Faze Jev Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Faze Jev Net Worth, Age, Height

Faze Jev

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Oct 18, 1993
Age: 29 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @mrjeverson
Last Updated: March, 2023

Faze Jev as of 2023, has a net worth of over 5 million dollars. The young gamer has found most of his success through YouTube but has other sources of income that contribute to his large net worth.

How Did Faze Jev Become Rich?

Jason Eugene, better known as Faze Jev was born on October 18, 1993. He was born and raised in New Jersey. He is currently 29 years old. Faze Jev has three siblings. Growing up, he lived with his grandparents. He has kept information about his parents away from the public eye.

Faze Jev went to South Doyle High School where he played on the basketball team. As a child Faze loved playing video games as many boys did. He however knew he wanted to make something of it and have a career in gaming. That was when he had the idea of starting a YouTube channel. Back in 2009, he posted some of his first gaming videos under a YouTube channel named ‘pocketlWEWT’. The channel was not gaining popularity quickly and Faze continued working at his normal job until things started to look up for him.

It was in 2012 when Faze Jev uploaded a Modern War 3 gaming video with commentary, that he started to see a rise in his popularity. Many other gamers like him watched the video and enjoyed viewing another person’s strategy to hard levels. Following this, most of his videos became Call Of Duty related. He followed his last video and began making videos for tips and gaming strategies. Faze Jev became a sensation among the gaming community. His following on YouTube increased significantly.

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Faze Jev is mostly known for his ‘RAGETAGE’ videos. These are videos where he and his friend get together virtually to play games like Call Of Duty and Halo and get emotional while playing. The viewers find it hilarious when the gamer often screams and throws fits of rage when something goes wrong for them. He often thinks out loud to which his fans find relatable. He often makes compilations of his friends, himself, and other gamers and labels them ragetage.

His followers adore the videos. They love sending Faze Jev all types of gifts in his post office box. They’ve sent him such an overwhelming amount of things he even had videos just unboxing their gifts and showing appreciation. He keeps a collection of the best gifts in his home.

Another thing Faze Jev is known for in his YouTube videos is his sniping abilities. He has immense skill when it comes to shooting and his fans made sure to point out and praise him for it. They especially love to receive tips and tricks on shooting in games from Faze Jev. After noticing the trending gamer, a gaming group called Faze clan reached out to Faze. They play professionally and compete in tournaments and saw lots of potential in him to do the same. The group consists of Faze Apex, Faze Adapt, Nickmercs, Mongraal, Faze Sway and others.

In 2013, the group gave Faze Jev an official invite. While it wasn’t his intention to join any group, he did so anyway. He has stated that he is very grateful for Faze Clan and the opportunities it has provided him. He now plays games professionally which is something he never thought possible. FazeHouse has even offered Faze Jev to live in their house with other gamers-to which he opted out. He prefers being in his own space with his longtime girlfriend and their dog. Over the years Faze Jev has gained over four million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Some of which he has FazeHouse to thank for. His partnership with them helped his popularity to skyrocket and earned him more subscribers and views.

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Other than gaming, Faze Jev also has vlogs on his channel. In his vlogs, he talks about some of his life experiences and gets vulnerable with his fans. He encourages and motivates them, especially those who want to have a career in gaming as he has.

Although Faze Jev is undoubtedly one of the biggest gamers of today, he still chose to play his games in the same room he started in. It is only now that he has a new space because he bought a new home. Even so, he still made videos where he went back to his old home and room at his grandmother’s house. These videos were nostalgic for both him and his fans since the beginning.

In his short career, Faze Jev has made a large impact on the gaming community and established himself as a professional gamer who has been very successful.

What Is Faze Jev Net Worth?

Faze Jev has multiple sources of income. The majority of his funds stem from YouTube. He makes money off of ads and sponsorships. Two companies that sponsor his videos are Steelseries and GFuel. His ads make him thousands of dollars as he has a large following and attracts millions of people to watch his videos. He also earns money through affiliate sales and product sales. He owns a home and a car. Faze Jev also has a clothing line where he sells his YouTube merchandise.

Faze Jev total net worth is around $5 million.

How Faze Jev Spends His Money?

Faze Jev is not a flashy type of person. He chooses to invest his money back into himself and the things he needs rather than flaunt and squander them. He invests in equipment for gaming as well as YouTube. He has also bought a new home that he stated people would be a little underwhelmed with. He knew since he makes a lot people would expect him to buy a mansion but he prefers a regular house with a guest bedroom and an office space where he can make his videos. Faze Jev also bought an Audi car. His home is his most expensive purchase to date.

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Interesting Facts

  • He is of mixed ethnicity. He is part Indian, African Americana, and Puerto Rican.
  • He is currently not married. He has no children.
  • Faze Jev is widely known for his pink headsets. He wears them in every video.