Johnny Sins Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Johnny Sins Net Worth, Age, Height

Johnny Sins

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Dec 31, 1978
Age: 44 years old
Height: 6 feet (183cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Pornstar
Instagram @johnny.sins.official
Last Updated: March, 2023

Johnny Sins is famous American porn actor, who has accumulated wealth working as a “doctor”, “astronaut”, “firefighter”, “teacher”, “officer” etc. in various adult movies. As of March, 2023 his net worth is approximately $5 million.

How Did Johnny Sins Become Rich?

In his early life Johnny Sins (his real name is Steven Wolfe) was described as shy guy that got regular job in the construction after gradating a college. There Johnny didn’t make much money and at the age of 28 he moved to Los Angeles and got into the adult business industry.

Johnny Sins got his first role in the pornographic industry in 2006 via Craigslist. At a time he wasn’t famous at all and Brazzers – his first studio he worked for – didn’t consider paying him a lot of money. At best he made several hundred bucks per movie he was featured in.

But as the time went by he appeared in more and more movies and at the same time getting better contracts from other adult studios. Johnny’s often appearance didn’t went unnoticed by viewers too, as not only his looks made him recognizable but also roles: he starred multiple times as doctor, firefighter, astronaut, policeman and many other civil servants ‘helping’ wifes, daughters and sisters. That led to countless memes that in return boosted his popularity even more.

Johnny Sins meme

At the start of career he was getting less than $1k per movie, at this stage Johnny Sins already made tens of thousands per months. His salary continued to grow year by year.

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In 2015 Pornhub even tried to make an adult movie shot in space starring Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia. They raised over $200 thousand in the span of two months but failed to reach their goal of $3.5 million.

The actor continued to expand his business opportunities by launching YouTube channel SinsTV in 2017. The channel focused on the star’s daily life and advices on sex life although Johnny doesn’t limit himself to this topics only. On the channel he often reviews memes about him, tastes different cuisines etc.

In 2019 the actor announced his retirement from porn industry to focus on his own projects (YouTube, TikTok etc.). At the span of 13 years he has made several million dollars and it there wasn’t any reason to continue working as a porn actor.

What Is Johnny Sins Net Worth?

In 2023 Johnny Sins’ net worth is about 5 million USD. Most of the money he has made in adult industry. He totaled 2,300 videos in his porn career!

Salaries for his last movies aren’t well known, but it is estimated to be in range of 20 to 50 thousand dollars. In the female-dominated industry Johnny Sins is one of highest paid male actor of all times. He definitely worth such sums of money if the studio were willing to pay him.

His another source of income is his YouTube channel. Despite not being an active uploader, Johnny Sins is still making some amount of money from his older videos that range in million views. The channel SinsTV has made from 20 to 30 thousand USD in 2021 alone.

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In the meantime he continues using his popularity to make personalized videos on Cameo and selling them to his fans or businesses. His account has over 1000 reviews and fans continue to support him, increasing Johnny Sins wealth.

How Johnny Sins Spends His Money?

Johnny Sins isn’t a know spender. He once made a big purchase buying house near Los Angeles, but that’s it. He mostly spends money on healthy food, gym and his car. Johnny definitely not going to waste his several-million net worth on some useless flash jewelry.

Interesting Facts

  • Johnny Sins was married to his fellow actress Kissa Sins. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2019 but remained close friends.
  • He was nominated over 20 times and won several awards, including AVN Award, Pornhub Award and XBIZ Award.
  • Johnny Sins performed with famous porn stars like Mia Khalifa, Jayden James, Natasha Nice, Lana Rhoades, Lisa Ann and many more.
  • It was rumored he got shot during Los Angeles shooting, but that were just baseless rumors.
  • Johnny Sins net worth continues to grow mostly due to his personalized videos he makes nowadays.