Digga D Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Digga D Net Worth, Age, Height

Digga D

Net Worth: $400 Thousand
Birthday: Jun 29, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (176cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Rapper, Singer
Instagram @pyr3xliving
Last Updated: August, 2022

Digga D is a 22 years old British rapper known for the UK drill rap style. He was born in London and now lives in Ladbroke Grove, West London. Even at a young age, he is still considered the pioneer of UK drill rap. Digga’s rise to music has not been easy from the start. When he was starting he faced prison time for his controversial lyrics. His childhood was not also easy. In an interview, he says that he moved a lot with his family and this exposed him to different cultures. However, his role network stands at $400 thousand despite his young age and the challenges he has faced to become the successful musician that he is today.

How Did Digga D Become Rich?

Digga’s music career started in 2015. At this time he was part of a group called ‘Ladbroke Grove Drill‘. This group was making music casually and at that time it just seemed like a joke. However, they realized that their music was only known underground. They were creating a buzz but people were only listening to the music underground since there was a lot of censorship of the lyrics.

In 2017, the music group ‘1011‘ gained popularity on the internet. They even went viral and this is the time people started noticing the talent of Digga D. His flow was perfect and he was soon recognized as the leader of the UK drill rap style. The fame was short-lived because he was soon arrested for the gangster lyrics and the group was dismantled.

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After spending time in prison for one year, he came back to continue from where he stopped. He released a mixtape and this time UK drill music was now accepted commercially. Digga was fortunate to hit number 20 UK singles. This is where his success started. Being number 20 on the billboard was a big deal and he was now able to get global recognition.

He was also arrested in 2019 and later released in 2020. Since then he has released music singles including “Woi” that have received millions of views on YouTube. He is now a household name in the UK drill rap music space and he says that his goal is to now become a millionaire and not to be a gangster.

What Is Digga D Net Worth?

Digga has a net worth of $400,000. He is not yet a millionaire but he hopes to become a millionaire with a help of music. Most of his revenue comes from his tracks. He has a music channel on YouTube where he makes money from YouTube ads.

He also makes money from the sale of music mixtapes. Digga has been releasing mixtapes since 2015 and this is part of his overall net worth.

Digga also has a sneakers business. We do not have a lot of information about the business but it also adds some money to his net worth. The majority of his income still comes from his music.

How Digga D Spends His Money?

Like any other rapper, Digga D spends some money on jewelry. He has expensive jewelry that he has spent a lot of money on. In June 2020, his bracelet was robbed in London. This is to show you that he spends good money on what he wears.

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He also spends a substantial amount of money on his music videos. The music single “Woi” is flashy and has flashy cars. The quality of the videos is top quality with great visuals meaning that he has invested a lot of money to come up with good videos.

Interesting Facts

  • He has been in prison two times. These two times he was arrested for controversial lyrics. The first time was when he was still producing underground music before he became known in the mainstream. He was later arrested in 2019 for similar controversial lyrics.
  • Digga is currently in a relationship with Mya Mills. Early in 2021, he revealed that he is in a relationship with an Instagram model and influence. He posted some cute pictures of themselves on his Instagram account.
  • His childhood was not easy. However, his love for music started as early as when he was 12. During this time he was practicing how to write lyrics. This is the reason why his songwriting career still going on.
  • At age 8, he was kicked out of school after he was found in possession of cannabis.
  • He keeps his family life very private. There is nothing much known about his parents or any of his immediate family.
  • There were rumors about his death on the internet. Some internet sources were saying that the rapper was found stabbed or shot. The truth is that Digga D is still alive and doing well.