Alisyn Camerota Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Alisyn Camerota Net Worth, Age, Height

Alisyn Camerota

Net Worth: $8,5 Million
Birthday: Jun 21, 1966
Age: 56 years old
Height: 5.2 feet (160cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Journalist, TV-personality, Political commentator
Instagram @alisyncamerota
Last Updated: March, 2023

Alisyn Lane Camerota is a 56 years old American broadcast journalist, TV host and political commentator. As of the latest reports of March 2023, she has a net worth of $8.5 million. She is widely known for her professional career as a journalist and her political intellect and threadbare analysis are appraised worldwide. She has been working with famous American news broadcasting channels like Fox News and CNN and has been covering news and stories both at the national and international levels. For her outstanding news reporting performance, she has been nominated for the Emmy Awards for News Reporting two times.

Camerota is popular for her news reporting of different horrific incidents, mass shootings, massacres, natural calamities and sexual harassment. She has a strong command over interpretation and narration with a brave heart that sets cowardice at bay. Let us have a deeper understanding of this brave journalist’s career, net worth and lifestyle along with some of the interesting facts about her.

How Did Alisyn Camerota Become Rich?

Camerota was born in a quite well-to-do family and had a tendency of speaking up against oppression from an early age. Upon getting her degree in Broadcast Journalism from the American University at Washington D.C, she started working with minor news reporting agencies. Some of her early news reporting career include different stations like WHDH, WTTG, America’s Most Wanted and Ted Kopell. It is obvious that these were just the stepping points of her meticulous career.

She became widely famous in early 1998 when she joined Fox News – by and large America’s largest news broadcasting agency. Along with the famous Fox News host Bill Hammer, she kicked off at America’s News Headquarter as a co-host. She continued her career with daily reports, news and political analysis all from the US and internationally. Likewise, as a frontline correspondent she has live covered important incidents like the 2004 and 2009 presidential elections, Iraq and Syria War, War on Terror in Afghanistan and JFK Jr. Airplane Crash – just to name a few. It is mandatory to mention here that all these were adding up to her recognition and fame both in the US and beyond.

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Later in 2007 – when she became a known on-screen figure – she started her own blog on Fox & Friends page where she consistently put her personal thoughts and viewpoints on domestic and international politics. Her blogs and critical analysis were widely appraised and dearly loved worldwide. Throughout her 26 years long career with Fox News, she has conducted face-to-face interviews with the most known politicians like George W. Bush – who was then the president of the United States – Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and Donald Trump. Likewise, popular athletes and musicians like Jon Bon Jovi and Terell Owens are no exception. She had an exceptional 16 years long career which got her worldwide fame and recognition.

After her successful career at Fox News, Camerota moved to CNN in late 2014 and kicked off as a co-host of the popular show New Day. It is reported that the viewership of the show increased up to 19% after the inclusion of Camerota. Till then, she is a permanent member of CNN. To date, she serves in CNN as a TV anchor and puts forward her inevitable contributions to the news broadcasting channel. For her outstanding news reporting skills and ghetto, she was twice nominated for The Grammy Award for Best News Broadcasting.

What Is Alisyn Camerota Net Worth?

As of the latest updates of March 2023, Camerota has a hefty net worth of $8.5 million. Her source of income is the one solely relied on – her successful career as a journalist, co-host and news broadcaster. Since her affiliation with Fox News was long-lasting and she has been a key member of the agency, she was a well-paid member of the agency, which greatly added up to her net worth.

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Likewise, she has been working with CNN from 2014 to date and has earned a handsome amount. According to the latest reports, she earns a projected amount of $3 million as her collective annual salary. This hefty sum includes her successful career with Fox News and her current towering contribution to CNN. Recently, she has started co-hosting CNN’s popular American News Room from 2 to 4 PM. Given the popularity of the program and her expertise and lifelong experience, she is one of the highest paid members of CNN. Together, all these add up to her net worth and make her one of the successful journalists in the US.

How Alisyn Camerota Spends Her Money?

Camerota lives a happily married life with Tim Lewis since 2002. The couple has a naturally born son and fraternal twin daughters. They live in a beautifully architected palatial house in Westport Connecticut. The lifelong successful journalist – and blonde beauty – lives a socially and maritally contend life. “She has a loving heart and is one of the compassionate human beings that I ever know,” says her husband Tim Lewis. It seems apparent that her professional encounter with unjust and violent accidents like wars, skirmishes, shootings, bomb blasts, horrific plane crashes and other incidents that she makes part of the news have shaped her heart. As a result, she has an empathetic and loving heart that is always open for the better good of others. Every year, she raises funds to help orphanages and homeless people throughout the US.

Interesting Facts

  • Camerota is the author of the famous novel Amanda Wakes Up. She developed this novel from her notes taken during the 2012 presidential elections.
  • She is of Italian American heritage.
  • As a mom, she has infertility issues; she has two fraternal twin daughters. She has hosted the famous The Today Show to address her infertility issues and to raise public awareness. For that, she also served as the host of the famous show Night of Hope Celebration which was arranged by the National Infertility Association.
  • Despite working in Fox News for 16 years, she never favored Donald Trump or the Republican Party at large. This is something Fox News is notorious for.
  • On April 2021, Camerota bid an unofficial farewell to The New Day after serving for six years. The news is yet to be officially announced by CNN.