HusKerrs Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

HusKerrs Net Worth, Age, Height

HusKerrs (Jordan Thomas)

Net Worth: $1 Million
Birthday: Oct 4, 1995
Age: 27 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Twitch Streamer, Youtuber
Instagram @huskerrs
Last Updated: June, 2023

HusKerrs, officially known as Jordan Thomas is a professional streamer, expert game player and one of the biggest American stars on the Twitch streaming platform. HusKerrs came into the limelight and grabbed the eye of people in general through his gaming recordings on Youtube and Twitch. As of 2023 he can boast of a net worth of over $1 million.

How Did HusKerrs Become Rich?

As his profession insinuates, HusKerrs is a millennial born on 4 October 1997 in St Louis Hospital, Missouri. He was also brought up in Missouri, in Kansas City.

He started out his journey to become one of the most successful gamers in the world with gaming being a hobby until it become something more and he started to earn from it.

HusKerrs’ climb to success was a not quick endeavor but stilled proved fruitful in the long run. He began his career all the way back in August 2012 when he started streaming Delta Force 2.0 gameplays on Twitch as a hobby. When he got tired of Delta Force 2.0, he quickly switched to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Before he become a full-fledged player, Jordan Thomas dabbled in H1Z1 Battle Royale during his time in college. After his first tournament, he started enjoyng H1Z1 Battle Royale and became a pro player in March 2017.

HusKerrs moved on from H1Z1 Battle Royale soon after college and jumped straight into Call of Duty: Blackout. He then created his own team which became known as “Sweetdreams”. He did this after becoming a member of Rogue’s team and eventually dropping out. Just a few short months after creating his team  “Sweetdreams”, HusKerrs foresaw that there was no hope for Call of Duty: Blackout and dumped it. In 2019 he took a liking to Apex Legends immediately after it was released and this was due to the fact that it had a lot of resemblance to Call of Duty: Blackout. This was when he became a full-time player.

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HusKerrs, along with his NRG teammate AverageJoeWo, snatched the lion’s part of the massive $210,000 prize pool by winning the Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown. The Twitch Rivals event offered a $100,000 prize pool as well. HusKerrs is believed to have taken home $15,000 from Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown Grand Finale. He celebrated his achievement by releasing a screenshot of the top five highest-earning Warzone players on social media. With total earnings of $102,883 he comfortably kept the top spot. Aydan Conrad came in second place with $63,854 in Warzone tournament money.

On 1 April, 2020, HusKerrs reached $100,000 in total prize money won with over $6,000 cash prize from his 1st place finish in the second week of Warzone Wednesday. Prize money from 31 tournaments got him to that point.

In the same month he stepped down after playing Apex Legends professionally for over a year to continue streaming Call of Duty content. HusKerrs is still one of the most famous stars on Twitch till date.

What Is HusKerrs Net Worth?

With his net worth a bit over $1 million, HusKerrs is not only living the dream but he is also is one of the richest gamers not only in the United States of America but in the world.

He makes his money off of subscriptions on Twitch, sponsorships, donations amongst other things. He also makes his money from his massive following on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

On Twitch, HusKerrs has about 8,300 subscribers and about 820k followers. This means that his minimum monthly earnings are about $21,000 per month. This figure excludes any extra income he may have received from selling merchandise, commercials, subscriptions from Twitch and YouTube, donations and many more.

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According to HusKerrs himself, he has received about $20,000 from his top ten donators alone. EsportEarnings reports that he has won over $110,000 USD from various tournaments. His gaming Twitch on Call of Duty earned him over $34,700 in 2021 alone.

How HusKerrs Spends His Money?

HusKerrs is not a big money spender. He does not lead an extravagant lifestyle where he buys cars, houses, yachts or things of that sort. He does however, enjoy spending his money on trips; he enjoys travelling and seeing the world. As a gamer, he also enjoys spending his money on the latest gaming devices, for example controllers, keyboards and headsets.

HusKerrs will organize his own Warzone competition, HusKerrs’ Howl, starting on October 30. The tournament will have a $300,000 prize pool. In HusKerrs’ Howl, 32 of the best streamers and professional gamers will compete, including Aydan and Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier. In a double-elimination format, the competition will be contested in duos.

Interesting Facts

  • HusKerrs is the only player inside Warzone’s top 10 highest earners who doesn’t use a controller.
  • According to his chat bot, Jordan Thomas got his nickname back in CoD: Modern Warfare 3 when his friend came up with a list of odd gamertags and one of them was HusKerrs, which he felt sounded cool.
  • HusKerrs knows how to cook.
  • He is single at the moment.
  • He doesn’t have a stable schedule but he streams for about 3-5 hours when he does stream.
  • HusKerrs is now rated amongst the top 600 in overall earnings (#553) and top 150 in overall earnings (#114) for players in the United States.
  • In the last 90 days, he has won a little over $62,000 in prize money from 15 tournaments.
  • HusKerrs has won the most money from a single tournament, which was about $25,800 at TwitchCon Europe Showdown on 13 April, 2019.
  • HusKerrs has come on 1st place in 23 tournaments, 2nd place in 13 tournaments and 3rd/Semis in 20 tournaments..