Francois Lambert Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Francois Lambert Net Worth, Age, Height

Francois Lambert

Net Worth: $20 Million
Birthday: Feb 22, 1967
Age: 55 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (179cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur, Farmer
Last Updated: February, 2023

Francois lambert is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, farmer and recently a reality television star. He was born in Montreal, Canada in 1967 making him 55 years old in 2023. Lambert is an expert in finance and economics with a degree from the University of Quebec in Outaouais. His entrepreneurial spirit has seen him create and own more than 10 companies taking his net worth to 20 million dollars. He has been able to create a successful business in different fields making him a multi-talented investor.  Lambert makes money through his dozens of companies, books, farms and the conferences he speaks.

How Did Francois Lambert Become Rich?

Francois lambert’s rise to wealth started in 2000. He first started a speech recognition company that could do the same thing that Siri and Alexa are doing in the modern-day. However, that did not last very long and the company later bought a call center that had 3000 employees. The company ran well for a decade by Lambert eventually become rich when he sold the call center after 10 years

Over the years, Lambert has become rich due to diversification. He started with a call center and later moved to other diverse industries like starting Aheeva, the technology company that is present in 75 countries. Francois Lambert has over the years invested in other companies like nGuvu for mobilization and UNDZ for underwear. He also has some businesses in real estate. Lambert became rich because of his diversification and willingness to invest in different areas.

Since he currently owns many companies, he divides his time among them. He is not actively running any of the companies full time because he has now gone to investor status. Lambert spends a lot of time in Outaouais where he has a farm.

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What Is Francois Lambert Net Worth?

There have been speculations that the net worth of Lambert is about 20 million dollars including immovable assets. He has a portfolio of large companies that he owns either alone or with other partners. His net worth is calculated from the proceeds he makes from these companies and not the value of the companies.

His biggest addition to his net worth is the online store that he started in 2018. This online store has offered a great place where he can showcase his products as well as help other people in his community. The online site offers a variety of products from different people and it has been a success so far.

The net worth of Lambert is calculated based on the profits he makes from these companies and other side jobs that he does. Lambert also owns an online company start-up with his girlfriend Marilyn and this is likely to increase his net worth in the future. This is the most recent startup that Lambert has started in a short time and it looks promising.

After being in business for decades, Lambert is also an author of two books ‘To Take Or To Leave‘ and ‘Entrepreneurship is difficult. Point.‘ published and recently translated in English. He gets some income from the sale of these books to different parts of the world. Being an author, he also speaks at conferences for entrepreneurs and other events. He makes money from being an author and inspirational speaker. A lot of time he is also paid to speak to other entrepreneurs in different areas and fields.

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He is on his way to writing a third book that is going to be released soon. Unlike the other two books, with this new book, he will get help from his wife so readers will get a chance to read about his wife’s perspective.

Francois Lambert recently joined the big brother reality TV show and there are speculations that this is likely to be a money move to increase his net worth. The big brother show will help him propel his companies by pushing sales and giving him celebrity status.

He also does farming and owns a 600 acre where he grows corn, oat, and soya beans. On the farm, he also rears different animals continuously increasing his net worth. Lambert is an active farmer and he spends a lot of time in his farming business in Outaouais.

How Francois Lambert Spends His Money?

Francois lambert does not spare money when it comes to luxury. He owns a $14 million luxury apartment that is up for sale. The big mansion comes with a swimming pool and high-end interiors meaning that no money was spared for construction and decoration.

He also owns an orange Lamborghini that he has been photographed with several times. Lambert loves luxury cars and he owns other luxury vehicles like a BMW that he uses on regular occasions.

Lambert has made a huge investment on his own at Outaouais. It has well-manicured with lawns and a swimming pool and you can see the amount of luxury he has invested in making his home beautiful from his Instagram page. He has invested a lot of money in making his home beautiful.

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Interesting Facts

  • Francois Lambert is married to Marilyn Cantin who is a communication expert and model. His wife also helps him with his new e-commerce business. Together they have a four-year son who sometimes appears on his Instagram.
  • Lambert is a great sportsman. Apart from being a businessman, author and inspirational speaker. He is also a fitness and health enthusiast. Lambert loves to run for marathons and he has completed four marathons so far. He advocates for healthy living and lives a healthy lifestyle.
  • He was a runner-up in the big brother reality show. Lambert has now acquired celebrity status in the showbiz apart from being a voice only in the business and entrepreneurship world.
  • Lambert is a good speaker that uses humor and honesty to pass his message. Apart from being an inspirational speaker, he also gives participates in radio including the dragon in radio Canada.
  • Someone recently broke into his house in 2020 and stole personal items. The intruder was captured on CCTV footage that Lambert posted on social media in an attempt to capture them.