Jeff Wittek Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jeff Wittek Net Worth, Age, Height

Jeff Wittek

Net Worth: $13 Million
Birthday: Dec 15, 1989
Age: 33 years old
Height: 6.1 feet (185cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber, Comedian, Podcaster
Instagram @jeff
Last Updated: March, 2023

Jeff Wittek is an American actor, vlog maker and a youtuber. Jeff has a total net worth of 13 million US dollars. Jeff used to be a drug addict and dealer. But after getting arrested, Jeff left it and started his YouTube channel and career. Quickly Jeff became really famous for his interactions with top-level Hollywood celebrities and his own unique content on YouTube and earned a lot as a result.

How Did Jeff Wittek Become Rich?

Jeff Wittek was born on the 15th of December, 1989. He was born on the Staten Island of New York. He completed his early education at Wagner High School. Jeff did not reveal the identity either of his father or mother.

Jeff’s childhood and early life were really rough. The place he loved was not suitable for kids such as him. After finishing school, Jeff started working in a barbershop. But soon, he became a drug addict and also a drug dealer. He moved to Miami, Florida from his hometown and started selling drugs there as well. He earned a lot from this source but in 2011, he got arrested by the police and sent to jail. All of the money he earned, drugs and some accessories were seized by the police. Later on, the case got dismissed and Jeff started YouTubing as his new career.

Even if Jeff Wittek started his YouTube career in 2011, his actual fame came from his Tumblr account which he opened in 2012. He used to post pictures of celebrities’ hairstyles. Those were done by Jeff as he used to be a professional barber. Because of the stylish haircuts and hairstyles of famous celebrities such as Mac Miller and Pouly D., Jeff got famous quickly. It is reported that Jeff earned more than 250,000 US dollars during those days.

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Jeff Wittek actually became even more famous after he moved to 1600 Vine in 2014. It is a Hollywood apartment and the apartment was full of internet celebrities. His YouTube subscribers were increasing every day as he posted vlogs with them along with his hairstyle videos and personal life videos.

In 2017, Jeff started working with The Vlog Squad. One of the members suggested Jeff make vlogs about his past criminal activities. So, taking the suggestion into consideration, in 2019, Jeff started his online playlist “Jeff’s Barbershop” and started to post the videos on YouTube. As a result, Jeff becomes so popular that, he was able to become a brand ambassador of Old Spice.

One of the most popular videos on the channel

In 2020, Jeff Wittek was making videos for his YouTube channel. But because of some miscalculations of David Dobrik, Jeff was severely injured. He had to go through long-term treatment. But it was not publicized for 10 months. After 10 months Jeff started a series out of it and gave it the name “Don’t Try This at Home“. It had 5 episodes where Jeff explained everything that happened with him during the injury and after the injury. Later Jeff started his Patreon account for posting the video of the accident because the video wasn’t approved by YouTube policies. But because of the graphic content he gained more than 36,000 followers on the account and became one of the most famous accounts of Patreon and also, became the account that gets the highest payment of 18+ contents.

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Currently, he has more than 3 million followers on his YouTube channel. Large business organizations such as McDonald’s, Old Spice, American Express paid him to promote their brand in his content. Jeff also acted in a number of movies. Some of the mentionable movies are Declined Credit Card, Crazy Drug Lord, and Petting Scorpions. It is reported that he earned a total of 900,000 US dollars from the other sources.

What Is Jeff Wittek Net Worth?

So, how rich is Jeff Wittek? Let’s find out.

Jeff Wittek is mainly a YouTube celebrity with more than 3 million active subscribers. So, according to the statistics, Jeff Wittek made a total of 10 million US dollars from his YouTube channel. Jeff also earned around 250,000 US dollars from his early career. Jeff also acted in several films and according to the report, Jeff earned almost 900,000 US dollars. Jeff also received more than 500,000 US dollars from his Patreon account and more than 100,000 Us dollars from promotional activities

Jeff has two houses in Los Angeles that has approximated worth of 1.3 Million US dollars. He also has 3 bikes that he uses to make his videos and two cars. They have a total worth of 150,000 US dollars. So, his net worth is around 13 million US dollars.

How Jeff Wittek Spends His Money?

Jeff spends most of his money buying various equipment for his videos and financing the shooting. Jeff also spends some money for his pet dog and his family. Jeff spent a large portion of his money to buy his properties, houses and vehicles. Naturally, the accident of Jeff Wittek was severe. There was a chance that Jeff would have died during the accident. But Jeff spent an exponential amount of money for his treatment and all medical expenses. Other than these, nothing much about the expenditure of Jeff Wittek is known.

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Interesting Facts

  • Jeff Wittek used to be a drug dealer. But after he got arrested, he went through rehabilitation and regraded his misdeeds. So, he decided to earn money from legal sources and fix his past errors. That is why he started his YouTube career.
  • Jeff dated a famous actress and singer of America Cierra Ramirez. He started dating her in 2015 and got separated in 2018. But his girlfrined is one of the mentionable causes Jeff was able to become famous. Currently, nothing about his relationship with other girls is mentioned anywhere.
  • Jeff injured himself so severely that he broke both his hip and foot and fractured his skull in 9 places. Even his eye socket was fractured and some of his ligaments got torn. But still, Jeff made a 5 episode series out of it and became more famous.