Gordon Ramsay Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth, Age, Height

Gordon James Ramsay

Net Worth: $100 Million
Birthday: Nov 08, 1966
Age: 56 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (188cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: chef, restaurateur, writer, TV-personality
Instagram @gordongram
Last Updated: June, 2023

Gordon James Ramsay isn’t just a regular restaurateur and chef famous for his television programs, cookbooks or restaurants! This 56 years old Scottish chef is said to have a net worth of $100 million. And, as any other millionaire out there, he’s got a success story to share. Likewise, we too have got much to tell about that and some accompanying facts when it comes to this MasterChef producer and judge. So, stay on this page till you finish reading the last line to know more about Gordon Ramsay success story and net worth!

How Did Gordon Ramsay Become Rich?

Gordon Ramsey was born in Johnston, Scotland to middle income family of Gordon James Sr. and Helen Ramsay. His father worked as a manager at a swimming pool and also owned a shop. At a nine years old his family moved to Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Gordon Ramsay’s story of success is somewhat different from a couple of other mainstream millionaires, for it wasn’t cooking which he dreamt of mastering in and earning from right from the start. He dreamt more of becoming a footballer, but had to work as a pot washer in a local Indian restaurant to make some money since his father neglected the family.

At the age of 12, he was selected to play football for the ‘Rangers F.C.‘ based in Glasgow. Prior to this he’d also played some non-league games as part of trials to secure such a position. However, it was a knee injury that came in his way so Gordon Ramsay had to put an end to this career path.

So by moving ahead in life, Ramsay decided to explore another interest by completing a diploma in hotel management from the North Oxfordshire Technical College in 1987. In the 80s he also Gordon also worked as a chef at the Wroxton House Hotel getting the necessary experience and some money. Then, after having relocated to London, he polished his culinary skills under two prominent chefs namely Marco Pierre White (the first and the youngest chef of British origin to have received three Michelin stars at the age of 32) at Harveys restaurant and Albert Henri Roux (a celebrity chef famous for introducing French cuisine to England, especially London) at Le Gavroche in Mayfair area. At Le Gavroche he met Jean-Claude Breton which in the future will become his head waiter at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

After working at London’s restaurants, Gordon Ramsey decided to broaden his horizons in French cuisine. To do this he moved to Paris and started preparing classical French food under the supervision of Guy Savoy (a MasterChef who owns famous restaurants in Paris and Las Vegas), and Joel Robuchon (a French MasterChef influenced by Japanese cuisine and awarded with 32 Michelin Guide Stars in 2016). He worked in France for three years and returned to London in 1993.

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The next phase in Gordon’s life had to do with implementing upon what he’d learned in the recent past. So, to step practically into the world of culinary arts, he returned to London and started working as a head chef at La Tante Claire restaurant in 1993. There he met Marco Pierre White once again which offered him position as a head chef at Aubergine restaurant and additional 10% in shares. This was a real deal for Gordon Ramsay so he took it without a doubt.

After five years, Gordon Ramsay had enough cash and experience to open up his own restaurant called Ramsay Gordon Restaurant. Additional investments were provided by his former colleagues at Aubergine and Chris Hutcheson, his father-in-law. And within three years’ time following its opening the restaurant received three Michelin stars along with being popularized as one of the best food places in the world.

His first restaurant was extremely successful financially and that allowed him to shortly open another restaurant in London called Pétrus. Next in line was Amaryllis, opened in 2001 in Glasgow and Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s in London once again.

But that’s not where he ended his journey by sitting and enjoying the revenue which was coming from his UK-based restaurants; rather he went on to open up similar places across the world. And as part of his next business strategy he extended his work on an international level by targeting places like United Arab Emirates (Dubai), USA (New York City), Canada (Montreal), Japan, Australia and South Africa.

With time, Ramsay also established a television persona which made him earn the extra money as a celebrity. In 2004, he launched a famous British television series called ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’ which was all about helping under-rated restaurants turn into profitable businesses. ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ also happened to be another show through which he aimed at assisting budding restaurateurs to turn into their bests. In 2007 America also launched their versions of both TV shows and Ramsay again couldn’t miss being part of those. Up until 2017 he further continued to maintain his presence in popular TV shows focused on food preparation.

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Gordon Ramsay has also authored a several book. Among them ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Passion for Flavor‘, being the oldest one in line, came about in 1996. ‘Playing with Fire‘, ‘Cooking for Friends‘, ‘Ramsay in 10′,Gordon Ramsay Quick and Delicious‘ and ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy, Lean & Fit: Mouthwatering Recipes to Fuel You for Life‘ are names of some of his popular written works.

The most popular video on his YouTube channel

What Is Gordon Ramsay Net Worth?

Gordon Ramsay net worth was estimated by Forbes around $70 million in 2020. In 2023 his net worth increased to $100 million. Most of his wealth comes from restaurant business.

The Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited was established in 1997 by Gordon Ramsay and his father-in-law Chris Hutcheson. It incorporated restaurants owned by the chef all around the world. In 2007 he owned a 69% stake in the company valued at $91 million.

In 2023 the Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited is subsidiary to the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Limited (established in 2010) valued over $100 million with Gordon Ramsay owning 85.4% of the shares. His wife Cayetana Ramsay owns 14.6% respectively. Directors are Gordon Ramsay and Andrew Wenlock.

In 2020 the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Limited reported annual sales of 47 million USD and the company valued at $95 million. There is no information on revenue from 2021.

The Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Limited is also a parent company to Union Street Cafe Limited and Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Limited. The latter manages international restaurants owned by Gordon Ramsay.

In 2019 Gordon Ramsay received $100 million from Lion Capital LLP to open 100 more restaurants all over the world by 2024.

TV-shows also bring money for the famous chef. He’s been reported as earning $225,000 per episode from ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ alone.

Books bring additional income for the Mr. Ramsay but compared with the restaurant business these are peanuts.

Recently Gordon Ramsay has partnered with WWRD Holdings Limited that makes porcelain and crystals. In 2021 he also launched his personal brand of California wines. They are produced at Seabold Cellars in Monterey, and the crucial help is provided by International Wine Expert Nick Dumergue and Master Sommelier Chris Miller.

In September 2021 Gordon Ramsay has opened his cookery school in Woking, Surrey called The Gordon Ramsay Academy.

In 2023 and the following years Gordon Ramsay net worth will continue to grow.

How Gordon Ramsay Spends His Money?

Currently Gordon Ramsay owns 3 homes: in Cornwall, London and Los Angeles. The mega-mansion in Cornwall valued at $8 million was bought recently.

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He also owns a huge collection of luxurious cars ranging from a reported number between 11-26, 13 of which are Ferraris. The car collection includes Ferrari F355 GTS, Aston Martin DB7 V12 Vantage, Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren 675LT, Land Rover Defender 110 and others totaling over 5 million in value.

Apart from houses, restaurants and cars Gordon Ramsay is known to spend money on fitness (he competed in the Ironman World Championship two times) and his kids

Interesting Facts

  • Gordon Ramsay married in 1996 to Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay. Together they have 5 kids: Megan (born in 1998), Holly (1999), Jack (1999), Matilda (2001), and Oscar (2019). Among them Matilda (Tilly) is the most famous as she is a TV-presenter and chef herself.
  • He has an older sister and younger brother. In 2007 his brother was jailed in Bali for heroin possession.
  • In 2004, Gordon Ramsay was recognized as one of the most influential chefs in the UK through his growing popularity on a British TV series known as ‘Boiling Point‘.
  • Many people like to compare Gordon Ramsay net worth to Jamie Oliver’s and the latter is the winner: his net worth is about 300 million USD compared to $70 million Ramsay’s.
  • In the 18th episode of MasterChef season 3, Ramsay claimed himself to be a mentee of Guy Savoy.
  • He decided to move to France for culinary training primarily because of the harsh learning environment he had to face in London.
  • Ramsay believes everyone should be able to cook 5 recipes, including a great burger, a good breakfast, a braising dish, a chicken dish, and finally a good cake.
  • Gordon James Ramsay is very popular on TikTok: currently he has over 30 million followers.
  • He said in an interview to the Telegraph that he isn’t planning on leaving his fortune to the kids to not spoil them.
  • Gordon Ramsay is fluent in French language.