Jemeker Thompson Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jemeker Thompson Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth

Jemeker Thompson

Net Worth: $10 Million
Birthday: Jan 01, 1966
Age: 57 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Criminal, writer
Instagram @jemeker
Last Updated: June, 2023

Jemeker Thompson is a woman who has an enthralling backstory that has led her to where she is right now. She was widely acknowledged as a drug dealer. Jemeker Thompson is talked about making millions of mоnеу through hеr drug-dealing profession. Not to mention that she is a writer, so that is another source of income that she relies on in her daily life. In June, 2023, her net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

How Did Jemeker Thompson Become Rich?

So, Jemeker Thompson, a girl who was raised alongside five more siblings to a single mother. Their father died earlier, which caused the family to face a reluctantly hard time, therefore the conditions were based on hand-to-mouth. Subsequently, the after-effects of not having a father reflected over everyone’s life when growing  but specifically on Jemeker.

The consistency to live a hard life with compromised financial conditions started when the Thompson’s were asked to vacate their apartment located in South Los Angeles with a forceful act of throwing their possessions out. The consequences left eight years old Jemeker spellbound, she was shocked to the bones. This sudden downfall after the fatherly figure and no apparent shelter over their heads became a life-changing scenario for her and she intended to work to let herself out of this state of affairs.

The shelter was taken away from Jemeker Thompson’s who were yet to be surviving with little or no money and then the immature teenage mindset of Jemeker got herself involved to earn easy money by doing drug dealings introduced to her by her boyfriend. Jemeker’s boyfriend from high school made her his assistance in dealing drugs and the greed of earning easy money surrounded Jemeker’s attention in a jiffy.

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Time passed by and Jemeker Thompson started getting herself more involved in knowing the vast business of drug smuggling. She gradually started earning for her needs and started introducing drugs to other teenagers at school. Being an adult got her more clients to make money. The prolonged network and easy money earning tactics convinced Thompson to marry her boyfriend by the year 1980.

Slowly and steadily, the business grew so much that their profit earnings made them buy a house of their own in Encino, California. Thompson and Daff had their financial status stable enough to start their family with a son in 1982.

By the year 1984, the black cloud of bad luck was yet to discover over their heads when Daff was killed by drug enforcement agencies. Their aim was to stop the business of these two, so they warned Jemeker Thompson with the murder of her husband. This was indeed an alarming situation, but yet not enough for Thompson to be stopped. She continued making money from her drug dealings all over the United States of America even as a single mother. Her cocaine distributing business was the wing to her hair extensions venture, which was supposedly run to hide the illegal venture.

Jemeker Thompson consistency in running the business and greed over making more money paid her with 15 years of sentence in prison. She served herself as a devotee to Christianity and started practicing the religion. Her time was then served in writing, and then she accepted writing as her new profession, similarly to Jorge Valdes. Her book “Queen Pin” was released in 2010.

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What Is Jemeker Thompson Net Worth?

If we look into how much net worth of Jemeker Thompson has owned by her today, it is estimated to be almost $10 Million in 2023. This fortune was earned by drug dealing and later it was increased with her amazing writing skills.

However, the whole journey from being a notorious drug dealer to a famous writer, in her documentary Jemeker stated that, “І knew then that І wanted money and that І wanted to control everything.”. By this bold statement, she mentioned her need for money and how she chose drug dealing as her source of income. She did realize the bad side of it later and repent to the religious aspects. She chose the right path a bit late, but it’s always better late than never. She also became an influence on her inmates in provoking religious values. Her repentance calls forth the church duties in others.

How Jemeker Thompson Spends Her Money?

The lifestyle that came out from Thompson was way confusing as it usually intended to be. She did not easily disclose her relationships, and that it was guessed from her documentaries and interviews that she married her boyfriend from high school. Her wish to marry him was, of course, based on a sentimental decision power and her need to get a supported source of income.

Jemeker Thompson purpose in life was to run away from situations like forceful eviction, so she did not bother dealing drugs to earn money. By now, she is financially stable and has a son, named Anthony.

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Interesting Facts

  • She was raised without a fatherly figure, uncertain financial conditions, and no apparent shelter over the head.
  • Thompson made it into high school and married the popular boy of the school.
  • The bond of marriage tied them to the business, which brought them a fortune.
  • Jemeker Thompson spent 15 years in prison.
  • Life repented her in many ways, so she turned back to Christianity and chose to write her life experiences.