Desi Banks Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Desi Banks Net Worth, Age, Height

Desi Banks

Net Worth: $7 Million
Birthday: May 09, 1993
Age: 30 years old
Height: 6.1 feet (185cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Comedian, Youtuber, Instagram Celebrity, Actor
Instagram @iamdesibanks
Last Updated: June, 2023

The young actor has found success in multiple career paths however his comedian skits is the primary source of his $7 million net worth.

How Did Desi Banks Become Rich?

Desi Banks was born in 1993. His birth month is May. Desi is currently 30 years old. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. There is little to no information about his family although they are close and often appear in his YouTube videos. Desi grew up in Atlanta and schooled there. He went to Cedar Grove High School and played sports like basketball at the time. He later attended Georgia State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s in Sociology.

From the age of five Desi started a comedic career. He was brought into the comedy world by Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence thanks to his grandmother. Although already into the industry, Desi put comedy to the side as he schooled and later resumed pursuing it after he graduated. Desi started on Vine platform which was a popular app among comedians at the time. On the app, Desi Banks shared his humorous short clips and acting skills. He soon accumulated a large following of over four hundred thousand followers before the app was removed.

On December 15, 2014, Desi officially launched his YouTube channel under the name Desi Bank. On his channel he mainly does comedy, pranks, reaction, challenges and acting videos. He has accumulated over one million subscribers and views in the hundred thousand. One of the most popular videos on his channel is titled “‪When Your Homeboy Girl Is Out Of Hand!” – this video has gained over 12 million views.

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He has other videos like When Your Friend Fresh Out Of Jail, PRISON GONE WRONG, When Your Homeboy Girl Keep Stalking You!!!, When Your Homeboy Girl Puts The Package In Your Hand! and When She Forgot Who You Were!. These videos have all accumulated millions of views. A lot of Desi’s content consists of videos like these. It is his signature video style and his fans love watching them.

In addition, Desi Banks and B.Simone started a YouTube channel named The B.Simone and Desi Show. B Simone is also a comedy YouTuber and businesswoman. Although off to a good start their channel together hasn’t been active for at least a year. However, they have still been collaborating on his personal YouTube and Instagram videos. Desi Banks has also appeared on a small chat show with B Simone. The two had a partnership together around the time and Desi has even gone on to tour with B Simone. Desi has also gone on to headline comedy shows. He headlined on the purpose tour and was received well by the people.

Other than YouTube, Desi Banks pursued a career in acting as well and has received positive responses from viewers. His first lead role was in the movie Flexin and he was praised by critics. After this, he has scored other roles like in Love By Chance where he played the role of a character named Dante. Love By Chance was Desi’s big breakout role and earned him lots of recognition as an established actor. The movie was about two South Africans who aspire to work in the show business of America. The movie tackled them dealing with the rejection and problems that come with working in an already busy Hollywood.

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Desi Banks has also acted in films like Strangers With Memories, Daddy’s Home and Louisiana 1961. One of his latest films he’s acted in was Little. This was a comedy film and he co-starred with well-known actor Regina Hall. Besides just acting in films, Desi has branched out to start a production company under his name. To date, his production house has produced over two thousand original videos. Other than production alone, he creates writing opportunities for actors and equips them with a platform to advertise their creative content to the public.

Overall Desi Banks’ comedic genius has allowed him to be afforded opportunities to have brand deals and endorsements by well-known brands and companies. Desi has been known to have partnerships with companies in the sport, fashion, music, etc. He has found success within comedy and his other ventures. Desi is also active on social media and has come to be known as a social media personality. Desi uses Twitter frequently and Instagram. On the apps, he highlights his life; both professional and regular. His fans are interested in his life and because of this, he has gained over five million followers on Instagram. His popularity on the app has worked in his favor as he often is awarded brand deals.

What Is Desi Banks Net Worth?

Desi Banks has a large 7 million USD net worth that was accumulated through more than one avenue. He mainly earns money through YouTube and acting. He has a production company that earns him money Desi also receives money from ads on YouTube and brand deals. Occasionally, he does stand-up comedy gigs where he is paid highly thanks to his popularity. He owns a car and a house.

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How Desi Banks Spends His Money?

Desi Banks has many outlets for spending. They include his production company. This is one of his larger spending outlets as running a production company costs lots of money. He also invests in his YouTube channel and content. Desi has bought an exotic sports car and a home. Desi also spends a great deal on travel. Being in the industry he is in he has to travel all over to events, comedy gigs, etc. He spends money not only on the transportation there but on his food and living accommodations as well.

Interesting Facts

  • Desi Banks is not currently married. He does have one child by his ex-girlfriend. His son is named Desi Terrell Banks III.
  • During his time in high school, Desi Banks participated in sports. He played football and was known as a wide receiver. He made high school records in his time there.