Ayo and Teo Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Ayo and Teo Net Worth, Age, Height

Ayo and Teo

Net Worth: $3 Million
Ayo Birthday: Oct 30, 1996; 25 years old
Teo Birthday: Aug 29, 1999; ERROR: no day value. old
Height: Ayo: 5.9 feet (179cm); Teo: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Singers
Instagram @officialayoandteo
Last Updated: October, 2022

Ayo and Teo as of 2022, have a combined net worth of 3 million dollars. The two performers have found success in the music industry and dancing.

How Did Ayo and Teo Become Rich?

Ayleo Bowles better known as Ayo was born in the year 1996. His birth month is October and he was born on the 3rd. His birthplace is Ann, Michigan. He is currently 25 years old old. Mateo Bowles, better known as Teo was born in the year 1999. He is currently ERROR: no day value. old. There is no known information about their parents available to the public.

After high school, Ayo attended a community college whereas Teo has taken the route of online schooling.

Growing up Ayo had always been interested in dancing and performing arts. He started out dancing in talent shows at school. Soon, his younger brother Teo decided to follow in his footsteps and began dancing with his brother.

In the year 2014, the two siblings created a YouTube channel for their dance content. They uploaded their first video within the same year. It was a video of the pair dancing at their school’s talent show. The video soon went viral and gained over a million views. Soon after going viral Ayo and Teo decided to begin making music.

The two siblings released their first single in the year 2016. It was named Reverse and was received well especially among the youth. Within the same year, they appeared at BET’s music award show where they performed. They went on to sign their first deal with a record label company called Columbia.

The following year the duo had a hit song by the name of Rolex. This song went on to gain over 900 million views on YouTube. It was also featured on Billboard 100 as number twenty. It debuted on the US Rap Songs chart at number seven. The song had gained lots of popularity at the time thanks to an app called Musically. This app was for small content creators to dance, sing, act, and show off their skills.

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At the time of the song’s release, lots of dancers had created dances and challenges that highlighted the song and gave it more attraction. The duo went on to say in an interview that the inspiration for that song was actually because at the time they went out and bought Rolex watches that became a signature part of their look.

In the year 2018, the siblings released another single titled Hold my Sauce. Ayo and Teo have become popular among the world of celebrities as well. They have gone on to be featured in music videos with well-known artists. They have debuted in a video for Usher with the song No Limit.

Ayo and Teo have also appeared in another R&B singer by the name of Chris Brown’s music video. This song was titled Party and the twins could be seen dancing in it. They went on to work with an artist named Lil Yachty on a song called AY3.

In 2019 the two brothers released music like Friends; which featured B Smyth, Forever, and Around the World. In 2020 they released an EP to the public called Bring A Friend. More recently in 2021, they released a song titled Goin. They made plans with an artist named XXXTentacion to make a track together but unfortunately, he died before they had the chance to. Ayo and Teo instead released the song as a tribute. They said they wanted his fans to have some closure when asked about it.

As far as music, Ayo and Teo have struck deals with multiple labels like Zone 4, Colombiana, and Sho’ Nuff Digital. The two young men have obtained celebrity status despite being completely self-taught. They have never taken official dance classes or training but have learned everything they know through YouTube and watching other dancers. Ayo has also managed to teach himself to play musical instruments like the piano, trombone, etc.

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Ayo and Teo also have a YouTube channel that is self-titled where they post content like music, music videos, dance videos, etc. They have accumulated over six million subscribers. Their views are in the millions daily.

The two have also ventured out into creating a fashion brand. Their brand has T-shirts, hoodies, tops, dresses, and more. In the vein fashion, the two brothers are also known for wearing their signature face masks. When asked why they wear them they responded that they began wearing them after a fan pointed out how scrunched their faces looked while dancing. They wore masks to cover their face and now it has become a part of them. They rarely perform without their bear masks.

Ayo and Teo have made a great come-up in the music industry and have expressed gratitude on many occasions. They often state that they came from a small town and that most people there often don’t make it out and usually work a nine to five job all their life. They have made it to a pace where they can help their family and live comfortably and they haven’t forgotten where they came from.

In terms of the future, Ayo and Teo plan to release a lot more music and dances. They have even hinted at acting in films.

What Is Ayo and Teo Net Worth?

Ayo and Teo have a net worth of three million dollars. Their net worth is primarily from their salaries from performing as dancers. They are often booked for events as they are popular among the younger generations.

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Ayo and Teo are signed to a label and make money for every song they produce that makes good numbers and sales.

They earn money from their brand of merchandise that often sells out. Ayo and Teo also earn from endorsements, brand deals, and sponsorships. Their popularity has led companies to reach out to the two siblings for promotion in hopes of having a better business.

How Ayo and Teo Spend Their Money?

Ayo and Teo often state that they take care of their family, especially their parents. They spend on whatever they think is necessary for their parents to live a good life. They invest in themselves and their music. They have also bought a house and cars.

Interesting Facts

  • Neither of the two brothers is currently married.
  • Ayo and Teo both do not have any known children.