Doug Ford Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Doug Ford Net Worth, Age, Height

Doug Ford

Net Worth: $50 Million
Birthday: Nov 20, 1964
Age: 58 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (181cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Politician, Businessman
Instagram @fordnationdougford
Last Updated: March, 2023

Douglas Robert Ford Jr., also known as Doug Ford, is the current premier of Ontario, Canada. He is the 26th premier of the east-central province of the country which is home to almost 15 million people. With this huge population, it might be hard to stand out and be known but not for Mr. Ford. The businessman turned politician has been known throughout the region with his outstanding leadership at Deco Labels and Tags, a famous printing company, which had already generated much income for Doug Ford that it helped him reached a $50 million net worth in 2023.

How Did Doug Ford Become Rich?

Doug Ford was born on November 20, 1964, in Etobicoke, Ontario to Doug Ford Sr. and Ruth Diane Campbell. It was said that his grandparents were of English descent who had lived in England but migrated to Canada, and even before Doug’s existence, the Ford family is already influential for its businesses and close ties in the political arena which later influenced Ford to join the political arena.

In the early years of his youthful years, Doug Ford spent much of his time as a typical rich teenager from a powerful family. In 1962, his father co-founded Deco Labels and Tags, a label-printing and adhesive product, with Ted Herriott, and soon, it made massive contracts with tons of politicians around Ontario. With the fact that their business had been growing and has yet to flourish, it was natural for Ford to take part in their family business sometime after graduating from high school in 1982 at Scarlett Heights Collegiate Institute. However, because of their family’s relevance to politics, it was expected that Fords were likely to take an active position in the government.

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In 2002, Doug Ford became the company’s president. He led the company’s global success by expanding to the United States, specifically in Chicago and New Jersey. Throughout the years, he was able to handle and led the company to stability and prosperity which helped him build a good reputation as a businessman. Though everything was going well with his business, Ford was yet to make a turning point in 2010.

Rob, Ford’s eldest brother, ran as Toronto’s mayor and won in 2010. Ford became the city’s councilor under his brother’s leadership. It was recorded that his annual salary being a city councilor was over $100,000, but he pledged to donate this to the local community. After four years of leadership, his brother died due to cancer and passed away in 2016. His brother’s death paved the way for Ford to become the city’s mayor.

In 2018, Doug Ford was hailed as the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party’s leader, and he did not fail his members, for he led the party to the massive success of having 76 out of 124 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario even though he just led the party for less than a hundred days. In the same year, he was elected as the Premier of Ontario. He swore on June 29, 2018, at Queen’s Park lawn, and was the second newly elected member of the provincial parliament to be honored with this duty after Mitch Hepburn in 1934.

Though Ford became active in politics and is expectedly earning from his position, he still owns and generates income from Deco which is believed to earn over a hundred million dollars a year.

What Is Doug Ford Net Worth?

Ford’s net worth in 2023 is believed to be around $50 million. What is surprising is the fact that it jumped more than 15 times from his $3 million recorded net worth in 2019. During Covid-19 pandemic his net worth increased as well.

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A huge portion of his net worth is generated from being an owner of the Deco Labels and Tags which is recorded to have an income of over $100 million a year. In addition to this, Ford annually receives a salary of $210,000 per year as Ontario’s premier. Having these sources of income, Ford’s net worth ballooned to $50 million in 2023, but many believe that he cannot come out clean when it comes to his earnings.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the local government put tons of Covid-19 signages across Ontario and being an owner of a printing company, it was believed that Doug Ford took over this project for his company. This conflict of interest was intensified by the fact that Ford was found guilty of the same issue when he was a councilor.

Though the Ontario residents insist to know the truth, Doug Ford remains silent about this issue and his net worth.

How Doug Ford Spends His Money?

Being a public servant, there are little data about how Ford spends his money. However, his wealth mostly reflects on several properties he owns.

Ford’s home in central Etobicoke is estimated to be at around $1.7 million. At that price, it is safe to say that his house has huge yards and might also be home to several luxury cars since they are a common view on the roadways of the central district.

His fondness for luxury cars might be manifested in an alleged issue that Ford is facing because of a van that the provincial government is said to buy and customize for the premier. The van was alleged may be a customized Ford Transit or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that costs around $50,000. With items like a power reclining leather sofa bench and four swivel chairs and desks with television and mini-fridge, many people think that it is too luxurious just for the premier’s use.

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This is the basis of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, who is a lawyer, for filing an official investigation alongside other lawyers against Ford’s friend who is supposed will be the next OPP commissioner. Blair says that the premier asks the OPP to purchase the van and customize it according to his specifications without recording its actual total cost.

Interesting Facts

  • His brother, Rob Doug, was dubbed as the Crack Mayor after getting into a scandal of smoking crack in front of a video in 2013.
  • He is married to Karla Middlebrook and has four children who have all their names start with the letter K: Krista, Kaya, Kara, and Kya. Doug Ford and his wife live in a happy marriage.