Georges St-Pierre Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Georges St-Pierre Net Worth, Age, Height

Georges St-Pierre

Net Worth: $30 Million
Birthday: May 19, 1981
Age: 41 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (178cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Former MMA Fighter, Actor
Instagram @georgesstpierre
Last Updated: March, 2023

Georges St-Pierre, one of the greatest fighters in history was born on 19th May 1981. He is known for being mixed martial arts fighter that has won two Ultimate Fighting Championships. Growing up, sports were a big part of his life. He grew up doing karate, skating, and also playing hockey. By the time he was 16, he was already doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and wrestling. He is currently retired but has a net worth of $30 million. Georges St-Pierre has accumulated this money from martial arts and also his career in film industry.

How Did Georges St-Pierre Become Rich?

Georges St-Pierre became rich from martial arts. He began his professional career in 2001 although he had been doing martial arts since he was a kid. The journey to becoming rich was not all sunshine and rainbows. His karate teacher died and this pushed him to try out other martial arts like wrestling. Since these sports needed some money, he was working part-time as a garbage collector to fund the his sport career.

He got his breakthrough when he was 20 and became a professional fighter. In 2001, GSP began his career with a win and was able to beat Karo Parisyan. This was a big deal for him because it introduced him to the world and he gained the trust of fans. In 2004, he lost Matt Hughes at the Welterweight Championships through submission. However, he did not lose hope and he got another shot in 2006 after a knee injury. During this time he beat Matt Hughes and now gained global dominance.

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GSP has been professional until 2013. He has proven to be a successful fighter and he has defended his title for nine years. Georges St-Pierre retired after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Apart from his sporting career, he has also featured in several films. He was featured in the Never Surrender, Death Warrior and Captain America.

Georges St-Pierre officially announced his retirement at a press conference in February 2019.

What Is Georges St-Pierre Net Worth?

Georges St-Pierre has a net worth of over $30 million in 2023. He made this money from the fights he won, endorsements and movies. Even after retirement, GSP continues to make money from the different activities he is involved in. He is a global celebrity so he can work with brands and make money.

It is estimated that GSP made $3 million per fight as his salary. He has so far done 28 matches and out of all the matches, he was won 26 of them. Georges St-Pierre also made money from every match that he won.

Being a global celebrity, GSP also makes money from brand endorsement. Over the years, he has been the brand ambassador or endorsed different brands such as NOS energy drink owned by Coca-Cola, Hayabusa, 888 pokers, Electronic Arts, Under Armour Reebok,Bacardi, Budweiser.

He also makes money from movies because so far he has featured in three popular movies. Recently, he is also hired as a commentator for sports and this brings more money increasing his net worth.

How Georges St-Pierre Spends His Money?

Georges St-Pierre is a millionaire and lives a luxurious lifestyle. One of the luxurious properties that he owns is his house in Montreal. The $4 million houses has everything luxurious from the bathrooms to the kitchens and a massive swimming pool. Apart from his house, he also loves driving luxury cars. Some of the cars that he owns include a Range Rover and a Lamborghini. He also bought two cars from Toyota for his parents both worth over $40,000.

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GSP spends money on his family. Once he became rich he helped his parents to clear their debt. He spends over $50,000 paying his parent’s debt although they were hesitant about it. According to Georges St-Pierre, this was a big way to thank his parents and he felt honored to do it.

He gives a lot of money to the community. Over the years, he has been involved in different charities like the GSP Foundation, anti-bullying campaigns and Covid-19 relief.

Interesting Facts

  • He faced bullying as a child when growing up. GSP was a French-speaking Canadian so he was constantly bullied at school. The bullying is part of the reason why he decided to join karate. Today, he promotes an anti-bullying campaign that is inspired by his childhood.
  • GSP has admitted to being suffering from ulcerative colitis and OCD. He says that the ulcerative colitis could be from the stress of his career or probably genetic. This was part of the reasons why he decided to retire from martial arts. He also says that his OCD was bad for his mental health when he was playing in the cage.
  • Georges St-Pierre has never been married. However, he has his long-term girlfriend Divine Kirezy and they have been together in relationship for years. It is rumored that they have a two-year-old son together but neither of them has confirmed the rumors.
  • GSP has only faced two losses in his entire career. Considering that he has been in his career for 15 years that is pretty good. He has played 28 matches over the years and he has won 26 of them. These wins make him one of the most celebrated martial arts fighters.