Jason Luv Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jason Luv Net Worth, Age, Height

Jason Luv

Net Worth: $1,3 Million
Birthday: Feb 01, 1985
Age: 37 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (189cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Model, Entrepreneur, Musician, Pornstar
Instagram @iamjasonluv
Last Updated: December, 2022

Jason Luv is a hip-hop artist with a net worth of $1.3 million. He is also a pornstar and social media influencer known for his healthy lifestyle. He does not only pursue hip-hop music but also pop, rap, bounce music and electric dance music (EDM). He is known as a very energetic person. He is also a motivational person on social media where he posts motivational pieces for his fans to keep them inspired. Jason is known as a fitness instructor as he loves training. Jason Luv’s main profession is being a grown-up entertainer, actor and fitness model. He is described as passionate, persistent, resilient and hard-working.

How Did Jason Luv Become Rich?

Jason was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, the USA in 1985 in a disadvantaged home but decided to work hard to change the system. Jason Luv is his stage name which came as part of his career, his real name is Jason Thomas, and this is his family name. He was raised by his parents who loved him dearly although there is no record of the role they played in his career path. Jason went to Ville Platte High and proceeded to Florida International University. Growing up he was known as a nerd as he was obsessed with books and sports (basketball and football). After completing school, Jason enlisted in the Marine Corps despite having several athletic scholarships. Jason started as a United States Marine Corps for 7 years as a scout sniper. After which he became a veteran. From there he pursued and implemented his music hobby as a music career.

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Jason lived in Miami for a couple of years and started acting and his music career with a successful performance in Miami clubs. He made video songs with many famous artists and learnt how to produce for other artists. His lyrics are known to show versatility. His top songs are “Dance the night away” – a single released in 2020 and “Let’s go shopping” also released in 2020. He became viral shortly after releasing one song.

Adding onto his music career Jason also does modelling shoots. This is where a producer of adult entertainment noticed him and approached him to be a pornstar to which he agreed.

Some of Jason’s outstanding achievements are being an award-winning black porn star and Jason is known to have spoken out on racism. He gained a lot of recognition by winning multiple awards in the porn industry such as Best Male Newcomer, Best Foreign Scene, Best Boy-Girl scene, Best-Directed Scene, Oral Specialist, Best Video Series, Hottest Male and Fan Favorite. Jason also has an only OnlyFans online page. He started his own company called Fliqq which natures upcoming talent. Here he works with male models and helps get them exposed so they can make more money than their female counterparts.

To pursue his modelling career, he joined the Model Mayhem 2013 and proceeded to promote men’s supplements in 2020 from Vigor Labs. Jason’s latest track “Ticktock” has gone viral with multiple influencers and celebrities. This song entered iTunes Top 100.

What Is Jason Luv Net Worth?

As a grown-up entertainer, he earns $208 042. He earned money from a deal with Interscope records as an artist and producer. He also sells supplements that make him an undisclosed amount of money.

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He has starred with famous female porn stars in videos that have more than 650 million views and he has his production company and now works behind the scenes. Jason earns $1000 – $2000 per scene as a grown-up entertainer.

He also performs high budget shoots with popular female stars. He Makes $600 000 a year from performing kinky requests on his OnlyFans page. Jason controls his content as an OnlyFans producer. He is making 5 times more because he is his producer than when he was employed by other companies as a pornstar. He values making his schedule and profit from the content and is grateful that this is his dream job. He says the OnlyFans platform makes him more money as there is less competition. He is known as a successful black bodybuilder and adult model. He now earns $50 000 a month from the OnlyFans platform with a combination of both male and female fans.  Jason also makes money from being a personal fitness instructor to many clients.

How Jason Luv Spends His Money?

Although very little is known about Jason’s spending, he is known to love cars and spends his money on buying various cars which he flaunts on his social media accounts. He also spends money on supplements that he uses for his body and on the fitness equipment. The exact amount for his spending is not known.

Interesting Facts

  • A fan paid him $350 to take a photo of his genitals next to a snap of his wife’s face.
  • He sells his used boxers and socks.
  • He sleeps 10 hours from 9 pm-7 am.