Bloveslife Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Bloveslife Net Worth, Age, Height

Bloveslife (Bethany Gaskin)

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Apr 02, 1975
Age: 47 years old
Height: 4.9 feet (149cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @bloveslife2
Last Updated: February, 2023

Bloveslife is a famous YouTube channel created by the 47 years old American Mukbang Giant Bethany Gaskin – AKA Blove. She is assumed to have a net worth of roughly $2.7 million as of 2023. Bloveslife’s main content is the food category where she features amusing and informative videos and tutorials. The channel has 700 million views in total, with a rapidly growing 3 million subscribers. Approximately, 170,000 viewers tune in to watch her videos every day, where she eats shellfish and mukbangs in a finger-licking and mouth-watering fashion.

How Did Bloveslife Become Rich?

Prior to becoming a YouTube Icon Bethany owned a day nursery, with her degree in Early Childhood Development in hand. Then she is assumed to sell the facility for no apparent reasons. It was the summer of 2017 when she launched her YouTube channel, which paved the way forward to get rich. In her own words, “Eating giant grab legs for YouTube has made me a millionaire.

With her initial focus on food, Mrs. Gaskin became an internet obsession and she got a swarm of audiences in the next few years. Today Bloveslife is experiencing one of the dramatic turnovers in the YouTube niche. Fast forward, Bloveslife expanded its food content into a wide range of niches including mukbangs, lifestyle, cooking tutorials, grocery hauls, beauty tips, challenges, counseling and other real-life activities which Bethany finds interesting. She gives a masterful touch to every single video she puts forward for her monetized viewers. This engaging YouTube channel, with outstanding content, makes her rich and she is a self-made millionaire today.

Eating Mukbang and shellfish are the videos that made Bloveslife a sensation and increased her reputation. She herself repeatedly says that eating shellfish online has made her a millionaire. Since it has become a trend across different social media platforms and a Youtube sensation, influencers from all walks of niches are participating in this trend. Bethany Gaskin outnumbers them all. Thousands of her fans tune in for her videos where she lavishly eats mukbangs and sustains a relevant monologue. Ultimately, the featured videos turn out to be oddly satisfying and mouth-watering for the viewers and it increases the earnings of Bloveslife with a rapid speed.

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What Is Bloveslife Net Worth?

According to the recent report of 2023, Bloveslife has a net worth of approximately $2.7 million. As of February, Bloveslife earns approximately $40, 000 every month from YouTube. The income of Bloveslife falls into four main categories: Her monetized views, Advertisements, Google Preferred Monetization, and Products’ Promotion.

Bloveslife has approximately 170,000 views every day, which makes a turnover of $1300 a day and $480,000 per annum. Generally speaking, Youtube in the US, UK Australia, and Canada pay $2-12 for every 1000 views to the monetized channel after getting its share. However, the rough ratio of monetized views is 40-80%, depending on varying aspects. These include the area of the viewer, the type of ad linked to the video, the activity on the ads, and the device type where the video is played on.

Likewise, advertisements are also the key factor of generating turnovers of the monetized YouTube channels. Depending on the locality and type, an advertiser has to bid at a minimum of $0.01 per view. Since Bloveslife is a US-based monetized channel, it gets the most out of both, namely the viewer monetization and advertisements.

Google Preferred is another form of monetization, which Bloveslife is assumed to have. In this monetization strategy, well-reputed enterprises target the top 5% premium content to reach more viewers in the special vicinity of the enterprise. The influencers earn a lot from these Google Preferred ads. Mrs. Gaskin is reported saying that she has made over 1 million dollars from such ads while showing the screenshots of a YouTube report. Since Bloveslife is a Google Preferred channel, it triples the earning.

Another vast income of Bloveslife is the brand deals and products promotion. In her videos, Bethany is often seen promoting a variety of cooking, hair care, and food-related products. Cooking Craze, Cheez App, Chinalacewig, Unice Hair and Sunbair Hair are some of the items that Bloveslife promotes in her videos and sales on her Amazon page.

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How Bloveslife Spends Her Money?

Bloveslife’s obsession with food is apparent and much of the money is lavishly spent on foods, mostly on shellfish and mukbangs. But as seen, she is genuine and authentic. Sure enough, she lives in a giant and well-decored house in Mason Ohio with her husband Nate and two sons Darius and Dalvin since 2019. On her birthday in April 2021 she has bought a brand new Bentley, which she says cost $200 000. In the vlog titled, My New Custom Made Bently Continental GT, she makes a visual tour of her car to her audience. “Lavish and fantabulous car ya all !” – she explains every functionality and beauty of the car.

Her son Darius has also got a Mercedes-Benz 2021. In a vlog Darius explains how his car got totaled and he asked his parents to buy him a new car. He showed every bit of the latest Mercedes-Benz 2021 and detailed how grateful he is to his parents. The car cost him $120,000.

Interesting Facts

  • By looking at Bloveslife’s overnight success through a YouTube channel, it seems like she had an easy and luxurious life. But that is not true. One of the interesting facts about Bloveslife is she was homeless and had a very difficult life. In the words of her husband Nate Gaskin, Bethany – AKA Bloveslife – was homeless and her mother would sacrifice food for her to have something to eat. She would spend a score of days without food and starving. “It was never easy,” asserts her husband, “and I know the struggle.”
  • Another interesting fact about Bloveslife is that her husband Nate quit his job at an electric company where he worked as a Manager where he worked for twenty years and became the Personal Manager of Bloveslife. Till then, Nate is the personal Manager of his wife, who handles all the managerial tasks of the YouTube channel Bloveslife. He is often seen tilting the camera in Bloveslife vlogs.
  • All of us are amused and entertained by Blovelife’s videos. But did you know that numerous cancer patients find a sense of hope while watching Bloveslife’s videos? Yes, that is another interesting fact about Bloveslife. Gifts and presents with beautiful wishes come in every day, says her husband and Manager in an interview with The New York Times. Numberless cancer patients meet up and gratefully assert that they have regained their appetite. A mere YouTube channel, which most people assume a source of entertainment, contributes its share to the world to make it a better and beautiful place to live in.
  • It is very apparent that Bethany Gaskin loves food. Most of her viewers assume that her obsession with food will affect her health. Here is an interesting fact: Bloveslife is not obsessed with food off camera. In an interview with the New York Times, she says that she only eats mukbangs while filming, which is approximately twice or thrice a day. Sure enough, she loves food but not as much as seen in her videos. Her nutritionist also suggests that the food craze of Bloveslife is not likely to do any harm to her.