Eric Weinstein Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Eric Weinstein Net Worth, Age, Height

Eric Weinstein

Net Worth: $67 Million
Birthday: Oct 26, 1965
Age: 57 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Mathematician, Managing Director
Instagram @ericrweinstein
Last Updated: February, 2023

Eric Weinstein is a celebrity mathematician, economist, financial analyzer and cultural commentator. His net worth is 67,000,000 US dollars. He started to earn big from the beginning of his carrier as he was an extremely well-performing student. Both Eric and his wife contributed to his researches together to make it successful. Eric is researching so many mathematical and economic theories. Despite being extremely rich, his life is comparatively humble.

How Did Eric Weinstein Become Rich?

Eric Weinstein was born on 26th October of 1965. He was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Nothing about his mother nor father could be found. He has a sibling named Bret Weinstein.

Eric Weinstein earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. After that, he got admitted to Harvard University and in 1992, he completed his Ph.D. in mathematical physics. He is mainly known as a mathematician celebrity and an American cultural commentator. In the case of a lot of celebrities, they had to start from absolute zero. But this is not the case for the famous mathematician Eric Weinstein. He was a brilliant student and entered into his career as a mathematician as soon as he graduated from Harvard University.

Eric Weinstein career started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a mathematician in the and worked from 1993 to 1995. Here, he earned a total of 300,000 US dollars. After that, he left the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and joined the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He worked from 1995 to 2001 there and earned a total of 350,000 US dollars.

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After that, Eric Weinstein left the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2001 and joined AdKap LLC. as the head of research. This is where he started to get rich at a rapid speed. Eric Weinstein also was able to become a consultant-at-large and analyzed transparency problems that were involved with hedge funds with liquid exposure.

Eric Weinstein was also associated with the United States and the International Labor Office as an external collaborator during that time for two years. From these sources, he earned a significant amount of money. His total income from this timeframe was more than 5 million US. Dollars. After that Eric Weinstein joined Thiel Capital as the managing director. He is still working as the managing director of Thiel Capital and he earned a total of 10 million up until now. He also earned a total of 50 million US dollars from other sources such as his researches of different theories and his Intellectual Dark Web.

What Is Eric Weinstein Net Worth?

Eric Weinstein is an extremely rich person. His total net worth is 67,000,000. Let’s see how. Eric earned a total of 300,000 US dollars from his first institution and another 350,000 US dollars from his second institution. After Eric Weinstein started working professionally and doing multiple jobs at once, he was able to earn a total of 5 million US dollars which is huge. After becoming the managing director of Thiel Capital, Eric earned 10 million US dollars as of the latest report of 2023. But his exponential earning was from researches and his commentator website which is 50 million US dollars.

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Despite this much money, he does not have a vast amount of property. His current house in Los Angeles, California has worth 2 million US dollars. He has two cars. One for his personal use, another is for family use. They cost a total of 200,000 Us dollars. He also collects luxury watches. He has a total of 13 watches that costs 110,000 US dollars. Eric has a total liabilities of 1 million US dollars. So, his net worth is around 67,000,000 US dollars.

How Eric Weinstein Spends His Money?

Eric Weinstein has many places to spend his money. He has two children and along with his wife they want their children to be raised as them. They want their children to be economists and financial analyzers. So, Eric spends a lot of money on his children’s education and other family expenses.

Eric also spends a significant amount of money on his researches. Eric spent a percentage of his money to create his “Intellectual Dark Web” but also got multiple times more in return. Eric has a habit of collecting luxurious watches. So, he spent a lot of money to buy a total of 13 luxury watches. Eric spent some of his money to buy his two cars. It was also found that Eric spent a significant amount of money to buy his house situated in Los Angeles, California. But his expenditure is really low compared to the amount he earns. It is said that Eric saves most of his money in his bank accounts and uses them to do research and other personal usages.

Interesting Facts

  • Eric Weinstein is married to Pia Malaney. His wife is also an economist. They have two children. Eric is planning to raise them as economists and financial analyzers same as their parents.
  • Pia Malaney contributed so much to Eric Weinstein’s project Geometric Marginalism.
  • Eric Weinstein has a disability called Dyslexia. It causes a lot of problems for the learner to learn anything. As a result, during his childhood, it was hard for him to learn things. But later on, Eric proved that the disability can not hold him down and he posted on his Twitter that the people who diagnosed him were still living below average while he graduated from Ivy League.
  • Eric Weinstein’s eagerness to learn and beat his disability is one of the main reasons he is a successful and well-established person today.
  • Eric made the Intellectual Dark Web, where they can make comments and oppose things they find unfairly dominant within the Western countries. He made this because of the campus controversy after his brother left the Evergreen State College.