Jeff Tremaine Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jeff Tremaine Net Worth, Age, Height

Jeff Tremaine

Net Worth: $50 Million
Birthday: Sep 04, 1966
Age: 55 years old
Height: 6 feet (184cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Instagram @gorillaflicks
Last Updated: May, 2022

Jeff Tremaine’s current net worth is estimated to be over 50 million dollars. He has found his success through the career paths of film directing, producing and screenwriting.

How Did Jeff Tremaine Become Rich?

Jeff Tremaine had been born in a place called Rockville in the year 1996. His birth month is September and he was born on the 4th. He is currently 55 years old. His mother’s name is Chelsea Tremaine and his father’s name is Steve Tremaine. Tremaine has a brother named David Tremaine who had spent time being a principal at a school before passing away. He passed away in the year 2014.

Jeff attended school called Walt Whitman High School. The school was located in Bethesda, Maryland. He graduated in 1985. Jeff later went on to attend Washington University. This University was located in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated in 1989 earning a degree in Fine Art. During his time in the University, Jeff had joined a fraternity called Sigma Nu Fraternity.

In the 1990’s Jeff Tremaine was a member in a short-lived band called Milk. The band also included Lewman Jenkins.  In the short time that the band was together, they became famous worldwide among skateboarders. The specific song that earned them such popularity was called The Knife Song and it was used on Jason Lee’s skate section in a landmark Blind video called Video Days. The song was also a part of a movie soundtrack.

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In the year 1992 Jeff Tremaine became an art editor at a magazine company called Big brother Magazine. Around this time, Jeff became acquainted with more people in the skateboarding world. Some of these people included Steve-O and Chris Pontius. They were all a part of the same magazine company he worked for. Soon this group of men would go on to create a television show of their own. Jeff’s longtime friend who happened to be a music and film director pitched the show to several networks. His name was Spike Jonze and he attended school with Jeff. The show the men made had caught the attention of two companies that vied for the show. They had both bid to the men for it and kept upping their prices until eventually MTV won and the show was aired on their channel. Jeff had negotiated for himself to remain in a director’s position. The show aired on MTV for several years and went on to have a major motion picture ten a spin-off show called Wildboyz.

In the year 2009 Jeff Tremaine had announced that he would be directing the third sequel to his movie. The movie was filmed in 3D in the year 2010. For the sequel, the whole cast had returned. Tremaine has also worked with The Dudesons. They also have a show on MTV. Jeff Tremaine had a hand in creating and directing several television series like Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and comedies like Nitro Circus and Dudesons in America. One of his newest shows is a comedy show called Ridiculousness.

In the year 2009 he also produced an MTV documentary about addiction and recovering from it. He went on to produce a documentary about a family of outlaws. The documentary was titled The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Some of his more recent shows have been ESPN 30 For the ’30s. He also produced and wrote for The Birth of Big Air which is an inspirational documentary about Mat Hoffman. He has also gone on to direct a music video for Andrew WK and The Sahara Hot Nights.

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In the year of 2014, Jeff Tremaine launched his production company called Gorilla Flicks. Tremaine later announced that he would be the director of a biopic called The Dirt. Tremaine had appeared at the final tour press of the band to make it known that he was excited to make the movie ever since he had read the book.

In September of 2016, Jeff Tremaine was the director of a safety video for an airline company. His latest film was named Bad Trip and it made a debut on a popular streaming app called Netflix. The movie was released in 2021. He is also set to direct a movie from his MTV franchise in 2022.

Other than film writing, Jeff Tremaine is also an artist. He often creates 3D works of art. Some of his associates have said that Jeff Tremaine would often use messy foundations like plywood and pile paper mache, seeds, etc. to create beautiful paintings. His paintings are usually abstract. His paintings and artwork have been used on snowboards and skateboards.

What Is Jeff Tremaine Net Worth?

Jeff currently has a net worth of fifty million dollars. This net worth stems from screenwriting and directing. He is very popular and sought after and as a result is paid well. He also owns a lavish home and car.

How Jeff Tremaine Spends His Money?

Jeff Tremaine spends his money investing back into himself. He also spends money on traveling. He has bought a car and a house. His biggest purchase to date is his home that sits next to a lake on it’s own large compound. It is equipped with over 4 bedrooms and a pool.

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Interesting Facts

  • Jeff Tremaine is married. His wife’s name is Laura Tremaine. Tremaine has two children, a son and daughter. His son’s name is Darlington and his daughter’s name is Diane.