John Holmes (Porn Actor) Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

John Holmes Net Worth, Age, Height

John Holmes

Net Worth: $100 Thousand
Birthday: Aug 08, 1944
Age: Died March 13, 1988; aged 43 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (188cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Porn actor
Instagram None
Last Updated: August, 2022

The deceased American John Curtis Holmes was a renowned pornographic film actor between the late 1960s and mid-1980s. He is widely regards as one of the most prolific pornographic or adult film actor of his time. There are over 573 films to his credit. His death occurred from complications from HIV/AIDS in 13th March 1988. The net worth of John Curtis Holmes was estimated to be around 100 thousand USD. Continue reading to know more about his income sources.

How Did John Holmes Become Rich?

On 8th August 1944, John Curtis Estes was born to the twenty-six years old Mary June Barton Holmes and Carl Estes, a railroad worker, in the rural town of Ashville, Ohio, the United States of America (USA). His father’s name was not mentioned in his birth certificate. He was the youngest of his mother’s four children. He had three half-siblings named Dale, Edward and Anne. The birth father of his half-siblings was Edgar Harvey Holmes, whom his mother married and divorced three times. Later, Mary and Edgar married each other again after their third divorce.

Although John had his birth father’s last name initially, his mother changed it to her husband Edgar’s last name when he was still a child. Unfortunately, John Curtis Holmes did not learn the identity of his birth father until he was forty-two years old. In 1986, he needed to apply for a passport to visit Italy. That is when he received his handwritten birth certificate from his mother and learnt his biological father’s name.

As his mother was a devout Southern Baptist, her four children were required to attend a church in Millport, Pickaway County, Ohio, USA regularly. On the other hand, the John Curtis Holmes’s relationship with his stepfather was tumultuous as the man was always drunk and vomited on the kids.

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His relief from the unsettled life at home changed whenever he visited his maternal grandparents, John W. Barton and Bessie Gillenwater Barton. After Mary divorced Edgar, the family moved to Columbus, USA with a friend of Mary’s, who had two children of her own. The two women worked as waitresses and clerks to support their children and lived in a low-income apartment.

Later, his mother married another man named Harold Bowman on 31st December 1951 and moved the family to a small town called Pataskala. John Curtis Holmes fondly remembered his time with his new stepfather. He often mentioned his stepfather bonded well with his stepchildren. Sadly, when his half-brother David was born, their stepfather lost interest in him and his other half-siblings and often neglected them.

Without his mother’s consent, John Curtis Holmes enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 15. After three years of military service, he was honorably discharged in 1963. Thus, he moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, where he worked in numerous jobs to make ends meet.

In December 1964, he was working as an ambulance driver when he met Sharon Gebenini, who was a nurse by profession. The couple married on 21st August 1965 in Fort Ord, California, USA. The married life was scarred with medical issues, such a John’s pneumothorax as a result of working as a forklift driver inside a warehouse for meatpacking and Sharon’s three miscarriages within a span of seventeen months. The couple later divorced on 19th October 1984 after 19 years of marriage. Sharon Gebenini passed away on 28th October 2012.

In 1971, he began his career in adult film industry with the film series of a character called Johnny Wadd, which Bob Chinn wrote and directed. The instant success of the film series established himself as a global pornographic star.

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During the shooting of his film Liquid Lips in 1975, he became close to co-star Julia St. Vincent. They shared a close relationship until Wonderland murders in early 1980s.

In 1976, he met the 15-year-old Dawn Schiller whom he groomed personally. After extensive drug abuse, he used to beat Dawn and prostituted her numerous times. While they were on the run, Dawn met her brother Wayne who convinced her to turn John Holmes to the authorities.

In 1982, he met Laurie Rose, who would later become his second wife. In the meantime, he tested positive for HIV/AIDS in February 1986. After he admitted to Laurie Rose, she agreed to marry him. The couple married on 23rd January 1987. And through this marriage, he became the stepfather to Laurie’s young son.

During the late 1980s, he began dealing drugs for the Wonderland Gang. After John Holmes used up the gang’s drug by himself, he was in hot waters with them. He orchestrated an home invasion and armed robbery at Eddie Nash’s house on the gang’s behalf even though he was not present during the incident. Later, Eddie Nash coerced him to turn against the gang and lead a retaliatory attack on them. As a result, four gang members were found dead. But, after being on the run from law enforcement, John Holmes was apprehended after Dawn Schiller gave him away. He was tried and acquitted of all charges, except for the contempt of court. The trial was a landmark owing to the fact that a videotape was used as evidence for the first time in American Judiciary System.

At the age of 43, he succumbed to his death due to complications with AIDS. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea off the cost of Oxnard, California, USA by his widow and his mother.

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What Was John Holmes Net Worth?

At the peak of his adult film career, he reportedly earned around 3000 USD per day. As such, his net worth was reportedly around 100 thousand USD at the moment of his death.

How John Holmes Spent His Money?

Although he is said to have earned a lot of money, he blew most of that away owing to his severe drug addiction.

Interesting Facts

  • John Holmes hobbies included woodworking, camping, and fishing, hiking, and sculpting.
  • He co-owned a store with his half-brother David Bowman called The Just Looking Emporium. He siphoned most of its working capital away to fund his drug habits.
  • John Holmes penis was at least 12.5 inches (32 cm). Some believed at its largest the length of his penis reached 16 inches (41 cm).
  • There are four documentaries about his life.
  • There are two biographies and one auto-biography about his life.