Jake Harris Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jake Harris Net Worth, Age, Height

Jake Harris

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Oct 23, 1985
Age: 36 years old
Height: 6.5 feet (198cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: TV-personality
Instagram None
Last Updated: August, 2022

Jake Harris in 2022 has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He has managed to amass this net worth through being a reality TV personality, fisherman and author.

How Did Jake Harris Become Rich?

Jake Harris was born in the year 1985. His birth month is October and he was born on the twenty-third. He is currently thirty-five years old. His birthplace is Seattle, Washington. His parents are Phil Harris and Mary Harris. His father was a popular fisherman and his mother’s occupation is unknown. Jake Harris attended school but later dropped out to pursue a career in fishing like his father. After his parents split, Jake along with his brother remained in the custody of their father.

At the beginning of his career, Jake Harris began his career by becoming a bait boy for a fishing vessel. This vessel was called Cornelia Marie. After proving himself Jake then went on to be promoted to a crewmember. Jake, his father, and his brother all worked on the vessel together. His father was the captain of the ship for a while.

Jake Harris then began working as a TV-personality on a popular fishing show called Deadliest Catch. The show aired on a channel called discovery channel. It dove into the lives of fishermen and their daily jobs and trials. In this specific season with Jake Harris and his family, the show highlighted their fishing in the Bering Sea. This particular sea had become known for its turbulent waters and has sunk multiple ships within the history of the show. During the sinking about eight crew members from the various ships had lost their lives.

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Around this time his father had developed a drug addiction and had later suffered a pulmonary embolism. He died in February of 2010. The show he and his father appeared on went on to dedicate an episode to his father. This episode was titled Captain’s Death. After the filming of the episode, Jake Harris and his brother worked on different vessels. Jake Harris had gone on to become a crew member of a ship called the Northwestern. After a while, Jake and his brother decided to buy Cornelia Marie because of sentimental value.

Later on, the two brothers came together and wrote a published book that was titled Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary Crab Fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad. They wrote the book in the year 2012. After writing it Jake Harris made the decision to leave the show. Jake Harris on his brother went on to take over the coffee shop business from their late father. Under the management of the two brothers, the coffee shop had skyrocketed and later went on to be international.

After Jake left the show he had started getting into lots of trouble with the law. He had become addicted to drugs as well. There have even been rumors that he died. This was because Jake Harris was found stranded on a highway. He was beaten to the point where he had a broken skull. He has to be rushed into the emergency room and it was found out that he was bleeding internally. It had later been revealed that he was robbed of several thousands of dollars.

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Jake later agreed to help the police find the people that attacked him. They were arrested. It turned out to be a female he met in a casino along with a few of her friends.

After the whole fiasco, Jake Harris made a decision to sign himself up for a rehabilitation center. His brother had shared that he was trying to work on bettering himself and his life. The Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch is scheduled to have a new season soon and fans are anticipating Jake’s return however it is unknown whether he will be appearing in the show or not at this time.

What Is Jake Harris Net Worth?

Jake Harris’ net worth is two million dollars in 2022. He has garnered this net worth mainly for his career and fishing and being a television personality on the show Deadliest catch. His salary for fishing is estimated to be around fifteen thousand a month.

Other than his salaries from acting and fishing, he along with his brother own a coffee shop business. Their business is now an international one and as a result, makes lots of money. He co-owns a boat. He earns money from his book sale as well.

Jake Harris also owns a house and a car

How Jake Harris Spends His Money?

Jake Harris has many outlets for spending. He spends money on traveling and living accommodations. He also has invested money into his book and its publishing.  He spends a considerable amount on the running and upkeep of his and his brother’s coffee business.

As it is now international, it costs more money to manage the business and pay the workers. A lot of his money has also gone to paying bails as he has been arrested on several occasions. He spends money in casinos as he likes to gamble. He has also spent money on purchasing the boat that his father was a captain of.

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Jake Harris owns a home and car. His largest purchase to date has been his home.

Interesting Facts

  • Similar to his father, Jake Harris also suffered from drug addiction. This addiction began around his college days and he has even gone to prison once for processing a drug called Xanax along with crystal meth in the year 2017. He also had gotten into trouble for stealing a car while he was under the influence of drugs. Jake Harris has also been arrested several times for the possession of drugs. Finally, in 2019, he was sentenced to over one year of imprisonment. This was for driving under the influence and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute them. Fortunately Jake has managed to overcome his addiction and has been sober for a while now.