Benjamin (Ben) Crump Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Ben Crump Net Worth, Age, Height

Benjamin (Ben) Crump

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Oct 10, 1969
Age: 52 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (173cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Attorney
Instagram @attorneycrump
Last Updated: January, 2022

Benjamin Crump a.k.a. ‘Ben Crump’, born in October 1969 is an American civil rights attorney. He specializes in civil rights and wrongful death cases. Crump gained popularity for being the attorney representing the black families. His main case in recent years was the George Floyd case.

He was born in Lumberton North Carolina and attended Florida State University. Apart from being good in court and winning cases, he is known for his southern charm. He can attract media attention and he has empathy for his clients. He has a net worth of $5 that comes from him winning many cases over the years in his legal career.

How Did Ben Crump Become Rich?

Crump started as a personal injury attorney. However, he gained popularity in 2006 after taking up a case of a 14-year-old who died in boot camp after a drill. This was a hard case to win because at first, the report said that the boy had died from a blood disorder. Ben Crump investigated more and saw that the security cameras told a different story of the boy being hit by security guards. This is the case that introduced Crump to the public as a wrongful death lawyer. In this case, he was able to give the family a $5 million settlement.

After winning his first high-profile case Crump now became a popular face on television. He focused on civil rights cases and in the coming years, he was able to represent different families and win cases. In 2012, he represented Trayvon Martin, and later in 2014, he was the attorney representing the family of Michael Brown. Later in 2020, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement, he has been able to represent different people in Georgia, Kentucky and Minnesota.

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Apart from being a good attorney, Crump is now a popular face on television and he is known nationwide in America. His celebrity status has given him access to high-profile cases and this has made him rich over the years.

What Is Ben Crump Net Worth?

Benjamin Crump has a net worth of $5 million. It is no surprise because he has been involved in a lot of high-profile cases and he has won millions of dollars in the process.

He is the owner and founder of Ben Crump Law, a law practice. The attorney office is involved in solving cases around civil rights and police brutality. Over the years, the law practice has grown and they now have offices in different parts of the United States.

Crump is a millionaire and he has earned most of the money from the cases that he has won. Starting from the first case that was a settlement of $5 million. The George Floyd case was $27 million and the Breonna Taylor case was $12 million. Of course, he got legal fees from these cases that increased his net worth.

Apart from being an attorney, Crump has appeared on television for different television shows like “You the Jury” and “Who Killed Tupac”.

How Ben Crump Spends His Money?

Benjamin Crump is a millionaire considering the number of cases he has won over the years in his successful legal career. However, it might surprise many people that he does not live a millionaire lifestyle. He admits that he came from a humble background and his modest lifestyle was inspired by his mother. Crump does not live a flashy lifestyle like other lawyers.

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He lives in a modest house in North Carolina and there is nothing much that stands out in the house that he lives in. Crump is always traveling working on the cases so he does not get much time to stay in his house or even enjoy any luxuries.

Crump gives a lot to his community and people in need. He might not spend money directly but a big part of his practice is giving back to his community through legal services. Ben Crump does a lot of pro bono legal work for people in his community. He gives legal services to the less privileged people in his community because he believes the best way to fight racism is through the legal system and courts.

Interesting Facts

  • His full name is Benjamin Lloyd Crump.
  • He is married to Dr. Genae Angelique Crump. Together they have two biological children. The couple later adopted two cousins who are now their children. The wife is a medical doctor and there is little that is known about her.
  • Crump is respectable and very influential in the African American community. According to Ebony magazine, he made the top 100 list of the most influential African American personalities. He is a celebrity and civil rights lawyer that many people look up to and respect.
  • Ben Crump’s background was very humble. He grew up in a large family with nine siblings. Growing up he was poor but was always determined to rise above poverty and become successful. He was able to become successful despite being poor and started his legal career in 2002.
  • Crump is not just a civil rights attorney. He is also involved in other activities. Ben Crump is an author of several human rights and legal books. One of his popular books is Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People. He is also a speaker and he has been invited to different platforms to discuss issues that are affecting African American people. He has also made commentaries in major newspapers about his views on legal matters.
  • He has a lifetime membership for the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.
  • Crump has played in You the Jury, an American prime time show that was a court show as an attorney.
  • He has played a part in the documentary called “Who killed Tupac?” where he investigates the brutal murder of Tupac.