Jamie Siminoff Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jamie Siminoff Net Worth, Age, Height

Jamie Siminoff

Net Worth: $400 Million
Birthday: Oct 18, 1976
Age: 46 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Businessman
Instagram None
Last Updated: March, 2023

Jamie Siminoff as of 2023 has an estimated net worth of over 400 million dollars. Jamie is a business person whose ideas and perseverance launched him into becoming the successful millionaire he is today.

How Did Jamie Siminoff Become Rich?

Jamie Siminoff was born in Chester, New Jersey. He was born in the year 1976 on October 18th. He is currently 46 years old. His father was a partner in a pipe-making factory. Little is known about his mother.

In his younger years, Jamie spent a lot of time alone in his parents’ garage where he would tinker and build inventions. He often hurt himself when doing so yet continued on anyway. Jamie attended West Morris Mendham High School. He later went on to attend Babson College where he earned a degree. His degree was a Bachelor Of Science In Entrepreneurship.

Shortly after college Jamie founded his first company. It was named ‘First International’. The goal of this company was to help other entrepreneurs with their own business ventures in hopes of helping the country develop. His parents always supported his dreams and aspirations. Jamie has often been heard crediting his success to his parents.

After starting ‘First international’ Jamie had tried to startup another company that just didn’t work out. He wanted to make a vitamin supplement with chlorophyll that he was going to call ‘BodyMint’. After seeing that venture was turning out to be a disaster Jamie pursued another route. He then moved on to launch a company called ‘Unsubscribe.com’. This company provided a service that helped one clean out junk and commercial emails from companies. This time he started a voicemail to text service that he called ‘Phone Tag’. He founded this company in 2005. ‘Phone Tag’ was a relatively successful company in itself making Jamie over 17 million dollars.

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For Jamie, this was not the limit as he set out to form yet another company. When he was ready to move on to the third business he sold both ‘Phone Tag’ and ‘Unsubscribe.com’. He used the funds he received from the sale of the two companies to start his third business. The third company idea Jamie had was to automate doorbells with cameras and an alarm system. The purpose was for security reasons and to help ward off burglars and lower neighborhood crime. Jamie invested several thousand dollars into this company. At the time he appeared on a television show called ‘Shark Tank’ where he was looking to get an investment in his company. He asked for a 70,000 dollars’ investment and was unfortunately turned down by four possible investors. Despite this setback, he went on pursuing his idea and after the show he revamped his company’s name. He changed it from ‘Doorbat’ to ‘Ring’. ‘Ring’ went on to make over 4 million dollars in annual sales. After noticing the increase in popularity, investors were more open to the ideas Jamie had to offer. Jamie Siminoff eventually found investors that were willing to put their money into his company. Some of these investors are Sir Richard Branson, Qualcomm Ventures and others.

Later, down in 2018 Amazon grew interested in the company and decided to offer to buy it from Jamie. Before a final deal could be made another home and security company filed a lawsuit against ‘Ring’ slowing down the company sale temporarily. In the end, Mr Siminoff agreed to the deal Amazon proposed and sold his company for around 1.8 billion dollars with thirty percent ownership of Ring. The sale of this company made him a huge profit. After selling, Jamie now spends his days in his home office where he is back to tinkering and building gadgets waiting to see what his next invention will be. He states that he never just focuses on being happy per se but rather always thinks about what else he can contribute to others.

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Wanting to use his money wisely, Jamie Siminoff has found multiple companies to invest in. His main investment is in a company called ‘Liquid Death’. This company produces canned water and has a tagline ‘Murder Your Thirst’. They have made millions in sales thus multiplying Jamie Siminoff’s invested money. Jamie has had lots of luck when it comes to investing. He claims that it all stems from making ‘gut moves’ and not being indecisive. Other companies he has invested in are ‘HAAWK’ which is a technology company dedicated to copyright management, licensing solutions, etc They have raised over 2.4 million dollars. He has also invested in SimulScribe which has raised 200 thousand dollars. Jamie’s brilliance in the business field has led his net worth to rise by an average of 30-50 million dollars each year.

What Is Jamie Siminoff Net Worth?

Jamie’s net worth comes from his businesses investments and deals. The majority of his net worth is made from ‘Ring’ as he received several hundred millions for it. Although he sold ‘Ring’ Jamie still owns about thirty percent ownership meaning after taxes were taken out he received anywhere from 180-270 million dollars from the company’s sale. Jamie owns a mountain bike and a home in California.

His total net worth is about 400 million.

How Jamie Siminoff Spends His Money?

Jamie is no stranger to sacrificing to make investments. Jamie is a mastermind that invests his money into his dreams and inventions. Jamie has invested into multiple businesses, some of which were his own. A few of these are ‘Phone Tag’ and ‘First International’. One of the larger investments he has made was in ‘Ring’. He invested 364,000 dollars into the company alone. Jamie did however claim to splurge on one thing after his huge deal with amazon. He bought a mountain bike for 8,000 dollars. He also owns a home in California.

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Interesting Facts

  • Jamie Siminoff is currently married to Erin Lindsey Siminoff. They were married in an intimate and private ceremony back in 2006. Together the couple had one child named Oliver Siminoff. Unfortunately, Oliver has been diagnosed with Galactosemia shortly after birth.