Bugzy Malone Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Bugzy Malone Net Worth, Age, Height

Bugzy Malone

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Dec 20, 1990
Age: 32 years old
Height: 6 feet (183cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Instagram @thebugzymalone
Last Updated: March, 2023

Bugzy Malone (real name Aaron Davis), born in December 1990 is a British grime rapper from Manchester, United Kingdom. He is known for the grime revival rap style that is gaining a huge revolution in the United Kingdom. Apart from being a rapper, Bugzy is also a businessman. His childhood was rather problematic having dropped out of school when he was just 9 years. He was also arrested when he was 16 years old and spend 2 years in jail. However, his poor background did not stop him from being the successful rapper and businessman he is today. He is estimated to have a net worth of $ 2 million in 2023 and his income continues to grow. Malone earns money from music, acting and also business.

How Did Bugzy Malone Become Rich?

Bugzy Malone became rich from his music. In 2010, at only 19 years, he dropped his first mixtape. During this time, he was learning music from his friends and getting inspiration from Risky Roadz’s DVD series. He was practicing with his friends and also getting inspiration from the music he was listening to. After releasing his first “swaggaman” mixtape, he later released two more mixtapes in that year to kick start his music career.

After starting his music career in 2010, it is not until 2015 when he finally became known globally. At 24 years, he received his first one million views on YouTube. This move exposed him to the global market and he started getting some money from his music. Apart from YouTube, Malone also receives millions of plays on Spotify and this adds to his revenue.

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Bugzy Malone is not just a singer. He has also become rich from writing music for movies. Some of the movies he wrote soundtrack to include “The Gentleman” which was released in 2019.

What Is Bugzy Malone Net Worth?

Bugzy Malone’s net worth stands at $2 million in 2023. He has made this money in close to a decade since the time he started his music career. Most of the money comes from YouTube and Spotify through advertising revenue. He makes some good money from these platforms since he receives millions of views and plays from different platforms. Malone also makes money from the sale of mixtapes. He has been selling mixtapes since 2010 when he started his rapping career.

Malone is a global celebrity meaning that he has fans from different parts of the world. He makes some money from the sale of merchandise. His clothing line brings him some substantial money from the month increasing his net worth. He already has a line of tracksuits that is already doing very well.

Writing soundtracks for movies also brings fame and additional money for Aaron Davis.

How Bugzy Malone Spends His Money?

Bugzy lives in a 7 bedroom mansion. He explained in his Twitter account how grateful he is to own a 7 bedroom fortress since he prayed to get it while in his one-bedroom flat. Malone has spent money to own a luxurious mansion that is well-secured by outsiders. He has shown pictures of his mansion on social media and it looks expensive and luxurious.

Malone also owns luxury cars. In March 2020, he was involved in a car accident in his Audi and quad car. He sustained serious injuries and the car was damaged but he came out alive. The pictures of his luxury car are visible on his social media pages.

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He owns a quad bike and we all know how expensive it can be to own and maintain one. The rapper has several speed cars and bikes that he spends a fortune acquiring.

Bugzy also bought a car for his mom. This is to show that he also spends some money taking care of his family and especially his mom. However, there is no information or whereabouts about his father.

Interesting Facts

  • He comes from a humble background. However, this did not stop him from becoming the kind of rapper he is today. Despite dropping from school when he was 9 years and later getting arrested when he was 16, Malone has been able to rise above poverty and become successful.
  • Bugzy Malone got involved in an accident in March of 2020. He got in an accident with a speed bike and an Audi. The accident was severe because he lost consciousness for some time at the accident scene. He has since healed from the accident and has even been able to shoot a movie that will be released in 2022.
  • Apart from being known as a rapper and actor, Bugzy was once into boxing. He was a boxer for some time immediately after leaving prison. His boxing career is not very well known although he has spoken about it severally on his Twitter or interviews.
  • Malone’s love life has been a secret but he has had a girlfriend for the past nine years. He proposed to her in December 2019 in a romantic boat setting. There is little knowledge about her because Bugzy does not show her anywhere on social media although there have been some rumors.