Brian McKnight Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Brian McKnight Net Worth, Age, Height

Brian McKnight

Net Worth: $15 Million
Birthday: Jun 05, 1969
Age: 53 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (192cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Producer
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Last Updated: December, 2022

Brian Kelly McKnight celebrated as Brian McKnight is a well-known artist with a diversified field of talents. He is a famous singer, a brilliant songwriter, record producer, actor and instrumentalist. The popular artist has an estimated net worth of 15 million US dollars as of December, 2022. He has earned a lot of his royalties by selling his albums. He has sung for different successful movies as well. The artist hosted his show called The Brian McKnight Show. His brilliant performances in the music industry have given him 16 nominations for the Grammy and a bunch of net fortune.

How Did Brian McKnight Become Rich?

Brian was born to his father Claude McKnight Jr and mother Ruth Eliane Wills on 5th June 1969. He was born and brought up in Buffalo, New York, United States of America. The American singer and songwriter have two siblings named Claude McKnight 3 and Michael McKnight.

Brian finished his schooling at Maynard Evans High School located in Orlando, US. He then joined Oakwood College for his graduation program and unfortunately got expelled out of the college in his second year. He violated some rules of the institution which led him to discontinuation of his graduation program in Oakwood College.

Brian had a religious family as his grandmother was the priest of a church in Buffalo. His mother played piano in the music and prayer sessions in the church. He started building up his interest in singing from the church. He even was a part of the church choir at a very young age that made up the foundation of his music career.

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McKnight was just 19 when he commenced his career. He was encouraged by his brother Claude McKnight along with his band Take 6 and Warner Bros. His first album “One Last Cry” that hit the 58th position in the Billboard was released in 1992. Brian was nominated for his first Grammy after writing two other songs that gave him a 2 million hit in 1997.

His one of the most successful albums named Back at One hit the top 10 on the billboards. The album was released in 1999. McKnight was already very successful at a very short span of his career. He also collaborated with an Australian singer and songwriter Guy Sebastian and co-created a song for the album Beautiful Life. McKnight worked for Warner Bros from year 2005 that lasted until 2012. This helped him flourish his talent in the industry and gain huge success.

The singer and songwriter also worked as an actor in “Chicago” musical which was his debut in the acting field.

What Is Brian McKnight Net Worth?

McKnight is an established singer and songwriter based in the United States who has gained a lot of fame and success in his field. According to the stats of December 2022, the versatile artist has an estimated net worth of 15 million US dollars. The main source of his royalties is his outstanding music career. His songs have hit millions of dollars and have reached the top of the billboard charts. The singer has had a very long-term career with more than ten albums released in all these years. He has his earnings from songs he writes, the album he creates, and his performances.

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Besides his singing career, Brian has worked as an actor, instrumentalist and record maker as well. McKnight has made appearances in a wide variety of television series and movies. His versatility in the entertainment field has also helped him gain earnings. He is considered one of the most successful musicians and singers of his time with generous earnings. All these talents that Brian portrays have helped him earn a decent amount of money to live an extravagant lifestyle.

How Brian McKnight Spends His Money?

Brian McKnight is a celebrated R&B singer and songwriter with a decent amount of earnings. He lives a lavish life. He recently listed his beautiful mansion for sale that he bought for 1.262 million US dollars in 1992. He has listed it for sale at the price value of 1.799 million US dollars. The black and grey aesthetics of the interior design that the villa has looks incredible and luxurious. He has been living in that LA home since 1992.

McKnight is often seen going to exotic locations for vacations. The singer owns luxurious cars as well. He is also interested in going to casinos and pubs. He has been spending his hard-earned money living an expensive life. He also invests his money in record making and selling them which has led him to gain more earnings from the entertainment business.

Interesting Facts

  • Brian McKnight signed his first deal with a recording company named Mercury Records. He published many hits while working with this record.
  • He has been nominated for almost 16 Grammy awards but hasn’t received any of them in his career.
  • Brian got married to the love of his life Julia McKnight in 1990. They, unfortunately, parted ways in 2003. He got engaged with Annalisa but that didn’t work either. Finally, he tied the knot with Dr. Leilani Malia after one month of knowing each other and they are still together.
  • McKnight released an album called “Better” that he dedicated to his wife.
  • Brian has two beautiful children from his first wife named Brian Jr and Niko.
  • The singer was expelled from a Seventh-day Adventist institution Oakwood College in Alabama because he couldn’t abide by one of the strict rules that the religious college followed.
  • The celebrated artist was into singing from a very young age. He was a part of the choir in the church his mother used to play piano in. He was also a bandleader of a band in his high school.
  • He won the NAACP image award for his song “Back at One” in the year 2000. Brian also won the Soul Train Music Award for his album “Anytime” in 1999. He has been nominated for a lot of awards but has won very few of them.