Chelcie Lynn Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Chelcie Lynn Net Worth, Age, Height

Chelcie Lynn

Net Worth: $1 000 000
Birthday: Aug 09, 1988
Age: 35 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber, Actress, Comedian
Instagram @chelcielynnn
Last Updated: February, 2023

Born in Oregon, and currently living in California, actress, Youtuber and prominent social media personality Chelcie Lynn rose to fame on the social media platform Vine as the character of ‘Trailer Trash Tammy‘. At present, her YouTube channel with 1.2 million subscribers is loved amongst fans for its comedy skits and food testing vlogs, with one of her videos about testing out KFC’s Cheetos chicken sandwich attracted 2.7 million views. Her character of Trailer Trash Tammy is loved by her viewers and she has a line of merchandise which includes baby clothes, t-shirts, and a wide range of accessories.

She often tours the US to meet her followers and well-wishers. Her channel has earned her a promising net worth of $160,000. She is also renowned for her memorable performances in the films, Dog Eat Dog and Tangerine, which reached a total of $700,000 in the box office. The article traces her different sources of income and her journey of rising to popularity, whilst also considering how she enjoys spending the money she makes.

How Did Chelcie Lynn Become Rich?

In July 2013, Lynn rose to popularity on the social media platform, Vine for her comedic videos portraying Trailer Trash Tammy, a character played to demonstrate the stereotypes held about trailer park residents, whilst wearing a Reba McEntire t-shirt. Unfortunately, the platform closed for uploading videos in 2016, but Lynn stayed strong in the face of adversity and moved her content to Instagram, where her humorous videos continued to win the hearts of people who came across them, and her reach expanded to 1.1 million followers today. Her account is speculated to earn her approximately $2200.

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She is famous on YouTube for videos like being chased by cops during a food review show, and testing out food from different fast-food chains. She appears a staunch food lover based on her Instagram and YouTube content and even on Twitter she expressed her love for spicy food. Her YouTube channel can earn her an approximate $5000 obtained through advertisements that appear on her videos. In 2015 she made her acting debut in the comedy film ‘ Tangerine‘ and in 2016, motivated by the huge success of her previous film, she appeared in a crime action thriller ‘Dog Eat Dog‘ playing the character of Sheila. She has also displayed her acting talents in TV series such as ‘Coach Von Pidgeon‘ and ‘The Hambone Group‘, which was YouTube series in 2016. Her YouTube content is appreciated for its wide range, which involves cooking and painting videos.

At present she uploads mukbangs, which is a series originating in South Korea, where the host tries different food items and conveys their honest reaction. This month she intends to tour the Midwest and the tickets for meet-ups at different locations are sold on her Instagram account. Each regular adult ticket costs $30, and VIP tickets cost $60, and most of her special events and meet-ups are sold out. Her tour tickets, alongside Trailer Trash Tammy merchandise, are also sold on her Apple store application, Trailer Trash Tammy. Her merchandise is widely popular for its witty appearance and for raising awareness about women’s different body types.

On her Instagram account, followers appreciate her efforts to advocate for female bodily autonomy and other important causes close to her heart, like the anti-racist movement. She even came forward and donated profits from her merch to an anti-racist organization. She also raised her voice for rescue animals in a similar way. Alongside raising her voice, she also addresses controversial topics. Even her comedy is often explicit, and followers appreciate her for unfiltered and amusing memes. She responds mostly in a humorous way to any hate she receives on social media.

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Her podcasts have also proven to be popular amongst followers, especially when she appeared on Ryan Sickler’s podcast, where she addressed questions about her family and childhood. She also collaborated with Zane and Health Hussar for a podcast.

She also has a social media presence on the platform TikTok, where she uploads humorous sing-along videos.

What Is Chelcie Lynn Net Worth?

Through her successfully amusing YouTube channel, extensive tours around the country, and unique merchandise, Lynn continues to boost her net worth, which is currently estimated to be between $800 000 and $1 000 000. Her channel has attracted over 9 million views, and she has been in the public eye for years; thus, her wealth can be predicted to expand over the years. She also has the potential to sign more movies in the future and make money, and even sponsor brand deals as she enjoys a wide fan following on Instagram and YouTube.

How Chelcie Lynn Spends Her Money?

Through her Instagram, it appears that she spends most of her money on travel, fashion, and vintage cars. She often poses next to rented vintage cars, which also often feature in her YouTube videos. She owns a white SUV, which she poses next to, while filling up with gas on her Instagram account. She’s often spotted posting about fancy hotels such as the La Valencia Hotel, and oftentimes embarks on cruises like one on the Lake Las Vegas or on the Napali Coast.

She is also fond of self-pampering and has posted pictures in picturesque resorts and spas. Sometimes she posts from lavish parties and beach gatherings with friends. She is also a resident of California, where most celebrities reside, and property values are high. Followers also admire her unique sense of style on her Instagram, especially the graphic tees she is spotted wearing. She also had two Russian spitz pet dogs, who often appear on her Instagram.

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Interesting Facts

  • She is married to film producer, Greg Melton, who is often featured in her YouTube videos.
  • Her sister, Beth Frank, is a professor at American University, Washington, and has also served in the United States Department of Justice as a trial attorney.
  • For an influencer, she has few brand deals, and mostly promotes her own merchandise or products from her close friends.