Jaden Hossler Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Jaden Hossler Net Worth, Age, Height

Jaden Hossler

Net Worth: $1 Million
Birthday: Feb 08, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (174cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: TikTok star, Singer
Instagram @jadenhossler
Last Updated: March, 2023

Jaden Hossler has a net worth of $1 million in 2023. By profession, he is a TikTok personality, songwriter, content creator, and singer. He makes pop-punk, rock, and emo rap music.

How Did Jaden Hossler Become Rich?

Jaden was born in 2001 and his full names are Jaden Isaiah Hossler. The name Jxdn is the stage name that most of his fans use. He was born and bred in Chattanooga Tennessee and was raised by both parents alongside his siblings. At the age of 14, he moved to Tennessee. Jaden went to Grace Baptist Academy when growing up. This was because he grew up in a Christian home and has largely spoken about the influence religion has had on him. Jaden describes his growing up as being filled with hate and hating everyone around him. However, his parents were supportive of any career path he chose.

During his high school days, he was performing in a lot of school plays. Jaden Hossler suffered from depression in his senior year in high school and used to play music from XXXTentacion and Juice Wrld to get better. Due to his depression, he has attempted to commit suicide 2 times in one year during his senior year. Jaden now lives in Los Angeles.

The first time Hossler became famous was through a video that went viral on TikTok in 2019. Millions of people began following him on this platform. He has worked with Griffin Johnson, Chase Hudson and Chase Keith who are fellow content creators This quick rise to fame saw Jaden being approached by Talent X and asked to be part of Sway House. Sway House is a group of content creators that is based in Los Angeles. He agreed to join the company and worked with them for a short period. He then left Sway House in 2020.

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After leaving that company he gained over 9 million followers. Jaden Hossler began his music career in 2020. His first debut was a single called Comatose. This single convinced Travis Barker to sign him at DTA Records jointly with Elektra Records.  Jaden also further released more songs like So what and Angels & Demons. Jaden’s journey through depression and suicidal thoughts made him release a song called Pray that would raise funds to prevent suicide. This was a way for him to spread awareness about mental health and depression. Jaden collaborated with various artists including Iann Dior, Blackbear and Lauv and then released Tonight, La Di Die, Drivers License, Better off Dead and an album called Tell Me About Tomorrow. Jaden released an album with eighteen songs called Think About Me. Jaden’s music is available on various platforms like YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify and Deezer.

Jaden’s career continued to rise he signed a co-publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music. Jaden is also an actor who was featured in Downfalls High. He made other appearances and performances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jaden’s work in the industry is not going without recognition as he was a nominee for the Social Star award. This was at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. He also received a nomination at the MTV Video Music Awards for Push Performance of the year. He has been put on a list of some of the popular TikTok stars.

What Is Jaden Hossler Net Worth?

Jaden Hossler net worth is $1 million. Jaden receives money from his music, doing tours and being a content creator. He has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram. Due to his large social media followers, he has a lot of advertising work for various brands and brand sponsorship. Jaden has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube, and he has uploaded more than 30 videos. His videos have over 160 000 000 views.

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Jaden makes approximately $300,000 from YouTube ads. Jaden also owns a brand or shop called Bryce Hall Shop that sells merchandise. He sells leggings, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, mugs, shirts, and posters. This shop makes money for him, and he plans to open another shop called Party Animal Shop. Jaden is also reported to receive an estimated $400 000 from TikTok

How Jaden Hossler Spends His Money?

Jaden Hossler spends money on a house that is shared with other social media successful people. He also spends money on bail that he paid after being arrested. He also spends money on buying the latest expensive clothes and brands.

Being a content creator Jaden loves going out to events and partying with friends where he spends large amounts of money.

Interesting Facts

  • Growing up he listened to pop and classic rock music.
  • In 2020 Jaden got arrested for owning drugs.
  • He is in a relationship with Nessa Barrett.
  • Jaden’s fans love his music a lot and have asked him to produce music on a full-time basis.
  • Jaden’s number one idol is Justin Bieber.
  • When Jaden started making videos for TikTok his main goal was to use the videos to be famous.
  • He describes his upbringing as lacking in forgiveness, grace and centred around judgment.
  • Jaden’s biggest pet peeve is people who respond with “I don’t know” when asked a question.
  • He has few tattoos on his body.
  • He says he records an average of five TikTok videos in one day.
  • Jaden played receiver position in football for Golden Eagles.
  • Jaden plays musical instruments.