David Frecka Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

David Frecka Net Worth, Age, Height

David (Dave) Frecka

Net Worth: $105 Million
Birthday: unknown
Age: somewhere around 60 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (176cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Businessman
Instagram None
Last Updated: June, 2023

David Frecka is an entrepreneur known for founding Next Generation Films Inc. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of food packaging. He is currently the CEO of the company that he started in 1994. The company is known as a leading plastics company located in United States, Ohio. Frecka has been able to grow into a billion-dollar company despite humble beginnings. He runs the company together with his wife Brenda and the two have been in business for a long time. It is estimated that Frecka has a net worth of $105 million.

How Did David Frecka Become Rich?

Frecka has always been an entrepreneur at heart. His journey to wealth started in 1985 when he founded a company called Ultra-tech Plastics. He created this company out of necessity because he discovered a niche that needed to be filled. During this time he learned how to strategize and come up with concepts. His first company was important because it gave him lessons and also taught him skills that he would need later in life.

After eight years, he sold his shares in the company in 1993 and started Next Generation Films Inc. shortly in 1994. This company became a success and has been able to grow to a billion-dollar company. David Frecker is known for his business acumen. He is innovative and he is able to come up with strategies that help users to solve problems.

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He admits that the plastic industry is very volatile and things are bound to change all the time. Frecka has been able to stay consistently successful for decades because he is innovative. He is able to adapt to market changes so that he can fit in the prevailing business environment.

What Is David Frecka Net Worth?

David Frecka is estimated to have a net worth of over $100. He has made this money from his entrepreneurship journey that has been over several decades. Frecka has made it in several decades so this shows the importance of persistence and hard work.

He has made most of his wealth from running his plastic packaging company. The company has been growing over the years despite the competition in the plastic manufacturing field. His initial company was valued at over a billion and this increased his net worth.

In 2009, the Next Generation Films Inc. was sold for $ 1.07 billion to charter the next film. The company is still under the leadership of David Frecka so he continues to make money from it. David Frecka runs his company with his family in Ohio. He has not been able to grow just his wealth but he has also grown the wealth of his family. The Frecka’s Company is one of the richest families in Ohio from their manufacturing businesses and also investments.

How David Frecka Spends His Money?

David Frecka is a millionaire and has spent a lot of money in buying property. One of the most noticeable properties is the family home in Ohio. His house in Ohio is estimated to be the third-largest house in Ohio. There are pictures of the house online that shows the house is still under construction. It looks like a castle and covers 22,873 square feet. The house is owned by David and his wife Brenda. The house is the largest in Delaware county and looks like a castle. David’s house has 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It has all the luxuries like a wine tasting room, six-car garage, home theater, and a rooftop observatory.

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Frecka also spends money on cars. There are unconfirmed rumors that he owns a $3 million Bugatti. The car has been spotted on several occasions in Columbus Ohio although no one has still seen him driving or coming out of the car.

Apart from buying houses, David Freckas Company has been buying properties in the United States and Ohio. When you look at the residential business transactions in Columbus, you can see that he owns several properties. You can also see the cost of such properties.

Interesting Facts

  • David is married to Brenda J Frecka. Together they own properties like the house in Delaware County. They also run the business together although there is nothing much that is known about her personal life.
  • The Freckas family is one of the richest families in Ohio. David is not the only rich person in his family. Since he runs the business with his family, he has been able to accumulate wealth for himself and his family. The Freckas family is rich and they are always acquiring properties in Ohio.
  • Business and entrepreneurship have always been a family tradition. David became an entrepreneur in 1985 and has been running the business for years. He got the entrepreneurship spirit from his father John who was the president of the company. Freckas now runs the business with the help of his family.
  • The name Next Generation Films has nothing to do with movies or holidays. On the contrary, it is a manufacturing company that is involved in making plastics and packaging plastic. The name film is derived from the flexible polymer-based film that is used for making packaging materials.
  • Frecka is a smart businessman. He is known for his innovation skills because he is always keeping up with the trends. He understands that the plastic industry is volatile so he is always changing to provide the consumers with the latest technology based on their needs.
  • David Frecka also known as Dave Frecka.