Bradley Dack Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Bradley Dack Net Worth, Age, Height

Bradley Dack

Net Worth: $5,5 Million
Birthday: Dec 31, 1993
Age: 29 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Professional Footballer (Midfielder)
Instagram @bradleydack1
Last Updated: March, 2023

Bradley Dack is a 29 years old English footballer. He plays the middle fielder position for the Blackburn Rovers. His love for football started at a young age and it is no surprise that he is now a professional football player. At only 11 years, he was already a member of the Charlton athletic football club. Dack is a successful player and has scored many goals since he joined Blackburn Rovers.  It is estimated that Dack has a net worth of £4 million. He accumulated this net worth by receiving weekly salary from the club plus additional income.

How Did Bradley Dack Become Rich?

Being in his 20s, Bradley’s career has grown rather quickly. He became rich through his determination and his career as a professional player. Dack has been playing professionally for close to nine years. Over this time he has managed to accumulate his wealth.

His career to wealth began in 2012 when he was signed his first professional contract. The first year of his career was both good and bad. During the first year in his professional career, he scored his first goal in September of 2012. However, the victory was short-lived because he was given a red card for violent action and was forced to leave the field.

In 2013 his career started moving fast because he made 2 goals for his team after making 20 appearances. His career grew further in 2014 and 2015. During this period of one year, he made 10 goals after making 50 appearances .

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He rose to popularity in 2015 when his success started being noticed. At this time, he got three bids but they were all rejected by his club. One of the bids was worth £ 2 million. He was becoming a popular name in the football world and many clubs now wanted him.

Dack now plays for Blackburn Rovers. He signed a deal of £ 750,000 in 2017 and he immediately scored the first goal for them. Bradley has scored almost 50 goals for the club throughout his career.

What Is Bradley Dack Net Worth?

As of 2021, Bradley Dack has a net worth of $5,5 million. He earns £ 18,500 per week from his football team. Apart from his weekly salary, he also makes an extra £ 2100 every time he makes an appearance. He also makes an extra £ 1000 for every goal he scores for the team. His income has increased in the last few years and he is now the most top-earning professional employer in the club.

2017 is the first time that he made substantial money to grow his wealth. It was during this time when he was signed by Blackburn Rovers for £ 750,000. This contract was changed in 2019 and will continue up to 2023.

Currently, Bradley Dack is recovering from a knee injury. This is a second knee injury ligament that he is recovering from. Previously, he had a knee injury that almost took him a year to recover. He is likely to be in recovery for some time so this is likely to affect his net worth.

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Although he is not currently playing, Bradley is making money from sponsorship deals. He currently has dealt with an Italian sports brand and also with Umbro. These deals will help them to make some money while he is in recovery.

How Bradley Dack Spends His Money?

Brandley Dack does not spare money on luxury. Together with his fiancée, they have recently moved into their new house. According to an Instagram page, they created specifically for their house, no expense was spared. The house is luxurious and comes with a walk-in closet that as big as most bedrooms. The couple has been documenting the moving and decorating process on Instagram and they seem to love their house.

Dack drives luxury cars. He spends some money on buying high-end luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz. In 2019, there was a burglary in his home and the thieves went away with two luxury Mercedes-Benz cars. His fiancée Olivia narrated the story on her Instagram explaining how they were attacked.

Bradley and his fiancée also spend some money on luxury jewelry and clothes. They wear different designer brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton. Olivia, his finance explained how thieves stole their watches and bags when they were attacked in 2019.

He spends some money and time giving to charity. Together with other players in his team, they gave out signed boots. These are boots that will be sold on an auction. The money raised from the bids was donated to charity.

Interesting Facts

  • He is currently engaged to Olivia Attwood. She was a contestant on the reality show ‘Love Island‘. They have been engaged since 2019 and they are currently living together.
  • Bradley and Olivia are featured together in a reality TV show. They have a TV show called ‘Olivia Meets Her Match‘ where they share their relationship with their fans. The TV show has now brought Bradley Dack to the limelight and he now has celebrity status in showbiz apart from being a star in the field.
  • He is currently recovering from an injury. This is his second injury so it might take some time for him to recover. Fans are looking forward to having him back to the field but the recovery might take some time if he undergoes surgery. It is estimated that it might take Bradley almost a year before he is allowed back into the field.
  • He was once banned from driving his car.