Chunkz Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2021)

Chunkz Net Worth, Age, Height

Chunkz (Amin Mohammed)

Net Worth: $1 Million
Birthday: Feb 21, 1996
Age: 25 years old
Height: 6 feet (183cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Youtuber, singer, actor
Instagram @chunkz
Last Updated: October, 2021

Known amongst his 1.87 million YouTube subscribers for his stellar comedy videos, including challenges such as 5-second challenge, vlogs, sketches, unique rap battles, hilarious pranks like prank calls, and a wide range of content, London born Amin Mohammed, also known as Chunkz, enjoys great popularity on social media, and has proven his talents as a Television host and musician. He ended his music journey in 2021 to stay connected to his religion, but he still enjoys great popularity amongst his followers for his performance in Soccer Aid 2020, his consistently entertaining YouTube content, and his collaborations with brands such as ‘Footasylum‘ and ‘Footlocker‘, as well as his remarkable appearance as host of the Music of Black Origin (MoBO) show, alongside Maya Jama. He has an estimated net worth of 1 million USD and the aim of this article is to trace how his several ventures in the world of music and entertainment comedy have helped him build such a promising worth at such young age.

How Did  Become Rich?

Chunkz registered his YouTube account in 2015, and began creating comedic content. He often collaborated with his close friend, Yung Filly, and they both contributed to each other’s’ channels. By 2020, his channel reached up to 130 million views, which meant that it had the potential to generate an estimate of $700 per day and $250,000 a year from the advertisements appearing on the video.

In 2017 Chunkz played the role of Asznee in a fellow rapper comedian, Michael Dapaah’s music video, “Man’s Not Hot” and the following year he also helped launch a voice app built for the Google Assistant for the train ticket retailer Train line to ease rail journey planning alongside Dapaah. He was then able to win the International Somali Award for the best entertainer.

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In 2019 he attracted more followers as he joined the collaborative YouTube group known as Beta Squad, consisting of four YouTubers Sharky, AJ Shabeel, Kenny, and Niko Omilana, which currently has 1.6 million subscribers. The group faced a setback when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out; as Chunkz mentioned in one of his videos that they were unsure what to post in quarantine and were compelled to take a break from YouTube. However, they restarted uploading videos soon and came up with a house tour of a five-million-pound mansion. His collaborations with Yung Filly and Harry Pinero to create videos, which involve interviewing professional football players in a unique and amusing manner, have earned him a great deal of popularity. In this series, players often have to concede into performing Chunkz’s choreographed “Frankenstein” dance, which includes bending hands and legs and moving them from left to right in a comic manner.

Chunkz’s music career peaked in 2020 as he released his first rap single and music video, “Clean Up” with Filly, and produced a new single and video later that year. The songs proved to be highly popular, and ranked 3rd on the Official Independent Singles Chart. In 2020 he also became the host for Sky Sports morning show #SaturdaySocial, and co-hosted ‘The Aphetor Games‘, an extreme sports competition. As host of the ‘Music of Black Origin‘ he won the Best Media Personality Award and also won the Personality of the Year award at the ‘Rated Awards‘ against his own close friend Yung Filly. Currently, he is hosting the UK Prime show “In the Chair” alongside Filly.

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The same year, he uploaded a YouTube video, which received 1.2 million views, announcing the conclusion of his music career for religious reasons, receiving massive support from Muslims for his brave decision.

Also, in 2020, his decision to compete in the ‘Soccer Aid‘, which is an annual British charity football event, where celebrities compete to raise money by ticket sales for UNICEF UK, was largely appreciated by his fans and in 2021 he decided to return to the event.

Currently, he utilizes his Instagram platform and boosts his identity as an influencer by doing ads, for example, recently, he collaborated with the Lynx perfume line. His Twitter account also has over 700,000 followers, and he uses the platform to share his passion for football and raise his voice about issues such as the Israeli invasion of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

What Is  Net Worth?

Despite concluding his music career in 2020, Chunkz remains popular amongst his fans and maintains his high net worth of 1 million USD through advertising revenue earned from his YouTube channel, and brand deals with football-related brands on his Instagram, which attracts over two million followers.

How  Spends His Money?

Chunkz leads a lavish lifestyle as he, alongside Beta Squad, purchased a 5 million pounds mansion and once uploaded a video where he stayed at a hotel that cost $10,000 for a night. As he is only in his 20s and unmarried, he spends most of his money for himself and reinvests it into his YouTube channel through videos like trying seafood that cost $10 vs. one that cost $10,000. He owns a Ferrari and is often spotted wearing designer Nike jackets. From time to time he travels to Somalia, where his parents were born. He is also a frequent traveler, having visited UAE, Canada, Singapore, and Italy.

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Interesting Facts

  • Many fans expressed the desire for a romantic relationship between him and his co-host at MoBO, Maya Jama, but they both maintained that they were best of friends. She appeared on his YouTube channel, where he attempted to give her a makeup look.
  • He participated in Footasylum’s dating series, “Does the Shoe fit?”, alongside five others, which required them to win over a girl each episode.
  • Despite his fame, most of his personal life, including details of his family and love interests, remain hidden from public knowledge.
  • He has managed to stay out of YouTube controversies and mostly puts up comedic content.
  • Having African descent and growing up as an immigrant in the UK, he is a staunch supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • He recently mentioned in an Instagram story that while he does not regret quitting music, he does miss the experiences he gained, while creating music.