City Girls Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

City Girls Net Worth, Age, Height

City Girls

Net Worth: $10 Million
Formed: 2017
Age: 05 years old
Country: United States of America
Occupation: Hip-Hop Duet
Instagram @citygirls
Last Updated: December, 2022

City Girls is a hip-hop rap duo consisting of two Miami-born girls named Yung Miami, who was born Caresha Romeka Brownlee, and Jatavia Shakara Johnson, famously known as JT. Pouring in their talent and passion for music, their combined net worth is roughly $10,000,000 in 2022.

How Did City Girls Become Rich?

Both raised in the city of Opalocka in Miami, Florida, Yung Miami was born on February 11, 1994, while JT on December 3, 1992. Before the fame they are basking in now, they both had to endure a rough childhood.

JT said that her mother was an addict, and that drugs ruined her early years. Yung Miami, on the other hand, had the opposite of an easy life as well. She grew up in a tough neighborhood and had many heartbreaks to endure. Her mother, Keenya Young, had faced shoplifting charges in 2009 which also involved the death of a 40-year old man who was inside the car she crashed into as she was driving away.

Yung Miami attended school in Miami Gardens, and this was where they were introduced to each other by their mutual friends, and therefore formed a bond. Yung Miami told Rolling Stone, an American monthly magazine, that her boyfriend used to take her to school every day, so she got used to listening to a lot of trap music and learned to love it. She eventually introduced JT into this. Before all this rapping life, Miami was an Instagram influencer who spent her time promoting a fashion line she owns.

In 2017, they both got in touch with their producer friend named MajorNine, with whom they purchased a beat—the one that utilized “My Neck, My Back” by Khia. In August of the said year, they recorded their debut track entitled, “Fuck Dat Nigga”. Since they spent lots of time on parties and clubs, Yung Miami used to pay DJs to play it, aside from her promotions on social media. All these efforts then led to the song being discovered, and them signing a contract with an American record label named Quality Control Music before 2017 ended. From this, their debut track had its official music video in January 2018. Sooner that year, “Fuck Dat Nigga” made it to the compilation album, Control the Streets, Volume 1.

Their team-up with the record label hauled them up to several charts including Billboard Charts Hot 100, Billboard 200, and the Social 50—recognizing them as the most popular developing artists of the week. The City Girls later released their debut mixtape, Period, in May 2018, and eventually owned ranks on Heatseekers Albums and Rolling Stone’s 30 Best Hip-hop Albums of the same year.

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All these incredible leaps, however, were followed by a controversy which involved one half of City Girls. JT was charged with identity theft and credit card issues, and began her term in prison in July 2018. She was sentenced to 2 years, but the court agreed to push back her release date. The other half of the duo continued to promote their music, in hopes of their further success in the music industry.

Around July 2018 as well when the duo’s profile skyrocketed with vocal contributions to Drake’s song “In My Feelings”, a pop hit in the U.S. and several other countries. The next month, they released the documentary, Point Black Period. In November 16, 2018, the duo released their debut studio album, Girl Code, which features Jacquees and Cardi B. Few singles in this album entered several charts and gave them more fame.

In September 2019, Yung Miami said that the duo planned to record a new album. The next month, JT was released, as well as the song “First Day Out”.

The planned album entitled City on Lock was released in June 2020, which includes guest appearances from Doja Cat and Lil Baby. In March 2021, their unreleased song “Twerkulator” went viral on Tiktok, but remained unreleased until May 21, 2021.

What Is City Girls Net Worth?

From the music industry that keeps on growing and is dominated by men, City Girls have still earned their spot as one of the most talented female hip-hop artists. With several broadcasts, guest appearances, sold albums, music videos, and tracks that featured them, they indeed made themselves financially elevated. As of 2022, their combined net worth is at $10,000,000.

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A single broadcast with them now costs around $40,000 while club appearances range from $13,000 to $15,000. The jail stint did not stall them, and instead made the duo stronger. Miami continued to perform though solo, and was still inspired to promote their music.

The music video of “Twerk” got the most number of views on YouTube during their career, having over 203 million views as of writing. With this, they have been earning between $1,000 to $2,000 per million views.

Their album, Girl Code, has sold over 200,000 units and have reached the top half of Billboard 200, giving them earnings that amount to around $2,000,000.

With several collaborations they had with famous artists, they even paved their way more in the industry, indicating a cash flow of more than $500,000.

Aside from all these, portions of their net worth is from their endorsements of various high-end brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, and Dior. And as social media influencers, they also earn through their Instagram accounts and YouTube channel.

How City Girls Spend Their Money?

With all the amount they earn and the need for them to stay fashionably dressed up, they mostly spend their money on grand outfits, jewelry, houses, and luxurious cars.

In the controversy involving JT, she had splurged credit cards while Yung Miami’s assets include her Mercedes Benz which costs around $132,000 and was unfortunately targeted by an assailant in 2019. Moreover, as seen on their Instagram posts, they surely invest on their clothes and shimmering necklaces, bags, and make-up.

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When JT was finally freed from prison, the other half of the duo gifted her with a $52,000 custom gold chain that has a diamond-covered pendant that read “CITY GIRLS” as a welcome present. On the other hand, Miami’s net worth is shared to her own family as she now has two kids—eight-year-old Jai, and one-year-old daughter, Summer.

Interesting Facts

  • At the age of 17, the hip-hop duo was frequent in block parties, night clubs, and strip clubs.
  • Their debut song in 2017 was specifically dedicated to their exes who would not give them money every time they asked.
  • JT is more of an outspoken person while Miami is more reserved and guarded, in which they bring glamour and attitude, respectively.
  • In August 2019, Yung Miami’s Mercedes-Benz G-Class was struck by an unknown assailant as she was leaving Circle House Studios in Miami. She was not injured, fortunately
  • Both the girls are currently in relationships. As of 2021, JT is dating Lil Uzi Vert, an American rapper, and Yung is currently dating Southside, a record producer and the father of Summer, her daughter.