Jordan Schlansky Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jordan Schlansky Net Worth, Age, Height

Jordan Schlansky

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Apr 13, 1973
Age: 49 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (178cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: TV-personality, Associate Producer
Instagram @jordanschlansky
Last Updated: February, 2023

Jordan Schlansky, whose real and celebrated name is Jacob Schlansky, is a California-based TV producer, entrepreneur and production manager. As of February 2023, he has a rapidly increasing net worth of $5 million. He is popular for being an associate producer with Conan O’Brien in his popular late-night show where he plays his role as Jordan. He is often seen in the videos of NBC’s Late-night with Conan O’Brien as he plays a key role in the production of the show.

How Did Jordan Schlansky Become Rich?

The leading factor of Jordan Schlansky’s staggering net worth of $5 million dollars is his mastery of production. His career started as a Studio Associate at The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien. His ‘prior to that’ jobs are not known. Meeting Conan O’Brien and joining his late show was the turning point of Jordan’s life and career. He joined CNBC’s late show in 1996 as a Studio Coordinator and kicked off working with Conan O’Brien. This is when he stepped in and started earning a handsome amount of money. He still works at the Late Night Show as a producer and comic character with a net worth of roughly five million dollars.

He earns a sheer amount of his money from his managerial association with the comedy genius Conan O’Brien and his fictional character. He acts as a central pillar in NBC’s late-night show and together with Conan, they produce a masterpiece show. The show has millions of views per episode. Hailing from every walk of life, these audiences are always mesmerized by the comedy icon Conan O’Brien, and the mastery touch of Jordan Schlansky. Ultimately, the show becomes worth watching, hilarious, and a joy to watch at the same time. It is the pair of these two masterminds that create such wonderful content.

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After three years of joining the Late Night Show, his dedication and comic mastery provided him with multiple promotions. The biggest promotion of all was to Associate Producer, which he handles with great efficacy. He still works as an Associate Producer in NBC’s Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien with a handsome salary.

Apart from the late show, he also works on multiple heavily paid projects as a producer. His fame doubled and his net worth increased when he got the Outstanding Broadband Program Award in (2005) and the Exceptional Broadband Program Award (2007.) His successive awards like the Daytime Emma Award (2007) and the nomination for the subsequent year (2008) paved his way to success.

What Is Jordan Schlansky Net Worth?

Jordan Schlansky has a net worth of $5 million as of the latest February 2023 update. As Jordan works behind the screen, much about his earnings is not clear. However, Jordan’s hefty salary ranges from an estimated $31,800 to $66,000 per episode. However, this is not an exact amount of his income. He works as a producer and associate producer on different mega projects and Hollywood movies that add up to his hefty net worth.

Apart from producing, he also appears in comic episodes and videos and entertains The Late Night Show audiences with his unique sense of humor. So much so, in an interview, Conan says that it is often difficult for him to decide who is funnier – Jordan or him. Thus, Jordan’s sense of humor is another breakthrough in his income. Some 20% of his share comes from his comic episodes.

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How Jordan Schlansky Spends His Money?

Jordan Schlansky is not the social type of guy to love sharing every bit of his life. It may sound annoying to his fans, but he keeps a fair space between his public appearance and private life. As mentioned earlier, a vast part of Jordan’s private life is unknown. However, based on the factual sources we have collected some information about his expenditure. He lives in a well-furnished and lavish house – which he sometimes calls “a farm” – in Los Angeles, California. Since there are no records of him having children, he is reported repeatedly saying that he is spending a happy married life with Emma. The reason for having no kids is still unknown.

He spends a luxurious, yet socially stable life, both on and off-screen. As being an integral part of the late-night with Conan, he spends a sheer amount of his time in NBC’s studio.

His assets and liabilities are also unknown as he prefers not to expose his private life details. However, he spends the vast majority of his life – mostly on camera – with Conan. The most popular among them is the Hunts for Truffle in Italy: Late Night Show Travel Special, where he, along with Conan, explores the Italian culture.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the interesting facts about Jordan Schlansky is that he is wrongly assumed a gay person. He often talks about it on camera and repeatedly mentions that he gets hurt when he hears such rumors. It is a matter of fact that he is 49 years old, and has no children yet. This is why most people assume that he is gay. However, he says that he is engaged to a girl named Emma. According to Jordan, he met Emma back in 2015 at a drug store. Later they fell in love with each other and got married. Nevertheless, the reason behind Jordan having no kids is unknown.
  • An interesting fact about Jordan, which seems to be unknown to most people, is that he was the producer of the most famous 10th anniversary special of The Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2003: The Best of Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog. This made Conan to be called the ‘Late Night’s King of Cool‘.
  • Jordan spends a socially stable life and has an undying love for pets, especially dogs. In his social media accounts like Instagram, he frequently shares his pictures jubilantly playing with his dogs. Being a close friend of Luca Manfe – the Master Chef champion – also adds up to one of the interesting facts about Jordan Schlansky.