Hobo Johnson Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Hobo Johnson Net Worth, Age, Height

Hobo Johnson

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Birthday: Dec 22, 1994
Age: 27 years old
Height: 6.1 feet (185cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Frontman
Instagram @hobojohnson
Last Updated: August, 2022

Hobo Johnson (real name Frank Lopes Jr.) was born in the northern California, United States. He currently has a net worth of $0.5 million from his music career.

How Did Hobo Johnson Become Rich?

Hobo Johnson became rich from his music career. He has always done music since he was a teenager but the real success began in 2018 when his music went viral after participating in the Tiny Desk Contests. Hobo had been making music since 2015 but he finally started earning from it when he got famous in 2018.

In 2016 he was started by releasing live recordings on YouTube. During this time he was trying his hands-on music and the production was not good quality. However, during this year he managed to release his independent album “The Rise of Hobo Johnson”. This was the first version but in 2017 he released the second version of the album with different tracks. After releasing the second version of the album he was signed by Reprise Records.

After being signed by the record label Hobo Johnson became a well-known artist in the local Sacramento area. He also manage to receive four Sacramento Area Music Awards but he was not yet known elsewhere in the country.

He started a band Hobo Johnson and the Love Makers that became popular in the Tiny Desk Contest. They performed the song Peach Scone and it went viral on Facebook receiving millions of views in just a few weeks. This propelled the sale of his album and he started receiving country-wide recognition and fame.

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What Is Hobo Johnson Net Worth?

Hobo Johnson has a net worth of $0.5 million in 2022. He has made the money from his music and rapping career. This is a good amount of money considering that he has been making music for less than a decade. Hobo makes all his income from music although he does that from different avenues.

The first avenue for Hobo Johnson is the money he makes through album sales. He has released several albums and they are receiving good reception from fans from all over the world. His albums receives good sales when he first went viral in 2018.

Apart from the sale of albums, Hobo Johnson also makes money through the internet. He has a YouTube channel that has close to 1 million subscribers. His YouTube channel is estimated to have a net worth of $137,000. He makes thousands of dollars every year from his YouTube channel.

Hobo also makes money from his band. They have been going on tours include the Europe tour they did when they got famous. The money from music tours with his band adds to his net worth. He is also the leader of the band and this means that he makes extra money from the band for being the leader of the group.

On his websites, he has merchandise like jerseys and hoodies. The merchandise adds to his income because his fans purchase different items. He has different types of apparel that the fans can choose from on the website.

How Hobo Johnson Spends His Money?

Hobo Johnson loves cars. He drives a Subaru Crosstek. He loves the car for its off-road abilities. Hobo has been passionate about this car since he bought it. He even wrote a song about his Subaru Crosstek to express his love for his car. It is not known whether he owns or drives other cars but he has always talked about his Subaru even in his interviews. When he was homeless he used to sleep in his Corolla and even wrote a song about the 1994 corolla.

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Unlike other rappers, Hobo is not flashy. It is unlikely that he splurges or spends a lot of money. On his Instagram, you can see videos or pictures of himself in his apartment. His Instagram is more about his music and not necessarily about his personal life and how he spends money.

Interesting Facts

  • He is of Mexican-Portuguese-American descent and gained popularity for his vocals and rap talent.
  • He lived in his car as a teen. When he was a teenager he was kicked out of his home. He was forced to live in a Toyota Corolla car while working at a pizza place. Hobo says that this was a defining period in his life because this is when his creativity was born. He used to write a lot of music about life and relationships during this time.
  • He has not disclosed his love life or his girlfriend. However, in 2019 he posted a picture of a girl talking about love. He has not posted her picture again or talked about it again.
  • Hobo Johnson loves cars. This is a fact because he has made songs about the cars that he owns. He made a song about his first car 1994 corolla and even the car that he currently owns a Subaru. He also has merchandise on his website about the car that he currently owns.
  • Like any other musician, Hobo was caught up in controversy. He was accused of using the name Oak Park without licensing and also for cultural appropriation during the Black Lives Matter period. The controversy harm his music because it slowed down the album sales.
  • Hobo Johnson got his name Hobo from the circumstances he was living in when starting his music. In the beginning, he had difficult circumstances that made him homeless moving from one place to another. That is now he got the name Hobo from his lifestyle.