James Jebbia Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

James Jebbia Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth

James Jebbia

Net Worth: $800 Million
Birthday: Jul 22, 1963
Age: 59 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Businessman, Fashion Designer
Instagram None
Last Updated: March, 2023

Termed by The Business of Fashion magazine as one of the five hundred people who shape the fashion industry, James Jebbia has a weighty and astonishingly impressive net worth of $800 million. The British-American businessman fashion designer astounded the world with the idea behind his independent label, Supreme, which utilizes the retail tactic of producing limited edition products, custom made for different subcultures within society, evolving with changing tastes and styles. His clothing is often 90’s inspired, as he believes that era was the golden era of pop culture and style.

As he runs a high-priced luxury brand, catering to niche markets, inspiring the youth to be more open-minded about style, and collaborating with existing brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton to produce unique style and quality of clothing, his net worth remains high. His business tactics and unique sense of style have made him increasingly popular all over the world and his brand has Instagram followers of about 13.5 million people. In an interview to GQ magazine, Jebbia admitted that his marketing tactic that earned him his wealth was not intentional: “It was more out of necessity, when we made things, not having the certainty and means to be able to order an item for the whole season.” In 2021 he sold his company for a ginormous total of 2 billion dollars and now leads a private yet increasingly comfortable life.

How Did James Jebbia Become Rich?

As a child, Jebbia starred in British TV show ‘Just William‘ and BBC series ‘Grange Hill‘ and as a teenager he worked in a Duracell factory, putting an end to his acting ventures. He narrated that he would travel to London to explore unique and “cool” clothing for himself, through which he could express his individuality.

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Jebbia arrived in the US in 1990 and lived in a $500 apartment in New York City. He started with a basic job as a sales assistant at Parachute, a minimalist skate shop, which also sold clothing for skaters. Side by side, he started creating and selling backpacks at a flea market, which became so popular at a time that he quitted his job and increased his focus on this venture. Whenever he visited London, he would often stop at shops like Duffer of St. George and seek inspiration by observing the street style clothing directed at young people.

He began his first retail venture in 1989 by launching the Union NYC shop to demonstrate the union of diverse and unique styles in one shop, but did not receive the success he had desired. He kept persisting, and in 1991 he teamed up with his friend Shawn Stussy and launched the Stussy fashion label, which specialized in street and skate wear. This venture off and received a great deal of popularity in NYC.

The revenue soon skyrocketed to a gigantic $45 million as Jebbia and Stussy never supplied their true demand. When Stussy retired in 1994, Jebbia took a daring step and launched his own brand Supreme. The brand sold cargo pants at the start, but as it globalized and opened up shops in Japan, Jebbia expressed his desire to bring a taste of the origin of the shop – New York City – worldwide as his designs were inspired by the clothing of skaters around NYC. He collaborated with skaters around NYC to help market his brand and demonstrate his vision for his shop, so skaters ran the shop. The next year, the brand was featured in an article by Vogue. It was also featured in the movie “Kids“.

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In 2017, his popularity peaked as his collaboration with Louis Vuitton was unveiled in the Paris Fashion Week. In the same year, Carlyle $500 million to acquire a 50% stake in Supreme, making its value hit a billion dollars. In 2018 the brand won the Menswear Design of the year award at the CFDA fashion awards. Finally, in 2020, Jebbia sold the company to VF Corporation for $2.1 billion.

What Is James Jebbia Net Worth?

When Jebbia kept the supply of his products low, he did not speculate that his products would create riots across the city and spike demand to the extent that retailers would pay employees to stand in line to buy products and sell them at higher prices, and that he would end up owning a billion-dollar empire. Thus, even though his life is largely private, his net worth is estimated to be at least $800 million.

How James Jebbia Spends His Money?

Jebbia does not have an extensive public presence, hence information about his cars and home is limited. However, he revealed his Greenwich Village home which he shares with his wife Bianca Jebbia, two children and pet Chihuahua. The loft is simple and minimalistic; however, it contains extravagant décor such as ceramics by Picasso. He is also said to own a Lamborghini and a private jet of his own. Before selling his company Jebbia also used to travel to Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and London to help manage different stores. He is quoted in The Vogue to have said, “I don’t have this lavish lifestyle, so I don’t have this massive overhead”.

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Interesting Facts

  • Demand for Supreme is so high that a shoe launch spiked a riot so intense that the New York Police Department canceled the launch.
  • Jebbia was inspired by street-style fashion, but he was never a skater himself.
  • Supreme was threatened by Louis Vuitton for a suit when a symbol similar to the LV logo appeared on a skateboard, in 2000.
  • Even though Jebbia grew up in the UK, he was born in the US, and his father was in the US air force.
  • Supreme has grown to become a cult in Japan, and artists such as Takashi Murakami have collaborated with the brand.
  • Initially, Jebbia was interested in men’s fashion, but the brand became more inclusive, and acknowledged the abilities of female skaters by including more unisex items.
  • The first Supreme store took $12,000 to open, and the brand became soon grew into a billion-dollar corporation.