Jon B Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jon B Net Worth, Age, Height

Jon B.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Birthday: Nov 11, 1974
Age: 48 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (179cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Instagram @officialjonb
Last Updated: December, 2022

Jon B is an American record producer, songwriter and singer. He was born in Rhode Island United States but grew up in Pasadena California. Jon B grew up in a musical family getting inspiration from his grandparent’s record stores. His father Jack Elliot was a Grammy Awards music director and his mother was a concert pianist. It is no surprise that he became a great musician specializing in smooth music and contemporary RnB. Apart from being a good RnB vocalist, he also plays musical instruments such as pianos and drums. Jon B currently has a net worth of $5 million from his music career.

How Did Jon B Become Rich?

Jon B became rich from music industry. He came from a musical family but he had to prove his worth to become the musician that he is today. His interest in music began when he was in high school. Unfortunately, the executives in his circle could not sign him since they termed his music too “black”.

When he finally graduated high school, he gave a mixtape to Tracey Edmond and they were able to sign him to Yam Yum records in the mid-90s. During this time, he was writing songs and producing for other musicians. It took him some time before he release he started releasing his music. Jon B wrote music for some of the top artists in the world like Toni Braxton.

He finally released the album Cool Relax in 1997. It was such a success that it stayed on the billboard for close to 37 weeks. Jon B’s type of music is different. He comes from a classical music background but he has always been inclined to RnB and hip-hop style of music.

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Even after his success Jon B joined singers Deluxe and Domini to form a band. Together with his bandmates, they wrote a lot of music while on bus tours in Europe. Even after joining the band Jack Herrera, Jon B still continued to record music as a solo artist.

What Is Jon B Net Worth?

Most of the wealth Jon B has accumulated is from his music career. He has been an active musician since 1994 and he is considered one of the diverse musicians who can sing, write and produce music. Since he is multi-talented in different areas, he has been able to make a lot of money and increase his 8 million net worth through different activities.

Jon B has released several albums and he has sold over half a million album sales. This is a good addition to his net worth. Apart from the old-school way of selling albums, Jon also has a YouTube album that gets close to 2 million views per year. This gives him additional income to his net worth.

Over the years as a musician, Jon has made money from writing songs for musicians. It is rumored that he has written music for close to 50 musicians. He is also a producer and has also made money for touring different parts of the world with his band members.

Jon B makes money from tours. He is always touring different cities and you can buy ticket sales online. Touring and making live performances in different cities adds a substantial income to his net worth. He admitted that he loves touring and spending time with his family so touring is definitely a good addition to his net worth. Surprisingly, his music is loved more in London than in the United States. He has admitted that his tickets are always sold out every time he visits London. Jon B says it might be because they appreciate and relate more to his music than the fans in the United States.

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How Jon B Spends His Money?

Jon B lives a private life. He does not flaunt his wealth so it is difficult to know how he spends his money. On his Instagram, he has snippets of his lifestyle but it is hard to tell. However, it looks like he spends money on his wife and daughters.

You can see on Instagram gifting his daughter gifts on her birthday and also gifts for his wife on women’s day. There is not much to see about his lifestyle because he has managed to live a very private life.

Interesting Facts

  • He is married to Danette Jackson. There is nothing much known about his wife considering that the couple lives a very private life. However, the two have been married since 2007 and they have two daughters.
  • Jon B values family and he is a dedicated father. He lives a private life but it is not difficult to point out that he is a dedicated father and his band. His Instagram is filled with pictures of him appreciating his wife and daughters with cute captions. He recently said that touring and being with his family are the two most important things in his life.
  • He has written music for some of the top musicians in the world. Jon B is a talented songwriter and when he is not creating his music he is always writing for other musicians. Over the years, he has written music for top artists like Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton.
  • Jon B has faced depression at some point in his life. It is rumored that he was too depressed and had to seek solace in cigarettes and alcohol. However, he has since recovered and he admits that his family is now his source of inspiration.
  • Just like other top celebrities, Jon B faced cancel culture at some point. This was after admitting that he had eyes for bounce who was a minor at the time when they were working together. However, the story ended and no one talks about it now.
  • The only music that was played in house was classical music. He grew up listening to classical music but surprisingly, he was inclined to the RnB and hip hop scene. This was a huge shock to many because he loved music that was considered out of his genre.