Camron Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Camron Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $8 Million
Birthday: Feb 04, 1976
Age: 47 years old
Height: 6 feet (185cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper, Actor
Instagram @mr_camron
Last Updated: March, 2023

Cameron Ezike Giles popularly called as Cam’ron or Camron in the industry is a rapper and singer who has an estimated net worth of 8 million US dollars. The United State based rapper initiated a rap group called Children of the Corn in the mid-nineties. Apart from being a rapper, he is a record maker and an actor as well. He has been working for almost 20 years now in the industry. He has had a long and successful journey until now and many more to achieve.

How Did Camron Become Rich?

Cam’ron was born on February 4 1976 and brought up by his mother Fredericka Giles. He spent his childhood days in Harlem. The rapper went to Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, to complete his schooling. As a kid, Cam’ron was a talented and auspicious basketball player but not very strong at his academics that prevented him from getting a scholarship. Camron took admission to a college in Texas but did not complete his studies there. He had his two close friends Jim Jones and Mase.

His rapping group Children of the Corn included Mase, Big L, and his cousin Bloodshed and that was the start of his profession. The tragedy of his cousin’s death led to the parting of the group and each of them pursued a solo career.

It was two years earlier than Bloodshed’s death that Big L introduced Camron to his partner who was astonished with his rap. He was impressed by his talent and hence signed him up for their label “Untertainment“. The American rapper finally released his debut album “Confessions on Fire” in July 1988. The album was a massive hit as it reached the top 10 in both Pop and R&B charts and also received gold status. Two years later he came up with his second album “S.D.E. (Sports Drugs & Entertainment) that ranked position 2 in the R&B/ Hip hop albums chart. He is popularly known for his group “The Diplomats” and his duo “U.N” besides working as a solo artist. He has made a lot of music and is still entertaining us with his rap songs to the present date.

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Camron is a versatile personality with other ventures other than rap. He was involved in acting and did pretty well in it. Paid in Full and Killa Season are some movies he has worked in. He worked as a director and the screenwriter in Killa Seasons.

The celebrity is really into fashion and has his line. He has worked alongside the tremendous designer Mark McNairy for his “Cape Line” that was introduced in the New York fashion week. He has another popular clothing line called “Dipset USA” as well. He has some great earnings from his main career and these side hustles.

What Is Camron Net Worth?

The versatile artist has worked in various fields and aced it. He is one of the famous US-based rappers. He started as a rapper and went on acting and working in fashion as well. The artist has nailed all the jobs he has worked on. His talent has paid him off very well. He has an estimated net worth of 8 million US dollars as of the latest update of March 2023. Although he’s had other side hustles, most of his royalties are earned by his albums that were big hits in the R&B and Hip Hop album charts.

As Cam’ron has established himself as a mainstream musician in the industry, he has most of his earnings from making music. He has made the Pop-rap genre and culture quite famous from his succeeding albums. The artist’s acting and directing career helped him gain more fame and earnings as well. He has flourished in the fashion business with many popular clothing lines as well. He gets paid well from his clothing lines that add up to his royalties.

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How Camron Spends His Money?

Being an established rapper and musician, Cam’ron lives an expensive and well-driven life. He has earned enough to afford luxuries for himself. He has spent on rich items like clothing, jewelry, and cars. The rapper spent 80 thousand US dollars on 25 furs “for the neighborhood” and 100 thousand US dollars on the Diplomat Chains. He used to go on exotic vacations as well.

He used to spend a lot on luxurious items but now believes that it’s not worth it. He said that it’s great living a ravishing life now spending all of your royalties for fancy stuff like flying private to LA for a day but what’s more important is to have health insurance and meals for the next forty years. Cam’ron now handles his hard-earned money responsibly rather than wasting it over unnecessary extravagance.

Interesting Facts

  • Cam’ron was a Science student who joined Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics before he pursued his career as a rapper.
  • He was shot by a passenger in a car next to him at the traffic intersection. He was asked to give up his Lamborghini. A fan thankfully drove him to the Howard University Hospital.
  • The death of his cousin Bloodshed, who died untimely due to a car accident was the reason to end their group, Children of the Corn, and pursue solo careers.
  • An interesting feud that was visible to public eyes was between Cam’ron and Jay Z. They created diss tracks for each other and it was pretty ugly.
  • He is known for flaunting the color pink. He wears pink outfits and also owns a pink Range Rover. He said that he did not think much about wearing the color and used it casually. But when people started to like it, he made it his signature.
  • Cam’ron didn’t take rapping as a career seriously in the beginning. Big L convinced him to do so.
  • He took an adventurous trip to Costa Rica with Jim Jones and got lost for almost four hours. They said that they were worried about not making it back.