Deestroying Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Deestroying Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $2,2 Million
Birthday: Dec 02, 1996
Age: 26 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (178cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @deestroying
Last Updated: March, 2023

Deestroying, as of 2023, has a net worth of over 2.2 million dollars. The young YouTuber has found success within more than one career path and his net worth is proof of that.

How Did Deestroying Become Rich?

Donald de La Haye jr, better known by his internet persona Deestroying, was born December 2nd, 1996. He is currently twenty-four years old. He was born in Costa Rica. His parents are Sheron De La Haye and Donald De La Haye Sr.

Deestroying stayed with his family for a few years in Costa Rica, after which his family decided to move. They moved to Port St Lucie, Florida when he was seven years old. He grew up and schooled in Port St Lucie. Later he went to the University of Central Florida by way of scholarship. He majored in Marketing and was a part of his university’s football team during his time there. He played as Kickoff Specialist. Soon after, Deestroying was kicked off the team over a legal dispute. He was told he could not profit off of his name, likeness or athletic ability other than his scholarship with the NCAA.

At the time, Destroyer had a YouTube channel that was growing where he would show off his athletic skills in hopes to be signed professionally in the future. It started as a small channel and over time grew a following large enough that Deestroying was able to make money from it. This however went against the NCAA rules. He was ultimately told to demonetize or delete his YouTube channel altogether or risk losing his scholarship along with his NCAA eligibility. Deestroying chose the latter and remained making videos. He was then kicked off of the team and lost his scholarship but did not let go without a fight. He sued the NCAA for taking away his scholarship just for using his own name. He was up against the odds but somehow managed to get the rights in 2018 to finish school at the university. There is now legislation set in Florida to help allow student-athletes to profit off their names. While his case could not have pushed the legislative move alone it definitely helped in shining a spotlight on a situation that happens to many young athletes. Deestroying is still happily making his YouTube videos.

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Backtracking, Deestroying started a YouTube channel in 2015. This channel was the cause of his dispute in high school. During the time he was off of his football team. Deestroying put more effort into his channel and the content on it. His channel featured skits, gaming videos, and impersonations of famous football players. As his channel grew in popularity, he had the chance to collaborate with big names like Smith Schuster, Cam Newton, Marquette King, and Antonio Brown. He also made partnerships with sports organizations like the NFL to create sports-related content. He has also made other content like Challenger games which is his most popular video to date. This video has gained over ten million views and was a collaboration with Logan Paul.

Deestroying has stepped outside of sports to collaborate with many other famous YouTubers like Flight. Deestroying’s YouTube channel currently has over four million subscribers and has views to match. The money he makes from YouTube makes it the main source of income he has as it is the greatest.

Other than YouTube, Deestroying was signed to the Toronto Argonauts in 2019 to play football professionally. He was signed by the Canadian Football League. Deestroying played in two preseason games where he recorded a punt for forty-six yards. Later on, Deestroying was signed to the practice roster to begin the season. Unfortunately, due to limitations on American players he had to be put on a suspended list. This however allowed him to be able to create YouTube content and be free of team obligations for some time.

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Currently, his videos are geared more towards him practicing his kicks-which is his best attribute to football. He has even won a kick-off competition. Deestroying is working hard because his ultimate goal is to one day make it to the NFL. Recently he has even been invited to work out for the NFL combine. He made it into a video and posted it up for his fans to see. In the vein of social platforms, when Deestroying was signed to Toronto Argonauts they gained over fifteen thousand followers. Deestroying is also the co-owner of Fan Controlled Football. This is simply a professional league for indoor football. It is also co-owned by other big names like Quavo and Richard Sherman.

What Is Deestroying Net Worth?

Deestroying’s main income is from YouTube. He is estimated to make at least four thousand a day through his videos. To add to that is money from ads. Deestroying also gets revenue from sponsorships and endorsements. Finally, he makes a substantial amount of money through brand deals. He has been known to represent brands and companies like Shave Club, AT&T, Native Deodorant, and Ridge Wallet. He also owns multiple cars that he happily flaunts. Deestroying owns a home. Finally, he earns money from the indoor football league that he co-owns.

How Deestroying Spends His Money?

Deestroying has used his money to buy multiple cars, skateboards and ripsticks. He says he likes to have fun and is a kid at heart so he bought himself a few ‘toys’ as a treat. He mostly invests in his YouTube career and football career. He has bought gym equipment to keep in shape for playing football. His biggest purchase to date is his home. His home is equipped with. Yoga studio, gym, etc and he has spared no expense for it. He also spends money on traveling. He travels often and sometimes shows his fans a glimpse into his busy life. Other than that he spends money on jewelry, clothes, and sneakers.

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Interesting Facts

  • Deestroying is of Dutch-Frisian ethnicity.
  • He is currently not married but he is in a serious relationship with Kianna Wudte.
  • He sometimes pronounced as Deestroyer or Destroyer.