Jessica Lange Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jessica Lange Net Worth, Age, Height

Jessica Lange

Net Worth: $20 Million
Birthday: Apr 20, 1949
Age: 73 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (173cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actress
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Last Updated: December, 2022

Jessica Phyllis Lange as of 2022 has an estimated net worth of 20 million dollars. Ms. Lange is an American stage, television and film actress that owes her large net worth primarily to her acting career.

How Did Jessica Lange Become Rich?

Jessica Lange was born in 1949 on April 20th. Currently, she is 73 years old.  She was born in Cloquet, Minnesota. Her parents are Dorothy Florence and Albert John Lange. Her mother was a housewife and her father was both a teacher and a traveling salesman. Ms. Lange has three siblings, two sisters by the name of Jane and Ann and one brother named George.  Jessica grew up with her family in Cloquet where she attended Cloquet High School. During her time in high school, Jessica earned a scholarship to go to the University of Minnesota. At the university, she studied art and photography. Jessica left the university in 1971 when she got married. Jessica married a Spanish photographer named Paco Grande.

Before even stepping into the acting industry, Jessica found work as a model. She was then later discovered by a film producer by the name of Dino De Laurentiis. Jessica Lange’s first official debut in acting was in 1976 where she had an appearance in ‘King Kong’. This move was a remake of the original 1933 version. Lange played the role of Ann Darrow, the woman that King Kong fell in love with. This was the movie that gave Lange her big break. Jessica Lange also earned a ‘Golden Globe Award’ for her performance in the film.

Later that year Jessica was cast in ‘All That Jazz’ by Bob Fosse who had become a good friend of hers. Jessica was set to play the role of the angel of death. Sources claim that the part was written specifically with Jessica in mind.

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Moving along, in the 1980’s Jessica acted in ‘How To Beat The High Cost Of Living’. Unfortunately, the film did not do well and had a lot of negative criticism and reviews. Shortly after the release, it was removed from theatres. In 1981 Lange had scored the lead role in a film called ‘The Postman Always rings Twice’. Surprisingly Lange was praised for her performance although the film itself had a mixture of good and bad reviews. One year later she took on a supporting role in the movie ‘Tootsie’. Here, she acted alongside other well-known names in the acting business like Dustin Hoffman. Jessica also earned an ‘Academy Award’ nomination for her acting in the film. ‘Tootsie’ had done extremely well in theatres and even became the second-highest-grossing movie out in 1982. Her performance in that film made it one of her most recognized roles. During the late ’80s, Lange acted in several low-profile films like ‘Crime Of The Heart’,’ Everybody’s All-American‘ and ‘Far North’.

In the 1990’ Lange slowed down a little in her acting career, often taking time off to be with and raise her kids. Nevertheless, she still made applaudable performances in films such as ‘Losing Isaish’. In this role, Lange played the part of Marget Lewin with other stars such as Halle Berry and Rob Roy. In 1996 Jessica Lange debuted in ‘A Thousand Acres’ where she was singled out for her performance and awarded yet another ‘Golden Globe Award’ nomination.

Starting off the 2000’s Ms. Lange had an appearance on London’s stage to perform a morphine-addicted character named Mary Tyrone in ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’. Jessica Lange made history as the first American actress to be the recipient of an ‘Olivier Award’ nomination. She, later on, had several supporting roles such as her role in the movie ‘Prozac Nation’ where she played Christina Ricci. She also debuted in ‘Broken Flowers’, ‘Masked And Anonymous’ and ‘Big Fish’. Lange also joined the cast of ‘American Horror Story’. Jessica had received so much praise and positive feedback for her performance that she was cast as a lead in the second season of the show. Lange won a ‘Golden Globe Award’ and ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ for her controversial role in the series. She also was exposed to a new generation and received a considerable amount of popularity.

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In 2012, she earned a supporting role in the film ‘Grey Gardens’.  In 2014 Jessica had the honor of receiving a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Later on, in 2016 she had a supporting role in ‘Horace and Pete’. Shortly after, Ms. Lange decided to return to Broadway where she reminisced about her old role in a revival of ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’. She made this performance in the American Airline Theatre with her other casting mates John Gallagher Jr, Gabriel Byrne, etc.

During her career, Jessica Lange has acted on stage, television and films and earned her a long list of nominations and awards. She has earned two ‘Academy Awards’, five ‘Golden Globe Awards’, one ‘Olivier Award’, a ‘Drama Desk Award’, ‘Glamour Woman Of The Year Award’ and a list of many others.

What Is Jessica Lange Net Worth?

The majority of Jessica Lange’s net worth comes from the success she has had in her acting career. Jessica also owns a home and has sold a home for over one million dollars. She has written several books and earned money from the sales and also owns a Mercedes car to add. Her total net worth is about 20 million dollars.

How Jessica Lange Spends Her Money?

Jessica Lange is no stranger to dishing out big bucks. Ms. Lange loves the finer things in life and living comfortably. She spends a significant amount of money on travel as she loves traveling to new places around the world. Jessica has also bought a house in New York. Her house is an extravagant 1980’s Victorian-styled home. Ms. Lange also bought a 1981 Mercedes Benz car. She also invests money into the publication of her books. Her biggest purchase to date would be her home in New York.

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Interesting Facts

  • Jessica Lange has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame but she has never claimed it.
  • She is currently not married but has three children. Her children are Samuel Walker Shepard, Hanna Jane Shepard and Shura Baryshnikov.