Jim Treliving Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jim Treliving Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth

Jim Treliving

Net Worth: $700 Million
Birthday: May 12, 1941
Age: 81 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Businessman
Instagram None
Last Updated: March, 2023

Walter James Treliving, aka Jim Treliving, is a Canadian business tycoon running numerous business ventures (in co-alliance with people of common interests) across the United States of America and Canada. Over the years, he’s also maintained a well-known television persona by being involved in a national reality show famously known as the Dragons Den. With all such milestones achieved by the age of 80, he’s now been estimated to possess a net worth of $700 million.

How Did Jim Treliving Become Rich?

It was 12th of May, 1941, when Walter James was born at a barber’s household in a small town situated in Manitoba. At the tender age of 18, he stepped forward to offer his services at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. And, continued to be a part of this service till no less than 8 years of his life. Over this time period, his life was going as it goes for someone typically in his place till the idea of stepping into food business popped up in his head. And interestingly, it wasn’t anything less catchy than a pizza franchise. So yes, Treliving became the first franchisee of Boston Pizza in 1968, a pizza and spaghetti restaurant started in 1964 by Greek immigrant Gus Agioritis.

What happened next in Jim’s life marked the most important and vital role in his journey towards becoming whom we know him as today. While running Boston Pizza’s franchise in Penticton, he met George Melville (a chartered accountant by profession) and paired up with him as his business consultant. As their acquaintance eared mutual trust with time, Melville eventually ended up becoming his business partner. Fast forward in time, within no less time than a decade, both these partners extended this franchise into 16 chains all across British Columbia. In the year 1983, Treliving and Melville altogether met another milestone of buying Boston Pizza International Incorporation and its chain of 44 restaurants from Ron Coyle (the succeeding owner of the business then).

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Eastern Canada became their next target when they thought of future endeavors to expand this business further. And, so did this happen with their utmost efforts in Ottawa, Ontario at the end of the 20th century (1998 in to be specific). Today, in the province of Ontario, more than 110 branches of this fast-food business exist. And as for outside of this country, both of these individuals have ventured to operate their business under the title of “Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza” in Mexico and the US.

Down the line, further evolution took place as this restaurant not only remained as it was in essence (a family restaurant), but also took the status of a simultaneous sports bar. With the rise of hotels, malls and sports arenas, this brand made its way into such locations as well. And so, 50 years after Treliving started Boston Pizza‘s franchise, both Melville and Jim started enjoying lofty positions as the heads of this business as per their past aspirations.

Apart from investing in Boston Pizza’s successful joint venture, Jim also showed involvement in certain other businesses, including Naramata Benchlands (a real estate company in Okanagan), Stonebrook Benchlands (a custom real estate initiative), Kitchen Partners, Mr. Lube chain (purchased through his investment group T&M Group), Global Entertainment (a sports entertainment company in the US) and Dragon’s Den (a season based Canadian reality show).

Out of the above-mentioned prominent works Jim Treliving has been a part of, Dragon’s Den is one highlighted venture he remained an investor for 15 consecutive seasons. This award-winning TV show (which was launched on January the 4th, 2005) had been launched as a platform to provide Canadian entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners a chance to invest their finances into budding businesses. And this happens when these aspiring entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of investors in hopes of convincing them to take part in their endeavors. The team of investors serving the panel has been entitled as “Dragons” to mark their prominence. And so it shows how Treliving must have gained more popularity and accompanying net worth through this program as well.

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What Is Jim Treliving Net Worth?

As per ‘Dragon’s Den‘, Jim Treliving has been rated as the richest of all investors on the program with a net worth of $700 million. And as highlighted in detail above, he managed to reach this level within a lifelong struggle through the risks he took in the realm of business after having served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 8 whole years of his youth.

How Jim Treliving Spends His Money?

Apart from being interested in growing his business over time by self-startups, and co-partnering businesses, with the bank balance Mr. Treliving owns, he’s been reported to possess some important assets as well. It’s not a matter of a single home, but multiple homes he’s been said to have in White Rock and West Vancouver. But he’d shifted to Toronto in 1998, and Dallas in 2001 to further extend Boston Pizza in the U.S.  Additionally, he and his wife have been reported to have resided in another residence at Palm Springs.

Moving over to the detailing this couple prefers while investing in real estate, their taste manifests through one of their homes in Vancouver which presents epic views of Stanley Parks and the North Shore Mountains. As for the interior design of this house, Mrs. Walter had chosen Robert Ledingham to seek professional consultation.

Collecting art pieces from famous Canadian photographers and painters is another interest this couple possesses. Bill Weber and photographer Fred Herzog’s art pieces are from among some of the decorative items which embellish their Vancouver house as well.

Their social circle is as huge as their following and partnerships are. It is the reason that they love spending time in the company of such people as they host parties at their residences as well. All sports’ related party events and charity dinners take place at these places they’ve owned over time.

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Interesting Facts

  • Treliving, along with the monetary benefits he has enjoyed over time, did receive three prominent awards including; 1) Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce-Life Time Achievement Award, 2) Marketer of the Year of the British Columbia American Marketing Association, 3) Pacific Canada Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year (in the category of Hospitality and Tourism).
  • Treliving opened up the first franchise of ‘Boston Pizza’ in Penticton when it was functional as a regional operation.
  • Jim’s idea to open a food business franchise for the first time wasn’t received well and wasn’t approved of by his parents, yet he still continued to take the risk. With regards to this event from his memory, he was quoted as saying, “It was my dream, it wasn’t their dream.”
  • Through Dragon’s Den, James Treliving has managed to acquire certain other businesses on his own or in partnerships. Some of such small-scale businesses he has acquired through investment include ‘Kids Can do Gourmet‘, and ‘Steeped Tea.’
  • His son has partnered with him as an assistant general manager for his self-owned ‘Canadian Hockey League‘.
  • Jim Treliving has also authored a book entitled ‘Decisions‘ in which he has written his in-depth narrative on becoming a successful businessman from scratch (based on his life’s story).