JID Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

JID Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Oct 31, 1990
Age: 32 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @jidsv
Last Updated: December, 2022

Destin Choice Route, better known by his stage name JID is a 32 years old American professional song producer, lyrics writer, famous artist, rapper and hip-hop singer. He is a member of the music collective Spillage Village, assigned with Interscope Records and is a part of the Hip-Hop Super Group Zonik Gang. The hip-hop star is among the founding members of Spillage Village. He has a net worth of $2 million as of the recent reports of December 2022.

He has released 3 studio albums and 1 collaborative album and has completed more than 10 world musical tours. JID’s every single produced work has been thriving and cheered by numberless fans. The professional career of JID as a rap and hip-hop singer has witnessed wide success and has garnered the nomination for best rap performance at Grammy Award 2020.

How Did JID Become Rich?

JID was born into an American musician family and grew up in a very fun environment – where he used to listen to hip-hop rappers. His parents made his acquaintance with music at an early age, who were famous musicians and were best known for their collection of Soul LPS and Classical Funk. He had a craze of performing live on the stage as a rap singer. Before he started to get booked for local live singing shows, he had a job at a call center and was delivering pizzas. His debut mixtape Cakewalk was released in 2010. This became highly successful and he made numerous fans both in the US and beyond.  Likewise, his 2nd mixtape Cakewalk was released in June 2011, and 3rd Route of All Evil in June 2012.

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He started his singing career professionally in 2012 and began gaining recognition after releasing several albums like Para Tu and Route of Evil in 2012 and DiCaprio in 2015. His studio album The Never Story, which was released on 10 March 2017, eventually became a super hit and made the public to listen to him more. In the next year, on November 26, 2018, he released his 2nd album DiCaprio 2. Surprisingly enough, the album became more successful than the first and made him a rap giant. After that, he announced his first tour with the popular album Catch Me If You Can, which included 34 tour dates. Later on 12 February 2019, he announced his 2nd tour with the same headlining and it included 26 tour dates. In January 2021, JID released his 3rd studio album The Forever Story, which became another milestone in his singing career and proved him to be a top-class singer.

His albums like DiCaprio I & DiCaprio II, The Never Story, and The Forever Story, are the reasons for his fame and craze among his listeners and are strong enough to make him an iconic, well-liked, rapper and hip-hop star and a rich singer.

What Is JID Net Worth?

JID has an ever-increasing net worth of $2 million as of the latest reports of December 2022. His professional career as a rapper serves as the foremost source of his hefty income. Live concerts, widely admired albums and rap and hip-hop songs are the brainchild of his mastery over his profession. However, the secondary sources of his net worth include his appearance on TV shows, commercials, social media platforms – especially his popular YouTube channel, and his affiliation with different brands as an ambassador. All these contribute to his staggering net worth.

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Being one of the best and well-liked rapper and hip-hop singer, he has amassed such an attractive net worth in a very brief span of time. His first music album The Never Story is the foremost among them. This debut album gave him enough fame across the US and beyond, and his subsequent albums were bound to be successful.

He has released his 3 studio albums which are: The Never Story in 2017, DiCaprio II in 2018, and The Forever Story in 2021. He has earned a projected amount of $265,000 from these worldwide famous albums.

On top of that, he actively participates and performs in live concerts and frequently appears on different television shows and serials.  Ultimately, these significantly add up to his net worth. The total generated revenue from these serials, TV shows, and concerts are estimated to be $160,000 to $180,000.

JID is a well-known Youtuber as well. His monetized channel – named JID – has 546K subscribers, and all of them are monetized viewers. Meaning, he gets paid for every watch time of his viewers. The JID videos has crossed over 150 million views on YouTube, which ultimately acts as a minor source of his net worth.

In addition, he works as an ambassador of many companies, and different brands have endorsements with him. He also works in television commercials that enable him to generate such a handsome and sizeable net worth of $2 million.

How JID Spends His Money?

JID currently lives with his family – as a keen family lover- in a luxurious house in Atlanta, Georgia. It is pertinent to mention that he is an addicted family person who is blissfully living in his deluxe house. The house has a projected worth of $125,000. He has a hobby of spending both money and time on luxury cars.

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He owns 3 lavish automobiles, Porsche 911 being his most favorite among them. This luxury car has a projected worth of $122,000. The second one which he likes to drive the most is the Audi A5 that has a worth of $51,500. And last but not least is the entry-level Cadillac XT6. This luxurious vehicle has a worth of $47,995 at the open market of the US.

Interesting Facts

  • Destin Choice Route is the real name of JID; JID is his nickname which he received from his grandfather because of his ‘herky-jerky’ behavior.
  • JID had a dream to be an athlete in his childhood. He played football as a defensive back and was also a track athlete. He also had a chance to play NCAA Division Football at Hampton
  • He has suffered a hip dislocation in his senior years.
  • He has an interest in producing motion picture films.
  • He has been touring for the last six years and has done more than 100 live concerts around the world.
  • In 2020, JID was being nominated for Grammy Award for the best rap performance.