Haitian Jack Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Haitian Jack Net Worth, Age, Height

Haitian Jack

Net Worth: $1,5 Million
Birthday: Unknown
Age: In his 50s
Height: Unknown
Birthplace: Haiti
Occupation: Song Producer, Promoter
Instagram none
Last Updated: August, 2022

Haitian Jack is a 50 years old Haitian song producer, music executive producer, club performer, backup dancer, hip-hop singer and brands promoter. As of the recent report of August, 2022, he has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Jacques Agnant is well known for his stage nickname Haitian Jack and for his working with popular music artists including The Notorious B.I.G, Wyclef Jean and Tupac Shakur. He has made several TV Shows and live music concerts throughout western countries and released solo music albums, rap songs and mixtapes. Currently, he is featuring in the FX documentaries series Hip Hop Uncovered.

Let’s have a look into his career that how he became a rap star and has been able to establish such an extensive net worth.

How Did Haitian Jack Become Rich?

Haitian Jack was an immersed person at an early age but eventually, in the middle of the 90s, he became a club promoter. He started his career as a rap singer and made his debut with famous rap and solo artist Wyclef Jean. All of his tracks received positive reviews and were considered a hit rap album. The album also helped him to create a fan base for him and he started getting recognition in the rap and hip hop industry.

In the starting days of his career, he met with famous rap singer Tupac Shakur, who is well famous by his stage name 2pac, and made a strong bond of friendship with him. Both of them started to work with each other and released their first collaborative rap tracks 2Pacalypse in 1991. This became a superhit, ranked at the near to top in the most-watched albums of the 90s. Two years later he producer another Tupac Shakur’s album called Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.  Alike to his debut, his 2nd mixtape was on the top list and helped him to boost both his worth and in creating a fan base.

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In 2000, He was among the new rap singers who got a chance to share a live music concert stage with the legend Madonna. His professional career touched its peak after performing with Madonna and he started getting invitations in the music albums as a guest appearance. This was the time when he got recognition across the world and his professional career turned into the next level of success.

Around the time, featuring as a high-paid guest appearance in the music albums, live concerts and TV Shows, he was hired by the CEO of the rap label Undeas Recordings as an executive to the director and later he became the music executive producer in the same rap label recording company.

Nonetheless, he has been charged for different unlawful acts and later deported from the USA. Despite these trials and tribulations, he made a good comeback and got featured in the popular FX documentary Hip Hop Uncovered.

What Is Haitian Jack Net Worth?

As of the recent report of August, 2022, Haitian Jack has a net worth of $1.5 million.

He has been able to establish such a handsome net worth by his professional career as a rap singer and song producer. He has produced several musical albums, mixtapes and songs, which have been receiving positive reviews throughout the world and became super hits. All the albums and songs touched their peak of success and helped him to generate such a greater net worth. Over 13,000 copies of his albums are sold out to date, and he has earned an estimated wealth of $70,000 from these songs and albums.

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In addition, he is an authoritative executive song producer and has worked with different rap label music recording studios, such as Undeas Recordings. He produced and directed many rap songs and got a high salary for that, which assisted him to made such a huge wealth. He earned an estimated worth of $30,000 from being a rap song producer.

Along with these, he performed in many live musical concerts, TV Shows, documentary series and made guest appearances in music albums. He got high paid for that which ultimately enabled him to amass massive income. He has reportedly generated a net worth of $200,000 from these live concerts and TV shows.

How Haitian Jack Spends His Money?

In the present, Jack is living with his family in a luxurious and deluxe house in Haiti. The house, in which he is living has an estimated cost of $60,000.

In practical life, he always gives priority to his family and spends his free time with his family. He does like to adventure, travel, vlogging and reading biographies.

He has a hobby of spending on sports cars and wild jeeps and has made a good collection of vehicles in his carport. He owns a 2021 Jeep Wrangler, 2021 Hyundai Tucson and Honda CR-V. personally, he likes to drive a 2020 Ford Bronco, which has an estimated cost of $28,500.

Interesting Facts

  • Haitian Jack was arrested for selling drugs during the crack epidemic in the 1990s.
  • His real name is Jacques Agnant and he is popular for his nickname Haitian Jack.
  • While making the song Against All Odds at a Quad Recording Studio in 1994, he was accused of the murder of his own best friend and famous rap singer Tupac Shakur but he denied the allegations.
  • In 2004, he was again arrested as convicted of a shooting in a Los Angeles nightclub.
  • Later he was found guilty for the unlawful act in the Los Angeles nightclub which led him to prison.
  • In 2007, he was being sent out to the country as a deported person.