Bob Menery Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Bob Menery Net Worth, Age, Height

Bob Menery

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Jun 10, 1987
Age: 35 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Instagram celebrity, Comedian
Instagram @bobmenery
Last Updated: March, 2023

Bob Menery is an Internet personality, comedian, Youtuber and sportscaster. He became famous as a sports commentator on Instagram. At the same time, he was doing drive-through antics and comedy parody. Growing up, Bob always wanted to be an entertainer. However, his early life did not reflect whatever he is doing today.

In the early years, he was working as a golf caddy carrying bags for some of the sports superstars. He became a sports commentator by accident when he started releasing sports commentary on Instagram. Fans loved it and that is what motivated him to continue. Menery now has a net worth of $5 million from his entertainment career.

How Did Bob Menery Become Rich?

Initially, Bob wanted to be an actor. However, the dream to become an actor never materialized. He started by being a golf caddy at Wilshire Country Club as a caddie where he worked for five years. Bob attended New York Film School when he was 23 and after completion, he moved to Los Angeles to start his acting career. Unfortunately, the party lifestyle caught up with him and he took a job as a golf caddy for five years.

His twenties were tough when he was working as a golf caddy. He talks about how he over-drafted $700 and was not able to afford a house. During this time he was living in his car for three months while going to work every day. Bob says that he had reached rock bottom at this point in his life. During his rock bottom period, he got involved in an accident and went home after that.

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Bob became famous in an instant. A recording of his voice went viral on different social media platforms. He got famous from that day and from that day he gained celebrity status. He got one chance on social media and ran with it to become the great voice artist and commentator that he is today.

What Is Bob Menery Net Worth?

Menery has a net worth of $5 million from his comedy and sports commentary. His journey to wealth started in 2017 when he posted his first video. The video attracted a lot of attention and he realized that he could make money using his voice. After gaining the attention of many people, he decided to use the internet to showcase his talent and also earn money from it.

Bob started creating parodies on the internet and due to his good voice, he was attracting a lot of followers. He was also doing sports commentary and comedy at the same time. Within no time he was able to grow a large audience on social media. He started making money from YouTube and other social media platforms as his audience grow.

The most significant achievement was probably becoming the voice of Buffalo wings. This opportunity made him increase his net worth because he started earning more using his voice. The opportunity also introduced him to brands because he was now getting recognition from the corporates.

He also got a big break in television when he appeared in the television series “Billion”. Shortly after that he also got a chance to work at the strategy level Bravo. Their television appearance has also increased his net worth because he can earn more now.

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The main source of income for Bob is the Internet. He is a self-proclaimed freelancer so he is always working with different brands and this is what has increased his net worth over time. He also sells merch on his website and this adds to his net worth.

How Bob Menery Spends His Money?

Bob lives a very private life. He is an internet personality but he does not show his achievements on social media. There is nothing known about the properties that he owns and even the kind of lifestyle that he lives. He has even kept his Instagram private so you cannot see what he posts on his social media. All his videos are shot in the studio so you cannot see his house or his cars. He has decided to keep his life private although his fans know that he is a millionaire.

Interesting Facts

  • Menery is currently single. At one point, he was dating Katie Kearney but they have broken up since March of 2019. They do not post each other on social media so fans speculate that they have broken up since that time. Bob does not have any children yet.
  • He loves sports and mostly golf. Bob was a golf caddy for five years and he says that he loved his job as a gold caddy. His job mostly involves sports commentary and working with golf players. He loves talking about the sport and he says that he enjoyed the time when he worked as a caddy with players.
  • His success on social media was an overnight success. Unlike other internet personality who takes time to grow, his success came quick. It all started when a clip with his voice went viral. He started attracted a huge following from his great voice. Some people claim that he is an impersonator of famous sports commenters but he still says that his voice is original.
  • Bob got into a controversy for posting a video without permission. He got into trouble with PGA and this sparked a lot of controversy around the sports world. Menery was forced to take down the video because he did not want to get into any legal issues. However, he has since apologized and said that he will always be asking permission before he posts any videos.
  • Menery is a comedian known for parodies. However, his comedy is still very much tied to sports. He is good at delivering jokes that are closely related to his love for sports. If you listen to his comedy skits, you will instantly know that he is passionate about sports and not just doing it for the job. He hosts different players and sportspeople on his podcast.