Freddie Gibbs Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Freddie Gibbs Net Worth, Age, Height

Freddie Gibbs

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jun 14, 1982
Age: 40 years old
Height: 6.4 feet (195cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram None
Last Updated: July, 2022

Freddie Gibbs as of 2022 has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars. The American rapper’s career in the music industry is the primary source of his net worth.

How Did Freddie Gibbs Become Rich?

Fredrick Jamel Tipton, better known by his stage name Freddie Gibbs was born on June 14, 1982. He was born in Gary, Indiana. He grew up on Virginia street. Freddy schooled in Indiana and later went on to Ball State University on a scholarship for American football. During his time in the University, he was expelled and later drafted into the military. Shortly after, he was discharged.

Gibbs lived a hard life in Indiana and as a result of failing to keep a nine to five job he resorted to pursuing a rap career. Freddy Gibbs was discovered at Gary Mall. There he met a local hip-hop producer by the name of Finger Roll. Soon Freddy found himself in Finger Rolls’s tram that was named ‘No Tamin Entertainment Crew’. Freddy Gibbs rapped about his real-life struggles and the problems urban youth face.

His career officially began in 2004. During this year he released his mixtape named ‘Metal Jackit’. The following year Freddie made a sequel to this mixtape. Freddie Gibbs was soon signed to Interscope Records where he would begin to work on his first studio album. He moved to LA to do so. Unfortunately later in 2006, Joe Weinberger – the man who had signed Freddie Gibbs – had left Interscope and Freddie was dropped from the label. Gibbs decided to move back to Atlanta where he was staying before L.A.

At the time he self-released his mixtapes until he was signed to a label record company named ‘CTE World’. In February 2011, Freddie Gibbs took to his website to announce that he and two other rappers had formed a group. The name of the two rappers were The Cool Kids and King Chip. The group’s name was Pulled Over by the Cops. In October of that year, Freddie released another mixtape called ‘Cold Day In Hell’. This mixtape featured artists like Young Jeezy, 2 Chains and Juicy J. The mixtape did well and went on to be in XXL appearing on the Freshman List Class of 2010.

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In September 2011, and June 2012 Freddie Gibbs along with producer Madlib released two extended plays. These were titled ‘Thuggin’ and ‘Shame’. This was a preview of the album that was coming up on which both parties collaborated. The album’s name was ‘Piñata’.

After ‘A Cold Day In Hell’ was released, Gibbs revealed to fans his next mixtape would be one named ‘Baby Faced Killa’. The mixtape was released to the public on September 25th, 2012. The songs on it featured popular names at the time like Pharell Williams, Currensy, Jay Rock, and Jadakiss. Track number two from the mixtape was featured on Grand Theft Auto which is a video game. In December of 2012, Gibbs announced that he had left the CTE label; which is also Young Jeezy’s label and clarified that there were no problems or ill intentions toward Young Jeezy.

In May 2013 he announced his next album would be released soon and its name was ‘ESGN’. The album was supposed to have been released on July 9, but following a leak, it was released weeks earlier on June 20th. On March 8, 2014, Piñata was released. This album received praise from music critics and even peaked on US Billboard 200 at number thirty-nine. It was number seven on the Us Top Rap Album charts. On July 1, 2014, Gibbs worked with ASAP Ferg and Young Thug to bring the fans a track called ‘Old English’. The song had been produced by Salva and Nick hook and was certified Gold by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). It was certified on July 23, 2020. The track had sold over 500,000 units. In October of 2014, Gibbs and Madlib collaborated again to make another mixtape that was titled ‘Knicks‘. In November of 2015, Gibbs had released another studio album called ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’. Before this, he released an Ep with three tracks as a teaser.

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Madlibs announced in 2016 that he and Freddie Gibbs would collaborate once more to produce their second studio album. This album would be called ‘Montana’. After the release of this album, Freddie Gibbs went on a hiatus from music for months. When he came back on March 31, 2017, he released a third called ‘You Only Live 2wice’. There was one single on the album and it had its own music video that was directed by Rric Nelson.

Following this album, Freddie Gibbs released the fourth one in June of 2018. He didn’t make any announcements for this album. In 2019 Freddie Gibbs released a single called ‘Flat Tummy Tea’. Later in 2020 Gibbs released another album with The Alchemist. The album was released on May 29 and was titled ‘Alfredo’. This album went on to be nominated for a Grammy in the category of ‘Best Rap Album’. Freddie was the first artist from Gary, Indiana to be nominated for a Grammy since 1995. In June 2020 Gibbs had been signed to a record label called ‘Warner Records’. There he released three singles. They were ‘Big Boss Rabbit’, ‘Gang Signs’, and ‘4 Thangs’. These singles featured artists like Big Sean and Schoolboy Q.

Freddie Gibbs has received lots of positive reviews from critics and has been heard on many famous games around the world like NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V. During Freddie’s rap career he has also made it a point to give back to the community. He has raised and given money to provide students in Indiana with school supplies and other necessities.

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What Is Freddie Gibbs Net Worth?

Gibbs’s 3 million net worth results from his successful rap career. He makes money from shows, tours, and albums. He reportedly makes 50,000 a show. Freddy is the owner of multiple cars and a large hilltop home in a gated community known for other celebrity homes.

How Freddie Gibbs Spends His Money?

Freddy Gibbs is one that loves to enjoy the benefits of his hard work. He has bought a home on a hilltop and has a fleet of cars in his garage. This fleet includes a Corvette and a 72 Impala. His home has a built-in studio. Freddie also likes to remain fit and spends money on a gym.

Interesting Facts

  • Freddie Gibbs is currently not married. He was engaged in 2015 but unfortunately, it was called off. He has two children; a daughter and a son. Their names are Irie and Freddy Jr.