Gillie Da Kid Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth, Age, Height

Gillie Da Kid

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Jul 31, 1984
Age: 38 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter
Instagram @gillie_da_king
Last Updated: December, 2022

Gillie Da Kid as of 2022 has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars. He is a rapper and songwriter who has written for popular artists in the music industry.

How Did Gillie Da Kid Become Rich?

Nasi Fard better known as Gillie Da Kid was born in 1984. His birth month is July and he was born on the 31st. His birth place is Philadelphia. He is currently 38 years old. There is little to no information about his parents available. Gillie has one sibling that is a sister.

Growing up Gillie was interested in rap and hip hop music. He knew someday he would pursue a career within the music industry. Soon he began rapping in a group called Major Figgas. The group included seven people. They produced several records and mixtapes independently. They were gaining more attention and was soon popular among the locals. The group was later on signed by a record label company called Suave House Records. Unfortunately, Suave House lost their deal with Universal and as a result the deal with Major Figgas ended.

Following this, Gillie Da Kid found that in his best interest to go solo. He left Major Fiigas and started releasing a series of mixtapes. The mixtapes were called King of Philly. Not long after, he released his first studio album titled Welcome To Gillidelphia. At the time he was working hard on trying to be picked up by another label company. Luckily for Gillie his skills and popularity helped him to find several other labels willing to sign him. Some of those labels were very well known at the time. They included Roc-A-Fella and Warner Bros. Gillie however took his time before he made a decision to sign to one.

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Around that time Gillie had also come into contact with the CEO of Cash Money at a concert backstage. This took place in Philadelphia. The CEO whose name was Bryan at the time was impressed with Gillie Da Kid’s track record and within the span of a week signed him to their label. Gillie was given a deal with the New Orleans label Cash Money which was very popular at the time.

Once Gillie was settled in there, he put his writing skills to use. He wrote for several of the artists there, with one of the most known being the rapper Lil Wayne. In a short time, Gillie was ready to move on and create his own record label company. He had never gotten the chance to produce a solo record while at Cash Money. He planned to make and produce music under his own label that he would name Figgas 4 Life Entertainment. It was speculated at the time that Gillie left the label because of a dispute over money.

After Gillie left Cash Money he was still on good terms with Lil Wayne and the two had no bad blood. Seemingly out of nowhere for Gillie, in the year 2006, Lil Wayne created a diss track about him. After this Gillie began telling his side of the story and the media and press swarmed him. This even gave the artist new opportunities as some DJ’s began trying to get in contact with him relating to making new music. After the scandal died down Gillie went on to sign with a label called Babygrande Records. In March of 2008, Gillie Da Kid released a song called Get Down on da Ground.

It gained popularity and went on to be covered by rapper Soulja Boy. He named his version Get Down. Gillie was soon involved with yet another feud with Soulja Boy. It started with Gillie making jabs toward the rapper about being spotted with fake money. Soulja did not take kindly to the jabs and claimed that he slapped Gillie Da Kid to which Gille denied. The two went back and forth with each other on social media for a while and eventually dropped it.

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Since then Gillie has been focusing on his career. Some of his recent projects are singles like Gangsta. Gillie has also created a weekly podcast on YouTube. The channel’s name is Million Dollaz Worth Of Game and it has over five hundred thousand subscribers. They also have an Instagram where they post clips as well.

What Is Gillie Da Kid Net Worth?

Gillie Da Kid’s net worth is two million dollars. Of this amount, the majority comes from his music. He earns money from his albums and singles. He also earns money from any live performance he does. He writes for other artists and gets paid as well. He earns money from any brand deal or endorsement he gets. Gillie Da Kid has a YouTube channel that he makes money from through views and ads. Finally, Gillie Da Kid owns a home and a car.

How Gillie Da Kid Spends His Money?

Gillie Da Kid mostly spends money on himself. He buys clothes and jewelry to wear. He spends money on travel and living accommodations. He has also bought a home and a car.

Interesting Facts

  • Gillie Da Kid had been in the national spotlight in the year 2006. There was a controversy that Gillie clashed with Cash Money and Lil Wayne after he made a claim to have ghostwritten for him. It was alleged that Lil Wayne and Cash Money did not like the fact that Gillie exposed this private information and that it was part of the reason he ended up having problems with them until he chose to leave.
  • Gillie Da Kid was arrested after a drug bust by the FBI in the year 2007. He pleaded innocent and the charges were later dropped.
  • Gillie Da Kid has revealed that he has two kids.
  • Gillie Da Kid is currently not married however he is in a serious relationship with a makeup artist named Regina.