Devale Ellis Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Devale Ellis Net Worth, Age, Height

Devale Ellis

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Apr 02, 1984
Age: 39 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (178cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Former American Footballer, Actor
Instagram @iamdevale
Last Updated: June, 2023

Devale Ellis is an American wide receiver, actor, and YouTuber. He started his career as a footballer in high school and continued it all through his college and even after that but then later changed his career path to acting. After making a career as an actor, he started a YouTube channel, becoming a successful YouTuber.

Devale has changed career paths but has emerged successful in all of them. Today, he has a net worth that falls somewhere between $1-$5 million. Initially, the biggest contributor to his wealth was his career as a footballer and actor but lately his major source of income is his YouTube channel. It is estimated that he earns around $80k-$140k annually from his YouTube channel alone. Other sources of his income are the podcast he hosts, the sales of his book and the sponsorship posts of the brand collaborations that he is a part of.

How Did Devale Ellis Become Rich?

Devale Ellis was born on April 2, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised with two siblings in a financially stable family. Devale has been interested in sports since he was a child and used to play a lot even as a toddler. He went to James Madison High School and became actively involved in sports, becoming an important member of his school’s basketball and football teams. He was such an efficient player that he earned the nickname Show Time. After Devale finished his senior year, he went on to join Hofstra University’s football team as the wide receiver. After finishing college, Devale absolutely devoted himself to football and started playing in the NFL.

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In 2006, he was undrafted in the NFL draft but later after participating in the rookie mini-camp as a tryout player, he was signed as a free agent. Later the same year, Devale’s official football career began as he joined the Detroit Lions team, but he was regularly thrown out of and in the team. He was finally dispensed from the team in October 2008 and in December 2008 he signed a contract deal with Cleveland Browns but that too did not last long. Seven months later, Cleveland Browns also dispensed him, and finally in 2010, owing to several injuries he faced, Devale officially quit his career as a football player.

After quitting football, Devale decided to give a shot to his love for acting. He has acted in several TV shows, some of these are Gotham, Tough LoveNCIS and others. He also did an uncredited role in The House Next Door as Trent. He is also a cast of the comedy-drama series, Sistas. After having a successful football and acting career, Devale along with his wife started a YouTube channel, The Ellises, where they talk about a variety of topics, like parenting, marriage, etc, and also upload their family vlogs and parodies.

After gaining success on YouTube, Devale moved on to spread his wings even further in the digital world. He and his wife started a podcast called, Dead Ass, where the couple talks about many subjects like love, marriage, the ups and downs of it, and also some intimate subjects like sex. In an interview, Devale stated that he and his wife started the podcast so that they could share their experiences and learning about life, marriage, finances with their community. They have invited many successful guests like President Joe Biden on their podcast. Furthermore, Devale has also authored a children’s book, entitled The Ellises & The Time Machine. The book was received well and has gained mostly positive reviews.

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Even though Devale changed his career path drastically, he has a stable life with a stable income source. It is estimated that Devale has a net worth of around $1-$5 million, most of it coming from his successful career as a footballer, actor and YouTuber. As of today, the major source of Devale’s income is his YouTube channel. He has 381k subscribers on the platform and is estimated to be earning somewhere $80k-$140k annually from the channel. Apart from this Devale also earns from his podcast and the sale of his books.

What Is Devale Ellis Net Worth?

As of 2023, Devale’s net worth is calculated to be around $3 million. Devale has constructed this wealth mostly from his career in the NFL and his successful career as an actor. Currently, his YouTube channel also earns him a good sum of money and is the primary source of his income now. Along with this, Devale’s podcast and the sale of his books also bring in a good sum of money. He is also quite active on Instagram with 1.6 million followers and is expected to be earning a good sum of money from collaborations with brands as well as the sponsorship posts on the platform.

How Devale Ellis Spends His Money?

Even though Devale is a big internet sensation, he chooses to lead a low-key life, not willing to reveal a lot of personal information. Due to this, there is not much information about the kind of lifestyle he leads. According to what is revealed through their YouTube videos, Devale owns a beautiful house in Los Angeles, furnished with all the comforts and luxuries. In an interview, Devale revealed that his first priority is his family and they are a very close and tightly knit unit as his parents live with him as well. As he has three kids to take care of, it is certain that he spends much of his earnings on their education and well-being.

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Interesting Facts

  • Devale Ellis is married to his college sweetheart, Khadeen Ellises. The couple met at Hofstra University and quickly fell in love. They have been married for more than a decade now and have three kids together. They are expecting their fourth child.
  • During his football days, Devale played in the PSA all-star game and his performance was so much appreciated that he was nicknamed Show Time.
  • Devale owes his internet success to his wife as she was the one who asked him to start a YouTube channel.
  • During his college days when he was playing football, he had to undergo surgery four times. He admitted that he became depressed and addicted to pain meds at that time.