Daniel Gibson Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Daniel Gibson Net Worth, Age, Height

Daniel Gibson

Net Worth: $11 Million
Birthday: Feb 27, 1986
Age: 37 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (188cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Professional Basketball Player,
Instagram @boobygang
Last Updated: March, 2023

Daniel Gibson is a basketball player with extraordinary skill that was born on 27 February 1986 in Huston, Texas. Before choosing basketball as an official career, he played the game extremely well in his high school and college, which gave him an immense boost. Gibson played seven seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the National Basketball Association. Apart from this, he also showed some interest in writing Music. Unfortunately, during his career run, Daniel suffered many injuries, which ultimately resulted in the end of his basketball career.

How Did Daniel Gibson Become Rich?

Daniel got his love for basketball from his father, who used to represent The University of Houston in Texas as a basketball player. Both of his parents, Byron and Cheryl Gibson, supported their son throughout his career.

While studying at Jones High school, Gibson played terrific basketball. His average points per game were 25.4, and he had 9.3 assists. His most significant record was 31-4 for the school, and he also managed to bag the Texas 4A state championship, which was the first championship won by the school. Out of 212 students in his class, he came in 6th position!

While playing the game sessions with longhorns, Gibson scored 936 baskets points, including 175 three-point field goals. The most record-breaking points secured by Gibson were in the 2005-2006 session by hitting 101 three-pointers, where Daniel won 9 out of 12 games against Baylor Bears on January 21, 2006. It was known to be the highest Texas Records, and he also scored 37 points for himself.

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Gibson studied at Texas University for two years, was a basketball team member and played around 68 games throughout that time. He managed to score about an average of 13.7 points, 3.5 assists, and approximately 3.5 rebounds. After his brilliant performance, he was awarded All-America Honorable Mention by the Associated Press. Being only a sophomore, his average score was 13.4 points, 3.1 assists, and 3.6 rebounds per game. Gibson was named twice the Third-team All-Big 12 and Big 12 Freshman of the Year in 2015!

Daniel was selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006, and his brilliant three-pointers helped them reach the end in his first season. He was appointed as the starting member of the team and starred around 16 games before the end of the season. After the season, Daniel Gibson had a fantastic performance and scored over 31 points in a single game played opposite Pistons. Unfortunately, he was not able to play in the NBA finals and instead was kept in a reserve.

In the 2007-2008 game season, Gibson played more professionally and continued to amaze everyone with his brilliant performance. He even scored six three-pointers in only one game. After that, bad luck struck him, and he suffered an ankle-related medical problem that blocked his career from moving forward by missing 18 games. After that, Gibson underwent ankle surgery in 2008, which healed his ankle. He continued to play for Cleveland Cavaliers for four more seasons before retiring from the game as his health was taking a toll.

In July 2013, the news about the arrest of Gibson in New Orleans broke out, which caused an uproar. Sources revealed that Daniel surrendered himself on the charges of battery and assault. Although his lawyer refused to comment on the matter, the police said that Daniel Gibson apparently broke the jawbones of a person in a brawl that happened in a local nightclub.

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Gibson was married to Keyshia Cole and had a kid with her. Their wedding was the talk of the town as it was filmed and telecasted on a BET reality television show. Unfortunately, they split up, and the reason remains unknown.

After the game sessions of 2012-2013, Daniel was suffering from a vast personal life crisis. He was grieving the loss of his grandmother as well as going through a very prolonged divorce process. Amidst all this, he suffered severe injuries to his foot and ankle. All of this took a severe toll on his mental health, and he went into depression. Sources revealed that to fight his depression and anxiety, he started writing music as a coping mechanism and tried to launch his career as a rap artist, but it didn’t end well. Gibson was also a part of an MTV show in 2018.

His most popular song on YouTube

What Is Daniel Gibson Net Worth?

So from the lifestyle mentioned above and by compiling all his talents, the calculated amount of Daniel Gibson’s net worth is about 11$ million to 15$ million, which is not bad considering his career. In a good year he managed to earn up to 4$ million per season and sometimes more than that.

How Daniel Gibson Spends His Money?

It’s pretty safe to speculate how he used his money. For a basketball player, good health and physique play crucial roles. Daniel Gibson also started pursuing his career in music but ended up writing music just for the sake of peace of mind.

Interesting Facts

  • He played for the Cleveland Cavalier for 7 seasons altogether.
  • Daniel Gibson is also nicknamed as Booby. His Instagram nickname reflects that.
  • He was a poet when he was younger.
  • Daniel Gibson wanted to become a rapper but did not pursue it as a career.
  • Besides being a player, he also started writing music and was about to get into music rap.