Greg Gutfeld Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Greg Gutfeld Net Worth, Age, Height

Greg Gutfeld

Net Worth: $13 Million
Birthday: Sep 12, 1964
Age: 58 years old
Height: 5.4 feet (165cm)
Birthplace: United States
Occupation: TV-personality, Producer, Political commentator, Journalist
Instagram @realgreggutfeld
Last Updated: June, 2023

Greg Gutfeld (full name Gregory John Gutfeld) is hard-working, self-made millionaire. You might know him from Fox News Five, Red Eye or his latest show called Gutfeld!. It can be said that he has amassed a net worth of around $13 million in his career. How did he do it?

How Did Greg Gutfeld Become Rich?

The well-known commentator, producer, television talk show host and author was born in 1964 in a normal Californian neighborhood. He grew up as an only child to his parents Jacqueline Bernice Gutfeld and Alfred Gutfeld. His parents are of mixed Irish, German and Jewish descent.

From a young age, Greg knew exactly what he wanted from life and stopped at nothing to get it done. Gutfeld attended Junipero High School, and from an early age decided that he wanted to be a journalist. Later he started his tertiary education at Berkley University and received his degree in English in the year 1987.

After he graduated he started his internship at the American Spectator magazine as an assistant. Following this, he continued to work as a staff writer for the Prevention magazine, later he obtained a position at Men’s Health magazine as staff writer in 1995. He worked hard and kept his head down, did what was expected from him, and had the opportunity to be promoted to editor-in-chief in 1999.

In 2002 he was the editor-in-chief for Stuff magazine where he worked for almost two years before he got fired for the publicity stunt he pulled. Keep reading, I’ll tell you about it. He continued working as an editor for Maxim magazine from 2004 to 2006 where his employment contract eventually expired without renewal. Greg also contributed posts to the Huffington post from its birth in 2005 till 2008.

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Clearly, he was not busy enough and just had to get another job in 2007 as a host on the Fox News late-night talk show, Red Eye. Gutfeld continued his tenure on the Red Eye talk show from 2007 until he was succeeded by Tom Shillue and left the program in 2015. Still at Fox News, Gutfeld started the late-night talk show with Fox News boasting his own name: “The Greg Gutfeld Show”.

What Is Greg Gutfeld Net Worth?

After over 30 years in the field, there is no doubt that Mr. Gutfeld has hit the jackpot with his Fox News contract, raking him in a whopping $7 Million yearly salary. Besides this, he is also an author and has written around ten of his own books. Taking into consideration all the aforementioned information, his $7 million salary, and royalties from his books, it’s easily assumed that Greg Gutfeld most likely makes around eight to ten million dollars per year. His total net worth in 2023 is around 13 million USD.

Greg is a die-hard libertarian and is extremely outspoken, he gives absolutely zero F’cks when it comes to your feelings and went on to create his own kind of Twitter called “The Gutter”. Here, he and the ‘supporters’ of his website can post whatever they want without having to worry about censorship or offended Karens. You can be part of this website too, for the low price of $77 per year. Mr. Gutfeld seems to have his fingers in a lot of money pies and is seemingly super reluctant in sharing the personal details of his life unless you want to pay $77 of course.

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Greg Gutfeld Famous Controversies

As a young boy, he was introduced to the Catholic Church by his parents and served as an Altar boy. Greg grew up and decided to denounce the Catholic church to be an Agnostic Atheist. Although he does not agree with religion he still recognizes the good that religion has brought to the world.

Greg used to title himself a Conservative during his time at Berkeley where he was surrounded by Liberals. As he went through life he realized he is actually a Libertarian, he just doesn’t agree with all of it. His willingness to say what he thinks has landed him in some trouble more than once.

During a segment on his show the Red Eye, he brought up a statement that the Canadian lieutenant general made about the Canadian military needing a one-year break after their services in Afghanistan ends. Greg continued to display insincerity by calling Canada a ridiculous country and mocking their intentions for the break, he apologized and suggested that he did not mean to be insincere. Following the death of 4 Canadian Soldiers in the line of duty, the general demanded that Greg issue an apology statement to the country and families of the fallen.

Here is what happened with the dwarfs. Gutfeld hired 3 dwarfs to crash the Magazine Publishers of America’s buzz seminar. The trio walked into a room filled with editors and publishers and continued to chew potato chips as loud as possible, they also had their cellphone ringers set to loud. Luckily the charade only lasted fifteen minutes before they were escorted by security.

How Greg Gutfeld Spends His Money?

Greg Gutfeld lives in New York in his mansion that was built in 2002. Not much information available on his expenditures, but it is estimated that he spends from $700,000 to $1 million each year.

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He also has a house in Connecticut.

Interesting Facts

  • Greg Gutfeld has been married for almost 20 years to former Russian model, Elena Moussa. The pair met in Russia and married only 5 months after dating.
  • In 2011 he was speaking to developers and investors about building an Islam-friendly gay bar two blocks away from the planned ‘Ground-zero Mosque’.
  • The Mosque was going to be built in an effort to improve the inter-faith relationships after the 911 attack. Greg said that the Islam gay bar would hold that same vision. Needless to say, neither the mosque nor the bar was actually built, more plans were made for the Islam center, new ideas were presented but nothing came of it.
  • Today, Gutfeld still works for Fox News and has since revamped his late-night talk show, it’s now called Gutfeld!. You can watch his comedy-packed show on Fox.
  • Greg Gutfeld isn’t gay although some people still assume he is.
  • Nobody knows real names of Greg Gutfeld kids.