Erik Prince Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Erik Prince Net Worth, Age, Height

Erik Prince

Net Worth: $2,5 Billion
Birthday: Jun 06, 1969
Age: 53 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Businessman
Instagram @erik_prin
Last Updated: March, 2023

Erik Prince’s net worth is over 2.5 billion dollars as of 2023. This stems from investments, business ventures income, and property whether it be movable or immovable.

How Did Erik Prince Become Rich?

Erik Prince was born in the year 1969 on the 6th of June. His birthplace is Holland, Michigan. He is currently 53 years old. Erik’s father is Edgar D. Prince and his mother is Elsa Broekhuizen. Both his parents are of Dutch heritage. Erik’s father was a businessman and engineer.

Erik Prince attended Holland Christian High School. In his youth Prince along with his father had the chance to tour the world together. They visited the German concentration camp Dachau, Berlin and other places. His mother has even stated that the trips made a lasting impression on her young son.

Later on in his life, Prince was accepted into the US Naval Academy.  He however only stayed for only three semesters before leaving. When he left he mentioned that he liked the Navy but not the school. He went on to attend Hillsdale College in 1992 where he graduated with a B.A in economics. While he attended the college Erik Prince had become a cold-water diver in the County Sheriff’s Department. In his spare time he also volunteered to be a firefighter. He later went on to become an EMT.

In the year 1990, Erik worked as an intern in the White House under President George H. W. Bush. In his short time there he mentioned that he saw lots of things he didn’t agree with and wished he could change. Shortly after his internship there he left to do the same for a California Congressman speechwriter. At the age of 21, Erik Prince volunteered to look for a mass grave in Nicaragua, in hopes of exposing killings that happened under a president. Later on, when interviewed about it he went on in detail to say that he did find a mass grave and explained what he saw there.

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Later down the road Prince did become a member of the Navy SEAL. Prince was a part of the team that was sent to Haiti, and the Balkans. He never forgets to credit the SEALS for their motivation and guidance in his entrepreneurial ventures. Prince left the U.S. Navy in 1995 after his father passed. Prince’s mother sold her late husband’s business for over 1 billion in cash. Erik then made the move to Virginia Beach where he went on to fund BlackWater USA in 1997. He bought over five thousand acres of land and used it to set up a school for operations. Shortly after it was functional there was a Rwandan genocide that Erik felt happened because of him starting Blackwater. He takes it hard and when asked about it in an interview he says that he feels it’s partly his fault and that sometimes we just have to act instead for something to happen first.

Since 1997, Blackwater has been awarded over 1.6 billion dollars from contracts. It has become one of the largest State Department private security companies. Since 2001, even the CIA has given over five hundred million to Blackwater and many of its affiliates in the form of contracts. Other administrations have awarded the company millions of dollars over the years as well.

Although Erik Prince was very proud of Blackwater and it’s accomplishments, he made the decision in 2009 to resign as CEO. He kept the position of chairman until the following year when he sold the company. It was sold to investors.

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In January 2011, Prince had found new work training a Somali force. The purpose of their training was for anti-piracy operations. Allegedly the operation was funded in collaboration between Arab countries and the United States. Information about the project was never confirmed or denied by Erick Prince. His spokesman has gone on to claim he had no financial role in it. Erik Prince has also served as an advisor to a Chinese investor that was based in Africa at the time. Erik had created a fund for this purpose. The fund contained millions of dollars.

Erik Prince also served in the CIA on the task force. He later had a dispute with them about his name being leaked. He was responsible for targeted killings on the task force. He argued that a director exposed his name because he shut down a CIA training operation back in 2009 for covertness.

Other than work, Prince is a devout giver to charity and loves helping others. He’s donated to orphanages, religious causes, etc. He has also made investments in several projects like an aviation company and an oil refinery. He is always finding a way to invest money which is why his net worth is ever-growing. Erick Prince has had a successful and busy lifestyle. Everywhere he goes someone speaks positively of him and his character but many don’t know of his work ethic. He has managed to diversify himself in business and created a name and legacy that makes his family proud.

What Is Erik Prince Net Worth?

There are many assets that contribute to Erick Prince’s large two and a half billion net worth. He had a bullion dollar organization that he sold. He earns money from his various jobs in the security area. He’s worked for the Navy. Erik Prince has also sold his late father’s company for a billion and owns property, cars and houses.

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How Erik Prince Spends His Money?

Erik Prince has spent a significant amount of money donating to charities and several organizations. He’s donated to Islamic causes and has built mosques at his organization. He has donated to orphanages and funded his own organization as well. He’s even funded a film called The Stoning Of Soraya. He’s bought acres of property, built a home, and owns a car as well.

Overall Erik Prince often gives back to his community and helps others. His biggest purchase to date however would be the land for his organization.

Interesting Facts

  • Erik Prince is a widower and has seven children.
  • His religion is Christianity under the branch of Roman Catholic.
  • His organization Blackwater has been linked to controversy. Back in 2007, Prince’s company had been accused of being responsible for the deaths of seventeen Iraqi civilians because there was a Blackwater private security detail that accompanied a series of US State Department vehicles to a meeting. They were supposed to meet in western Baghdad with the United States Agency for International Development.
  • In August 2021 he was accused of selling tickets for Afghani refugees that tried to flee the country after the Taliban takeover.