Jeff Fatt Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jeff Fatt Net Worth, Age, Height

Jeff Fatt

Net Worth: $4 Million
Birthday: Jul 21, 1953
Age: 69 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: Musician, Actor
Instagram none
Last Updated: March, 2023

Jeff Fatt (full name Jeffrey Wayne Fatt) is an Australia-born actor and musician. He is known to be a member of a child musician group called The Wiggles. In 2023 his net worth is estimated at 4 million USD. Continue reading to know more about his career ups and dows.

How Did Jeff Fatt Become Rich?

Jeffrey Wayne Fatt was born on July 21, 1953 in Casino, New South Wales, Australia. His parents was of Chinese ancestry and he was the third child out of 4. His father, Oscar Fatt owned a store in Casino, whilst his mother, Norma Yong Yee, was a housewife.

Jeff Fatt studied industrial design in order to pursue his dream of becoming an architect. He was a “bush child” who “first learned to let his keyboard do most of the talking,” according to Anthony Field. After he began playing keyboard for the rockabilly band The Roadmasters, he was invited by Anthony and Paul Field to join The Cockroaches, an Australian pub rock band, in 1981. In 80s Jeff also opened a public address equipment business with his brother in Sydney.

Following the disbandment of the Cockroaches in the early 1990s, Anthony Field approached Fatt, who was rebuilding his home at the time, and requested him to assist them in recording The Wiggles‘ debut album in 1991. According to Fatt, Anthony called him and asked to join the band as he was “a musical backbone for the Wiggles“.

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Jeff Fatt wore a purple skivvy as a Wiggle. He created The Wiggles character Henry the Octopus and had occasionally voiced Wags the Dog, filling in for other actors when they were unavailable. Fatt said it took him a year to “learn preschool language,” which included using the inclusive “everyone” instead of “boys and girls” when addressing children, and that The Wiggles‘ initial performances were distressing for him because he was not used to being around children.

Fatt, along with Greg Page and Murray Cook, announced on May 17, 2012 that they will be retiring at the end of the year. Lachlan Gillespie, a Wiggles cast member, took his spot as the purple Wiggle. Jeff Fatt and the others are expected to continue to be part in the group’s creative and production components. He’s still performing in reunion shows.

In July 2020, he starred in The Soul Movers’ music video “Circles Baby” alongside the other legendary Wiggles.

Following the arrival of Gillespie’s daughters, Lulu and Lottie, in September 2020, it was reported that Gillespie will take some time away from the group to spend time with them. As a result, Fatt opted to temporarily replace Gillespie to film The Wiggly World Of Dance Classes, a four-part series.

Fatt has returned as the voice of Henry the Octopus in the most recent Wiggles series, season 3 of Ready, Steady, Wiggle.

What Is Jeff Fatt Net Worth?

Jeff Fatt has a net worth of $4 million in 2020. His net worth started to increase after he had joined The Cockroaches in 1981. However, he became a truly rich person only after joining another band, The Wiggles, in 1991. For example, Jeff made $91,000 in 1987, but it increased to $832,000 in 1994.

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How Jeff Fatt Spends His Money?

Jeff Fatt doesn’t spend a lot of money. He doesn’t have a family, so all money he gets is for him alone.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2011 Jeff Fatt underwent a surgery related to a heart arrhythmia. As a result, he missed the summer US tour.
  • He doesn’t have a wife.
  • Some time ago some speculated that Jeff Fatt has died, but that was a fake info. He is alive and well.