Jeanette Lee Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jeanette Lee Net Worth, Age, Height

Jeanette Lee (Black Widow)

Net Worth: $7 Million
Birthday: Jul 09, 1971
Age: 51 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (173cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Professional Pool player
Instagram @jeanettelee
Last Updated: March, 2023

Jeanette Lee as of 2023 has a net worth of 7 million dollars. This net worth is accumulated primarily through her career as a professional pool player.

How Did Jeanette Lee Become Rich?

Jeanette Lee was born in the year 1971. Her birth month is July and she was born on the ninth. Her birthplace is Brooklyn, New York. She was born to two Asain immigrants whose names are not accessible to the public. It is known that her mother had later become a registered nurse. Her father’s occupation is unknown. Jeanette Lee attended the New York’s High School of Science.

Jeanette began playing pool around the year 1989. She caught on quickly and soon earned herself the nickname The Black Widow. This was given to her because she had a sweet and timid personality outside of playing pool but when she played she would completely wipe out the competition. In addition to this, she made it a point to wear black to every one of her pool events.

Jeanette Lee went on to play professionally and had become the runner-up for the World Nine Ball Women’s Championships in1993. She had gone on to become the runner-up for three years in a row. In the year 1998, Jeanette had earned herself the title of Women’s Professional Billiard Association Sportsperson of the Year Award. She had won this award in 1998.

The following year she had won the victor take-all tournament of champions. She won during the year 1999 and again in 2003. In the year 2001, Jeanette had one gold for the USA during the World games in Japan.

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In 2001 Jeanette competed against Efren Reyes in a pool match. The game was a race to thirteen exhibition match at nine-ball. It all happened in the Philippines. Unfortunately, Jeanette did not come out victorious and lost 4 – 13. Despite this, she still managed to make Billiard’s magazine’s top 20 favorite players list. Jeanette made a cameo at spot number four. This was in the year 2007.

The following year Jeanette made an appearance on Fox sports net sports science. During this appearance, she skillfully went on to show off her abilities. Jeanette took twelve balls in one single trap shot.

Other than her career in playing pool, Jeanette has gone on to act in several movies. Some of the films she has had roles in are The Other Sister and Three Thousand Miles To Graceland. Three Thousand Miles To Graceland Jeanette appeared as a member of a biker gang. This film was a comedy crime film produced under the company Warner Bros.

Jeanette Lee has also gone on to write a memoir based on her experiences and tips on playing pool. The book is titled The Black Widow’s Guide to Killer Pool: Become the Player to Beat and it was published in 2000.

Whether she realizes it or not, Jeanette Lee has touched many individuals as lots of people around the world have only positive things to say about her. The majority of her fans and supporters go on to say that she had a lovable personality and great skills. She would often leave heartfelt messages on her signatures anytime she signed an autograph. These messages would encourage her fans to reach their full potential in life and to follow their dreams. Many of them have become inspired by Jeanette to play pool themselves.

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Her fans expressed their sadness in finding out that Jeanette Lee was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. When she first received her diagnosis she had taken a break from playing pool but now she has chosen to still lead a happy life and be active.

Jeanette occasionally plays pool and has recently become a marketer for a company named Lympo. They specialize in virtual trading cards. She has streamed some of her games from home for fans to see as well. She has left the question of her playing professionally unanswered. For now, she is trying to beat her battle with cancer and is just playing for fun at the moment.

What Is Jeanette Lee Net Worth?

Jeanette Lee currently has a net worth of seven million dollars. She has managed to amass such a large net worth mainly through playing pool. She plays in tournaments that have high payouts for the winner. She is often victorious and earns money to play. She also plays in world competitions that pay money.

Jeanette Lee has also written a book that has sold well because of her popularity among pool players.

She has earned money from acting in several films. Jeanette’s salaries from these films are on the higher end and in the thousands.

How Jeanette Lee Spends Her Money?

Jeanette Lee spends money on things like pool equipment. She is a professional and prefers to have her personal gear when going to tournaments.

She also spends money on traveling. Since Jeanette is always traveling to competitions around the world she spends a significant amount of money on plane tickets and living accommodations.

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She has also spent money on the publishing of her book.

Finally Jeanette, has bought a house and a car. Her biggest purchase to date was her home.

Interesting Facts

  • Jeanette Lee has scoliosis. Although she played pool professionally Jeanette had scoliosis which is an abnormal curvature of the spine that can cause pain and discomfort. Jeanette, having known what it feels like to have scoliosis, represents players like herself. She has had a role in the Scoliosis Association and continues to be a voice for them. She also donates money to the organization.
  • Jeanette is currently married to a man named George Breedlove.
  • Jeanette has five children. They are four girls named Cheyenne, Olivia, Chloe and Savannah. She also has a son named Morgan.
  • Jeanette was diagnosed with terminal cancer recently. She still leads an active life and posts on her social media regardless.