34 years old
Height: 5.4 feet (164cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Musician
Instagram @joshuadun
Last Updated: October, 2022

Josh Dun (full name Joshua William Dun) is a musician and member of popular band Twenty One Pilots. In 2022 his net worth is estimated at $10 million.

How Did Josh Dun Become Rich?

Josh Dun was born in Columbus, Ohio and was a huge fan of punk rock in his early years. His favorite band was Green Day. Unfortunately, his parents weren’t fond of the music he listened to, so Josh had to hide all of his music possessions. Once they had found Green Day‘s album called “Dookie” underneath his bed: as a punishment he was forced to listen to Relient K which is considered a Christian rock band.

At young years Josh Dun has started to show interest in music instruments, so he took trumpet lessons at school. Later he switched to drums and after some time knew how to play them very well. As Josh later recalled, his main method of learning drums was by imitating the beats of the records he bought.

Josh Dun’s career in music started in 2010 when he joined band House of Heroes as a drummer. The previous drummer – Colin Rigsby – wanted to spend more time with his family, so he had to leave the band. After several month the band released their third album on August 3, 2010 called “Suburba“. It was nominated for a Dove Award, and a big part in this success was attributed to Josh Dun.

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Despite this success with the House of Heroes, Josh didn’t stay with them for too long. In 2011 yet another band from Columbus needed a drummer, and the band’s name – you guessed it right – is Twenty One Pilots! Thing is, when Josh Dun was working at Guitar Center (the largest music retailer in the USA) he met Chris Salih – one of the founders of the band. In 2011 he left the position of a drummer in the band and offered Josh to take his place. Joshua hadn’t to think twice and instantly accepted the offer, leaving his job and the former band.

In a few years Josh Dun became synonymous with the Twenty One Pilots, despite him not being the founder of the band. Alongside with Tyler Joseph – the “brains” of the TOP, they formed an exceptionally good duo: Tyler is responsible for vocals, piano, guitar, bass and Josh is the master of drums, trumpet, percussion and does backing vocals time from time.

With Josh Dun joining Twenty One Pilots the band became more and more famous. In 2022 it is well-known in different parts of the world.

What Is Josh Dun Net Worth?

Currently, Josh Dun possesses an estimated $10 millions as his net worth. All his money comes from Twenty One Pilots album releases and touring.

He’s also developing his Instagram page that in 2022 has over 5 million followers. Josh Dun sometimes does brand endorsements to increase his net worth.

How Josh Dun Spends His Money?

After his first daughter was born in February 2020, Josh Dun expenditures on family has increased.

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Currently Josh Dun lives with his wife and daughter in a house in Columbus, Ohio. He values privacy and his home address is unknown.

He also spends money on hobbies, most notably – hunting.

Interesting Facts

  • Josh Dun parents are father William Earl Dun and mother Laura Lee Dun.
  • He has two sisters Ashley and Abigail and a brother named Jordan.
  • Josh sometimes does backflips to entertain the audience.
  • He has letter “X” tattooed on his body symbolizing his hometown Columbus.
  • Josh married his wife Debby Ryan on April 26, 2019. They’ve been meeting each other for 6 years.