Adam Curry Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Adam Curry Net Worth, Age, Height

Adam Curry

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Sep 03, 1964
Age: 58 years old
Height: 6.4 feet (196cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Podcaster, Entrepreneur, TV-personality
Instagram None
Last Updated: June, 2023

Adam Clark as of 2021, has a net worth of 3 million dollars. He has established himself as a Tv/radio personality, entrepreneur and popular podcaster. He has even earned himself the name ‘The Podfather’.

How Did Adam Curry Become Rich?

Adam Clark Curry was born in the year 1964. His birth month is September and he is currently 58 years old. His parents are Jay Curry and Valerie Gail Clarke. His father was an author and his mother’s profession is unknown. Adam was born in Arlington, Virginia but spent most of his childhood in Amstelveen, Netherland. Adam had a lonely childhood as he was an only child.

In the early 80s, Adam found work in a radio station. He then worked for Radio Decibel as a broadcaster. He went on to work for many other Dutch radio and television stations where he would be given the title of the host. One of his more known jobs was for a Dutch station called Veronica. In the year 1987 in Autumn he found work with a popular television company called MTV where he worked as a host of a show called Top 20 Video Countdown. Working with this company gave him many opportunities like being around A-list celebrities and giving them interviews. He has interviewed celebrities like Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. During the time he worked for MTV Adam curry also working for other radio stations: he work as a host for a New York City radio station called WHTZ. He was specifically a drive-time host. Around that time Adam Curry also worked as a host for Headline USA which was a national program.

In the year of 1993, Adam Curry registered MTV as a domain. He was the first to do so and he wanted to be MTV’s unofficial voice online. He was given permission and ‘okay’ at the beginning of the venture but as soon as he left to open his own web portal design and hosting company OnRamp Inc, MTV backtracked on their word and sued him for using their domain name. Despite this setback, his company OnRamp Inc was still flourishing and growing. He soon accumulated over three thousand employees before deciding to sell the company. The company was sold to Think New Ideas Inc which was a company he was a co-founder of. He also became Chief Technology Officer of the company.

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Later on, in 1996, the company made a public offer to institutional and retail investors for shares in the company. Not long after the company grew to have almost eight thousand employees. They also began to spread out and had established offices in several different countries. In the year 1999 Adam Curry and two of his business associates set out to start a multimedia company that proved to be unsuccessful later on. The company was named United Resources Jamby and was supposed to be the breeding ground for his internet-related business ventures.

In 2000, Adam and Simon Cavendish, who was another business associate/partner, founded a company called RotorJet. This company was for helicopter services. Later down in 2005 the company filed for bankruptcy. Simon had confiscated the possessions and money of the company. Later in April of that year Adam Curry was ordered by the courts to repay about three million back. This was money he had taken from the company. In the year 2002, Adam went on to produce and star in a reality soap opera. The show was titled Addams Family: een kijkje in het leven van de Familie Curry and it aired on a Dutch television network.

In 2005, Adam Curry founded a video-sharing site. The original name for the site was called PodShow, however, it was later given the name Mevio. The site alleges to offer brand-safe material for those interested in advertising. In May of 2008, the site had celebrated reaching over eight million visitors. Within months Mevio had raised over fifteen million dollars. Since the launch, it has raised almost forty million dollars. The company had changed its name several times before settling with the name BiteSizeTV. The company is now stationed in Los Angeles, California.

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Some of the most popular podcasts on the site are Daily source Code, Drew Show and other podcasts that are actually Adam Curry’s content. From the year 2005 to 2007 Adam Curry was the host of a weekday show on a podcast called Adam Curry’s Podshow. The podcast was featured on Sirius Satellite Radio. Starting in October 2007, Adam Curry has hosted another podcast titled No Agenda Show. This podcast came on twice a week and featured John Dvorak. On this podcast, they discussed topics that appeared in the news and similar content. They also shared their disdain for the media and mainstream news. Adam Curry has worked hard on his podcasts and has promoted them during any chance he had. He often mentioned one podcast in another so that he can merge his followings. He promoted one of his podcasts named Daily Source Code in Second Life. He used a pseudonym titled Adam Neumann. Adam Curry used the method of podcasting to Ron Paul who was a Republican presidential hopeful in the year 2008. Adam also used his podcasting platform to talk about topics other than news and the media. One of his conversation topics was about free energy. Adam Curry gets lots of recognition in the area of podcasting.

In the year 2020 on March 4th, Adam Curry and Joe Rogan were on a podcast. It was Joe’s podcast series titled The Joe Rogan Experience. After this appearance, Adam went on to appear multiple times on the series.  In one of his times there the pair talked about Tourette syndrome and people who have the condition. Curry Has been on the show as recently as in summer of 2021.

Adam Curry has also dabbled in acting. While he hasn’t really acted in films he’s lent his acting skills to documentaries. Some of the documentaries he has acted in are Madonna: Truth Or Dare (Which tells about Madonna’s controversial tour and travels in America), Biography: I Want My MTV(which tells about the nostalgic past of MTV and how it’s changed over the years) and Battle of The Bands(which is a short drama about a son expressing love for his mother through music).

What Is Adam Curry Net Worth?

Adam Curry’s net worth is three million dollars. It is mainly accumulated through his entrepreneurial ventures. His businesses have earned him millions over the years.

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Next is his podcasting endeavors. They have also been a constant source of income for Adam Curry. He earns money from acting as well.

Finally, Adam Curry owns a home and car.

How Adam Curry Spends His Money?

Adam Curry spends his money on investing in his businesses. He also spends on promoting and advertising his podcasts. He has bought a million dollar home and a car. His biggest purchase to date is his house.

Interesting Facts

  • Adam Curry is currently married to Tina Snider.
  • Adam Curry has one child named Christina Curry. He had this child with his ex wife Patricia Paay.
  • Adam Curry has sued the Dutch tabloids. He claims that they have used photos of his daughter and revealed information about her under the creative commons license wrongfully. He stated they had not even been contacted about the content on her and this resulted in him taking the matter to a court. The court set a fine up to a thousand dollars for the next time the incident occurred.